very close to heart (episode 1)

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sorry..mohan daughter name is vasuki

manager said recep..t send candidate one by one to my cabin……

manager complete the interview select 2 candidates.

mohan is reach the office with vasu. vasu enjoying the office staffs.

megha : ( in mohan office) said i’m coming in interview. : madam interview is over and select the candidate also.

megha : i will meet ur md : plz..wait a minit madam.. i will ask my md

megha : (wait outside cabin of mohan ) how much time i will wait..time is 11.30am

mohan call said send the candidate to my cabin

megha : may come in

mohan : come in…(don’t see her face ) interview is over …y u ask to meet him
(mohan take one file & glass of water fall into a file ..mohan in angry mood …so throw the file …papers fall on full cabin)

megha : don’t speak anything …and collect all papers to give mohan

mohan : (don’t said thanks to her ) give ur cv

megha: (in mind very rude person don’t say single thanks to me)

mohan look connected with one letter.

mohan ask megha how do you know raman..

megha said he’s my well wisher

mohan : k…join today or tmrw

megha: thank u sir..raman will give that parcel to u

mohan : thank you..(see her face and remember something u…vasu come )

vasu : dady..dady

mohan : go and eat some fruits

megha simlied see her childness.megha ask what’s ur name ?
vasu see mohan said vasuki.megha ask vasu aunty will call u sweety.

mohan: don’t call that name only call vasu

megha : sorry …i will cut fruits to give u

vasu : k..aunty ( mohan look angry to call someone and said megha to go and meet manager)

megha take vasu with her cabin and give cutting fruits to her..vasu hugs megha.

mohan : (phone conversation) r u raman..

R : fine…what a plesant surprise u to call me

mohan : no..surprise..u give recommendation letter to ur xxxxxx

R : ya…xxxx…xxx…some family issues to her

mohan : k…take care ..

mohan enter megha cabin ask do u remember me ? no..sir..i’m seeing today only…

mohan : (amar – megha ‘s husband) which office ur husband work ?

megha : similing face turned into teary eyes

mohan :.u give personal detail is u r single na…. u arn’t married…r divorcee..

megha : wiped her tears and says that these is my personal

mohan : ya..i will need one think only…ur personal matters not affected my bussiness

vasu is sleeping in megh’s shoulder..mohan try to wakeup..megha said i will take her to ur cabin…mohan leaving angrily to megha’s cabin.
megha enter mohan’s cabin and see her some photos on floor and arrange all thinks proberly.

megha home :

harsha and harrish playing garden .megha see his simlingly.harsha hug megha and give kiss to her…megha mother seeing her cryingly..megha told that all matters to her mother.
megha said i don’t know mohan before..but mohan said i know him.megha mom ask what name u said .megha reply mohan their daughter name is vasuki.raman give recommended letter na two are he know u…complete dinner..megha phone ring display unknown number..
megha pick the phone vasu speak to her..vasu hearing megha voice very much happy…


mohan ask manager megha come or not..manager surprised mohan don’t ask anyone name mention in office staffs..only call their works name

megha : gmrng sir

mohan : (smiled but don’ t show him face ) come to my cabin megha

megha follow mohan..ln cabin mohan said megha to i will ask one thing don’t take serious …s…s..sorr…sorry(low voice )
megha : sir..i don’t hear anything

mohan : loudly says i’m sorry…sorry

megha: (surprisingly look to him)simled it’s ok

mohan : i attend ur wedding..i don’t know..amar is past..i’m sorry …my words give pain to u….

megha : i don’t recall ur face time meeting many people i forget ..sorry

mohan : i will tell one thing u remember..ur and my marriage are happen same day near to near wedding hall..mohan simling loudly …all staffs look at them..

megha also smiling can’t controll their smiles .megha ask about mekna(mohan’s wife).mohan stop smiling and leave to that place.

3months later..
Raman mohan meet at restaurant.raman said mohan to life partner is most important in peace life and said u have to search ur love .mohan change topic asking about megha.raman don’t say anything. mohan repeatly ask. raman said (flashback)

megha and amar are deeply love with her..two families are not accept their family supported their love and arranged their marriage in grand manner..the reason is amar same as like my brother..u have to know how much excited things happen in wedding…live happily two of them…
two months later..amar will meet one accident. doctor said only hand fracture but problem in heart.we don’t know but amar knows that.amar purposely hide the matter to megha and hole family.
one morning amar said i will meet my father & father in law and ask sorry for her behaviour and everything.i think that he miss own family so he told like that..he try him level best but don’t accept their family.
amar and megha celebrate their first half aniversary..suddenly amar faints…take him to the hospital…doctor said patient already dead.At that time megha faints doctor checks her and said she is pregnant .megha parents said aport baby come with her.megha go outoff town to save her child. my aunty and megha stay togethere. flashback end

i ‘ll ready to give money but megha not accept him favour. she stay in mumbai so i give recommended letter to u.thanks for your help

mohan : (eyes full of tears)

raman notices and said i know ur wife died in pregnancy time na. u don’t worry she will give prizeless gift to u ( ur daughter).my daughter will fill my life full of happiness..ur daughter also give happiness in ur hole life.

mohan give fake simle and asking about accident details to raman .raman said something..


mohan in megha house…
harsha,harrish hug vasu….megha will slap mohan hard

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