When the clock strikes 4 Shot (2)


Hey guys this is Prathi/ Pratheeksha I reside in Chennai and I am currently working, hope you guys read the first Shot, Maahi, Vaishali,Divya,Abhigaya,Krish,Reshma Pradeep, Saranya,Sugan, Maya, Monesha,di, Manju thank you for the sweet comment guys..Durga – I hope I have answered all your questions..
Riyashri – I missed your comment so much
Veni -Where are you yaar missing your ff’ Destined to be yours’it’s been 3 days now..
Okie let’s get into the story

Abhi started telling sorry sorry sorry!! Pragya signed him to stop and started to tell something in sign language which he dint understand. Abhi said, Oye bak bak translate what your di wants to tell me..That girl replied, O hello my name is Bulbul not bak bak and my di’s name is Pragya not Aditi.. She is telling that it’s not your fault you no need to be sorry.. Abhi said, Pragya nice name yaar.. Pragya’s dad came and forwarded his hand for a handshake and said, I am Rampal Arora Pragya’s father a well known business man and this is Sarla Arora my wife.. Abhi took their blessings and asked Pragya fromwhen were you interested in me..!? Pragya started to tell in sign language but Bulbul interrupted and started telling, My di was interested in you from day 1 Jiju, day 1.. That day when you sang about her, she saw you and was immediately reminded of me coz you were with a Guitar.. Am crazy about Guitar and you, you know ( She started her bak bak) Abhi said, Please Bulbul countinue with the story.. Bulbul said ok and continued FB begins…
Pragya was speaking to Bulbul in sign language.. Bulbul was interpreting it, So you are saying you…. saw… a… handsome… guy… in the Park!? ( Give some space while reading to get the effect guys) Bulbul asked, who is it di!??
Pragya started to tell, Bulbul: You… don’t know… him. But… he … is.. a Guitarist! Oh my God di really!?? Pragya nodded yes.. and continued with sign language. He… sang… about me.. I mean, he sang about you!? Wow that’s so sweet of him di.. Did you speak with him, what did you tell him? How did he react!? Pragya became sad. Bulbul said, Sorry di am really sorry I keep on forgetting that you can’t speak! Pragya in her mind thinks I will surprise Bulbul by taking her to the park one day to meet her fav Rock star!! Bulbul snapped her out of her thoughts..!!
FB ends..

She noticed that you were staring at her, she felt bit uncomfortable because this is the first time someone is Ogling at her(laughing) Pragya hit her and Abhi laughed at their antics.. After that Jiju you sang about her she really felt so happy that she danced all night.. Pragya signed something.. Abhi asked, What she said!?? Bulbul replied, She said I dint dance whole night Chup Bulbul! Abhi said, Oh… Wait wait wait how did she know that I sang about her!?? I dint tell her.. Bulbul said, Jiju my di studied psychology she was able to read your thoughts through your eyes.. Next day she saw you were Ogling at her yet again she just wanted to run away from that place. Luckily some kids dragged her away from you… When she came back she saw you were smiling at her without taking your eyes off her.. She felt happy this time, she also smiled at you and after comingShe dragged me also along to dance with her.. Mom and dad just then arrived and saw us dancing and said , May be she know that grooms family is about to come.. We both were shocked.. Pragya spoke in sign language Bulbul interprets it.. What.. are.. you.. telling.. ma!? I.. am… not… interested.. in marriage.. Sarla said, No dear it’s time for you to get married we are not forcing you they are coming just to see you.. Pragya nodded ok. Groom’s family arrives along with the groom.. Everyone speaks casually, the Groom said, My name is Abhay I want to speak to your daughter alone Sarla and Rampal agrees with him and told Pragya to take him to her room.. Bulbul also tries to accompany them but Abhay repeated that he wants to speak to her alone.. Just after 2 mins Abhay comes back angrily and yells at everyone, Do I look like a fool to you guys!?

You thought you can make a fool out of me and get your dumb daughter married to me!? Rampal interrupts and says, Mister mind your language we already informed your parents of our daughter being dumb.. He looked at his parents angrily and asked, So this is the reason you guys were happy!? Like you can sell me and get money for getting your business back on track.. And Mr.Rampal I am not interested in your dumb daughter not only me nobody will be interested in her.. Saying this he left the home.. His parents apologized for his behavior and left the place… Bulbul notices Pragya standing there shocked and runs to her.. She asks Bulbul in sign language (Bulbul interprets), So.. nobody will be.. interested in me? Bulbul says, No di he is such a duffer, he doesn’t know your value..Pragya started crying Bulbul tried her best to convince her but she kept on crying for the whole night.. Abhi asked, Who the hell is that Abhay!? Am going to beat him till he turns blue and black every where tell me Bulbul who is he and what does he think about himself!?? Bulbul said, Don’t you worry Jiju I have already given him what he needed and winked… Abhi said, If it’s you I will definitely believe.. And thought to himself that’s the reason why she was crying the next day poor Fuggi.. What did I just say !? Oh my god I named her Fuggi it suits her too.. He was smiling and lost in thoughts Bulbul snapped him out of his thoughts and continued,

So the next day I sent di to her fav park so that she could see you and feel happy.. I should have come there too.. I missed to see you.. Abhi sighed.. Bulbul understood and said Oops sorry and continued.. That day she came back smiling like stupid I asked her what happened, She said, ( Bulbul interprets) That Guitarist… sang… today… to just…make.. me feel… happy… First.. I.. smiled.. for his.. sake.. Later.. I.. was.. really… smiling… Bulbul said, Wow di I really want to meet my Jiju he is so sweet di.. Pragya signed, Bulbul… He is.. not.. your.. Jiju.. but just… a guy.. in that park!.. Bulbul said, No di this is the first time you are speaking about a guy and I can see clearly that you are interested in him.. Di you have to propose him within a week.. Pragya signed, Arey… Bulbul.. Nothing…. like that.. Then after a few days she came back to me smiling like an Idiot and signed, I… think.. I love him… and told me what happened in the park, that hick up scene..I said, See di this is the limit and can’t take this anymore tomorrow you are going to propose him that’s it.. I saw her she was blushing.. Just then our parents came and said day after tomorrow is your engagement Pragya be ready we both were shell shocked I was about to say about you Jiju but di caught my hand and nodded no.. Next day we both came to meet you, we were waiting till the watchman of that park threw us out You dint turn up, Di started crying and I dint know how to console her..

Next day our house was decorated and everything was ready for the engagement ceremony the Groom’s family came, ( Groom is Nilhil guys).. I asked the Groom do you know about my Di!? He said, Yes and it doesn’t matter as long as I love her.. I felt happy hearing those words.. But my Di was fully thinking about you Jiju.. The ceremony ended after they exchanged rings.. She tried to meet you in the park but in vain.. I too came along with her, At last we told the kids there about her wedding so that you will come to know about it! And today wedding preparations were done bride and groom were getting ready in their respective rooms, I passed by the Groom’s room and heard something.. I started recording it, Nikhil said, Who will marry her mom!? Come on I am doing this for money, after I get all her properties named to me I will kick her out of our house don’t worry mom.. I was shocked hearing this and went to my parents and showed them this video di was also there.. Pragya signed, Let me… Speak…. to him..about this.. We both went to speak to him he tried to convince us saying he had no other option to convince his mom.. My di signed, I can’t… go… through this… let me… live…please… leave.. me. she folded her hands before him. He again tried to convince us, Di signed, I can’t… speak… but I can… clearly… understand… that.. you are… lying… to us. He understood that he can’t convince us anymore so he left along with all his family members.. My dad had to call off the wedding.. After that I told them about you Jiju.. My parents felt sorry for my Di.. We all were crying hugging each other then we heard your voice and Di came running and hugged you, I understood that you are my Jiju.. Abhi was crying hearing all this, Pragya went and wiped his tears.. Abhi knelt down and said, Pragya no matter who you are, I love you do you love me!?? Pragya kissed him on his forehead and nodded yes…!! After a week both got married and it was their first night, Abhi wanted to make it special for her so he got ready with a song to sing for her…

You are the music of my life,
I will sing to you all my life,
When birds chirps, when owl hoots no matter when I will sing for you all the time…
When It rains, or when it snows no matter what I ll always sing for you all my life…Pragya was blushing hearing this and signed, So.. I .. am.. the music…of your…life..!?? Abhi said, Yes you are and I will love you forever and ever!!! He kissed her forehead and both slept…


There is always a person who will love us no matter what!! We just have to find them and love them no matter what!!

Guys am sorry after half the way I don’t even remember what I wrote so please forgive me if it’s boring, or not at all worth reading.. No stones please!!!!

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  1. nice yaaaaaaaaa

    1. Prathi

      Thank you di.. ??

  2. Ohhhhh god it’s really awesome n superb OS yaar no words to say I love it to the core…

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Durga ? hope I answered your questions ?

  3. Awesome…….!!!! Loved it.

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  4. Reshma Pradeep


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  5. Riyashri

    Not atall worth reading ah ????? Now I am gonna land the most biggest stone in your house that too in your room…..What did u tell…Not worth of readin….boring….bla..bla..bal….why do u writer speak soooooo much in the end !!!! Don’t u dare to repeat it again ok….Speak less Write More !!!!
    First of all…Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Sorry for not commenting in your pre update….I read it long ago but was facing problem in commenting….That was Superb…And Today’s update was a Super Duper Block Buster !!!!!!! Loved it to the core !!!! Expecting lot more from u Prathi di !!!U Rocked it …….. Keep Rocking More and More !!!!!!!! Love u Prathi Di !!!!

    1. Prathi

      Riya no no no don’t do that to my room ?? Okie next time ?? more ok!?? Thank you so so so so so much Riya.. Thank you so much for the love ?? Love you too..

  6. Dear its awesome not boring loved it???

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  7. It’s not at all boring prathi it is superb…I loved it…..

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  8. Maahi

    wat do uuu mean byy nt at all worth reading haa??? uu silly girl its awesome mannn how could u evn say tht ur thought get me like wowwwwwwwwww ur incredible in ur thoughts keep rocking dr

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      Thank you Maahi.. ??Sorry after writing half of it I felt like what am I writing that’s the reason I said so

  9. really aweaome

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  10. nice one yaar

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  11. Angita

    Pls opls pls forgive me I didn’t read your previous episode and just read it and I loved it and who are you to say that your episode is boring so on so on. We are here to judge and per 10 I give you hundred ,OK ?next time you say this I’m gonna send you a super duper pakka wale boring lecture.if you wanna get saved dont tell like that to my prathi,deal?and ya episode was amazing you portrayed very well loved it as well as you and pls pls pls sorry

    1. Prathi

      Angitha Thank you so much!! I see another Riya here.. Okie next time no drama only story ?

  12. Superb prati hatsoff to you I felt very happy after reading ur story line that there is always one person who will love us no matter how we are …..oh God loved it like anything …wonderful ….really no words

    1. Prathi

      Thank you Smiley it’s my pleasure you loved it???

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