My Cinderella…. a raglak ss (part-3)


Hi guys m sry for being late…. Now m. Posting it. Enjoy. Many if u asked if ragini is piya. N abt that u will come to know today.

Here it begins…..
Lak: papa…. U know that girl who saved u has stole my heart. I will get her soon…. She will become ur dil this is my promise papa…. Now u sleep ill get u milk…. He goes n brings milk n make his father drink it…

Scene shifts to ragini……
Rag:bhai…. Y dont u leave them. Plz forget all that bhai. Dad always used to tell us na that if we forgive people then we wont become low…. Plz….
San:how could i ragu…. How could we forget that. Becoz of them we r in this position. N we had to chnge our names becoz of them. Becoz of them we…. We…. Lost our parents….. N….. tears flow from his eyez…. I lost my shona…….
Rag:bhai plz control urself. Whatever u do but plz take care of urselves. I this world i only have u… If something happens to u then i cant be able to leave….
San:ill be fine. Dont worry abt me. Btw did u meet alex….
Rag: yes bhai… Here is the information.
San: ragu if u dont want u be quite. I dont want u to work against hr wish. Ill myself do everything.
Rag:bhai i already said u ill be always by ur side even if u warn me to stay away.

Rags comes to mm.
lak: ohhh u came…. Dad is in his room.
While going she slips n going to fall but laksh holds her by her waist…. They had a cute eyelock. Soon both composes themselves n rags goes to karan(laksh father).
Rag opens the door goes to him. While he show moments when he saw ragini….
rag: hi uncle. M ragini…. I think u r feeling better after coming to home. Right… I know. aakhir ghar ghar hotha hai. Jaha pyar bhare rishthe… Hasi… Papa ke sath khelna… Bhai ke sath masti karna…. Aur bhabhi…. Bhabhi ke sath bhai ko pareshan kar na…. She gets teary….. While karan also gets teary….
Rag:uncle… Ye kya hai… U r crying. Ohhh i think i made u emotional. Sry. N im sure u will get well soon. N m saying u will enjoy ur life with laksh sir. He is so innocent n naughty. Vaise bhi there is no need to tell u all this u know ur son better than me. Ok now ill brinv bf for u… Wait…. She goes to kitchen. N comes after sometime.
Days passes like this. N lakshz father is becoming normal. Laksh also notices this.
Lak comes to ragini.
Lak: ragini…. Tq very much… For coming into our lives…. He hugs her. Tq becoz of u my father is getting well. Tq so much….. He leaves her but ragini is still in shock as well as happy…
Lak: i have somework bye….. He goes. Ragz iz happy as her love laksh hug her. He never hug any girl but today he hugged her. She is happy no no beyond happy. But soon her happiness fadez away when she listen something in his phn. Laksh forgot his phn in the house. Soon he gets a call.
Rag:shld i lift it or not… No no its not manners to lift others calls. But sir is not at home. If its an imp call. If it is from some directors… Haa… Sometimes sir used to give me to talk abt his dates… No prblm ill lift it. She lifts the call…. N remain shocked……

Screen freezes…..
Guys m once again saying sry for late. Now guess what might have ragini listened that she stood silent n shocked. Sry for short update.

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  1. Jazzy

    superb now i think she came to know about laksh’s piya
    maybe swara was piya hehehehe i don’t know

    1. Maha6

      Tq jazzy for comenting. N yeah abt the shocking news u will get to knw abt it in my next update

  2. Superb

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      Tq lovely

  3. Luvrags

    Awesome upadte dear.waiting for the next one

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  4. Awesome episode and plz make it long

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      Tq ammu for commenting. N yeah ill make it Long…

  5. Samairaseth

    Nice.eagerly waiting for the next update

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      Tq samairaseth

      1. Samairaseth

        There’s no need to take my full can call me Sam or samaira

      2. Maha6

        Ok sam ill call u by this.

  6. Amazing

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  7. Asra

    awesome dear….interesting ….waiting for nxt one….tkcr

    1. Maha6

      Tq asra. Actually i always wanted to ask u the obbreviation of tkcr. Can u plz tell me

      1. Asra

        Take care dear….

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  11. Fairy

    Sry for d late comment sweety!!! Update ws super supr superrrrrrr amaznggggggggggg!!!!loved it to d core!!!!omg laksh hugged rags…woowwwww dat ws fabulouss!!!???? waitng to know y rags gets shocked ????? Plz plz plz post nxt part sooon…????keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety?????????????????

    1. Maha6

      Ta fairy for commenting. N tq for giving me a nickname i just loved
      It? . n y rags was shocked u will come to know in next update.

  12. hi i love your ff waiting 4 next epi

    1. Maha6

      Tq sparkQwewn for commenting. But plz tell u r talking abt this ss or my other ff. I want to know clearly. Do tell me plz. Ill be waiting.

  13. Fats

    Nice update Maha. I loved RagLak’s hug, Ragini’s happiness was so sweet ?. And I wonder what Ragini heard on the phone. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Maha6

      Tq fats for commenting. M very happy for ur support to my ss. Tq very much. N abt the matter rag listened u will get to knkw abt it in next update.

  14. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic Amazing
    Loved it
    Sorry for commenting late
    Loved Ragini’s act after Laksh hugs her
    What is the shocking news
    Very much Interesting
    Waiting for the next one………………
    Keep Smiling

    1. Maha6

      Tq spp for commenting. No prblm i wont mind if u comment late. The thing which matters is did u comment or not. N as u have commented its ntng to think sad abt this….. N abt the phn matter u will get to know in my next update…

      1. SPP

        Thanks for understanding DEAR
        U r always welcome dear
        Update soon
        Keep Smiling

      2. Maha6

        Ok spp I’ll try to update as soon as possible

  15. Superb di nd waiting fr more Raglak scenes

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      Tq kiddooo. N ill add more raglak scenes from my next update…. Keep supporting.

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    awesome Maha sorry i did not comment in the previous episodes i read them now only

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    Awesome update dear…….

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  19. Radhika..

    Awesome part di and ____ for commenting late u know di the part is amazing absolutely u to know it na u only write it and ragini caring karan and laksh hugging her amazing ………… And the phone call may be ragini got to know about the girl being piya andayandaybe she only is piya and di I shona died as u say swasan are just supporting characters so no worries……. Loved the part. Love u di…..????

    1. Maha6

      __ radhu. I dont mind atleast u commented thats enough for me. U know me na…

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