My Cinderella…. a raglak ss (part-1)

Hi guys…. It’s ur maha with my second OS… M sry today I can’t give u epi of my ff” the soul of my life”. Instead I thought to write an OS. So here is the OS.

Laksh maheshwari: actor…. He is a well known actor… Girls go mad for him… But he loves only his cindrella… He dont who is she… But loves her madly….
Ragini malhotra: assistant of laksh. Has feelings for laksh but couldn’t release it. Just thinks that it’s an attraction like every girl….. Knows abt laksh’s cindrella… But don’t know anything abt her.
Now coming to the story…..
As I already said laksh was a famous actor who is the heartrob of every girl…
He is in his shooting….just then he gets a call
Lak: haa raj did u get to know anything abt her.
Raj: no sir… We didn’t have anything related to her. We just only know that she is an orphan n u have her chain… It’s not enough Bhai..
Lak: raj… Do anything but plz find her….
He disconnects the call.
Lak(monologue): he takes the chain form his pocket n holds it… I don’t know who u r n where are u. But what u did to my father is just the thing which made me think abt u. I couldn’t see u that day. I just saw ur chain lying on the floor… M sure that u are made for me n I’ll definitely get u. He keeps the chain in his pocket again…
Just then rags comes there….
Rag: sir… Shoot is ready director is calling u.
Lak : yeah m coming….. He goes to the director…
Director: laksh today the scene is u have to propose the heroine… N u didnt know her earlier but with the help of this anklet u cane to kniw abt her.but she will deny u… N did u get the concept.
Lak: yeah…. He goes towards the heroine.
Director: ready…1…2…3…action….
Lak closes his eyes n dreams abt his cindrella….he opens his eyes n sees towards the heroine. He imagines his cindrella….
Lak: u dont know how ur presence makes me crazy… When u come to me then I don’t know why but my heart start beating fast… I didn’t see ur face till now I started searching for u. Whenever u come near to me my heart recognise u… But I don’t why till now my eyes could not recognise. Atlast I found u… Will u… Be my better half.. I promise I’ll give whole happiness.
Girl: m sry I couldn’t love u….
Lak got pain in his heart… But y….
Girl: I dnt know anything abt u… N how can I believe a stranger like u… N it’s my life decision. N my father have the full right to take any decision regarding my mrrg. While laksh proposing the heroine ragini felt pain in her heart the pain of losing him. The pain which arises thinking abt his separation from her.
She turns her face to hide her tears.. She wipes n sees towards the act.
Lak: I know it’s somewhat strange for a girl n no one will agree to a stranger. If u want I can come to ur father n ask for ur hand….
Girl: I don’t love u.. N this is final. Don’t irritate me more plz… Saying this she goes from there. While our laksh stood there helplessly with tears in his eyes..
Director: cut it…. Very good laksh…. But laksh didn’t speak anything n goes from there…
He comes to his home…
Lak: I don’t know why but what if my Cinderella also deny my proposal… I can’t take that. I felt like my Cinderella spoke those words…. No…. I can’t take that….but what if she has a boy friend… Or what if she is married… No no no she is made for me. She is my Cinderella…

Scene freezes…. Guys tell me is it worth of reading. If yes then I’ll continue. Orelse I’ll stop it. N continue my ff…. Give ur opinion through ur comments.

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    1. Maha6

      Tq lovely

  1. Fairy

    Wowwwww dis title is soo catchy???? loved it dear…yes yes yes!!!plz do cont……???? m eagerly waitng to know whoz dis cindrella ????hope shez rags?????????loved raglak sooo much???? keep rockng n stay blessed dear….superb story yaar..???post nxt part soon☺

    1. Maha6

      Tq fairy. M glad that you liked the concept of this SS. Yes I’ll continue but only if u say u will comment on this ff.

      1. Fairy

        Hehehe pkka dear i”Ll comment …?????bt post sooon okay???

      2. Maha6

        Yeah sure fairy. I’ll post it tomorrow. I won’t make u wait… Tq again for commenting dear

      3. Fairy

        Aww!!!dats soo sweet of u???…take care☺

  2. Awesome yaar plz continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq sanchami

    1. Maha6

      Tq crystal

  3. Its super plz continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq athira. N yeah I’ll definitely continue

  4. interesting

  5. Jazzy

    Amazing plzz continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq jazzy. Yeah I’ll continue…

  6. nice pls continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq saranya. Yeah I’ll continue.

  7. Interesting and waiting for next

  8. Asra

    amazing story. .. plz continue dear don’t stop….it’s interesting dear…waiting for nxt one…plz update soon…tkcr dear…

    1. Maha6

      Tq asra for commenting. I’ll definitely continue it.

  9. IQRA222

    wow its so cutte and fabulous
    please continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq IQRA for commenting. I’ll definitely continue.

  10. Superb nd plzzzzzzzzz continue

    1. Maha6

      Tq arjuna

  11. Super yaar

    1. Maha6

      Tq keerthu

  12. Fats

    Great start Maha. The story’s concept sounds interesting. Can’t wait to read more ?

    1. Maha6

      Tq fats for commenting. I’ll try to post the next part soon

  13. SPP

    Awesome Superb Fantastic
    Loved it
    Really Amazing
    Please continue
    Waiting for the next one…………..

    1. Maha6

      Tq spp for commenting n mentioning abt ur feelings abt this SS. Yeah ill definitely continue. Plz continue ur support.

      1. SPP

        U r always welcome dear
        And I will continue to support you till the end don’t worry
        Update soon

      2. Maha6

        Tq spp for supporting me. So sweet of u…. Tq very much

  14. Ragz_teju

    it’s amazing… I loved it.. please continue… Happy diwali Dear

    1. Maha6

      Tq Ragz_teju for commenting. I’ll definitely continue.

  15. Amazing

    1. Maha6

      Tq ashnoor

  16. A.xx

    nice I wonder how he’ll find his Cinderella.xx

    1. Maha6

      Tq A.xx for commenting. He will find her becoz she is made for him….. What say….

  17. plzz continue I love it

    1. Maha6

      Tq soni mishra. I’ll definitely continue

  18. Radhika..

    Awesome di continue it . the tittle only is very attractive and the story is more attractive . hope ragini is laksh Cinderella only. Loved it di .love u ☺☺

    1. Maha6

      __ radhu. N yeah I’ll continue. N __ for taking ur time to read this radhu.

    1. Maha6

      Tq samairaseth

  19. Joyful Jessica


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