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Sona’s mother died while she was a very little child,leaving her to the care of her father. Sona’s dad got married to another women named ishwary sona’s suster(step sister ) Neha and ria(sorry fr making ria as bad) did not love her, and were very unkind to her. As she grew older they made her work as servant, and even sift the Sonakshi on which account they use to call her Sona which was not her real name but she was used of it.

Sona was very sweet tempered, good girl, however everybody(except her sis)loved her

It had happened when Sonakshi was 17 years old that the king of the country Bijoy gave a ball, to which all the ladies of the Kingdom and among the rest the young girl’s sister were invited. and they made her dress them for the ball, but never thought of allowing her to go there
S…I wish you would take me to the ball with you.

N…take you indeed
Answered Neha
R…it is no place for sona stay at home and do your work
When they were gone,
Sona, whose heart was very sad down and cried bitterly. A voice came to her from the garden, and she went out to see who was there. It was her godmother Asha a good old fairy.

A… Don’t cry Sonakshi you also shall go to the ball because u are a good girl. Bring me a large pumpkin

Sonakshi obeyed and the fairy, touching it with her wand, turned it into a grand couch. Then she desired Sonakshi to go to the trap, and bring her a rat. The girl obeyed and a touch of the fairy’s wand turned him into a very smart coachman; two mice were turned into footmen four grasshopper into whut horses. Next the fairy touched Sona’s rags and they became ric satin robes trimmed with point lace. Diamond shone in his r hairs and on her ne ks and arms, and her kind Asha godmother thought she had seldom seen so lovely a girl. Her old shoes became charming pair of glass slipper which shone like diamond

A… Now go to the ball, my love and enjoy yourself but remember, you must leave the room before the clock strikes twelve. If u don’t your dress will return to its original rags. I approve of pleasure but don’t of dissipation and I expect that you will show your gratitude by obeying me

Sona kissed and thanked her godmother Asha. Then Sona was received at the palace with great respect. The lord Chamberlain bowed low to her, thinking she must be a great lady and he showed her the way to ball room

She was beautiful that everybody looked at her, and wondered who was she The Prince Dev asked Sona to dance with him and afterwards would dance with no one else

She ran as the clock strikes 12 Dev also ran behind her saying

D… Hey wait where are you going sto stop

While running she left her sandels when she was about to turn to take she saw Dev was running behind her So she left her sandels there and sat on her couch and went as soon as she reached home everything went normal her was back into the old dress the couch turned into pumpkin.

S…ohhh I liked the time when I was dancing with the Prince Dev if possible time would have stopped there itself

She was list in her dreams when she heard her sister and her mother came back those 2 girls ria and Neha were scolding that girl who danced with Dev they don’t know who is she..
N….what r u doing here go bring my night dress
S…but mam
R…go and bring the thing she said and bring the mixed fruit with 5 mins
Sona nods and goes
She cries thinking about her mom and dad

Here in palace everybody was tanced as Dev has announced that
D….dad if marry I will marry with that girl or else no
B….but son
D…no dad
B….hmm u sleep let’s think about it later
Bijoy comes out of Dev’s room and goes to the minister of the Kingdom
B…. minister
M….yes my lord
B….take that shoe and go to every home and check and the one is fit with it will be the princess of our kingdom
M…yes my lord
Minister goes

Next day…
Minister has gone to many house and its turn of Sonakshi

Minister knocks the door Neha open and welcomes the minster
M…hmm actually
Cuts of by ishwary
I…Neha make him sit
M…no thanks
I…arey what no
Come sit they make him

Minister tells every thing tho them and shows the shows

Both ria and Neha looks at eachother and runs to make it were Neha wears its vey small to her she pushes s it forcefully it doesn’t go so ria tries its very big for her…

M….any other girl
Both n and r ….no
S… Yes I am there
I…oh god
Ishwary tried to explain that she did not come
I… Arey she did not come to the ball
M…but King has said everybody should try so TO SONA please will u sit showing the chair
And the minister makes her wear and it fits for sona and the Minister call Dev and says
M…Prince we have found your princess pleas come to Bose mansion
I…but she did not come..
M…I am sorry I can’t do anything
Dev arrives and takes Sonakshi along with him in white horse

Then Dev asked Sonakshi
D….why did run from the ball
Sonakshi tells everything

Asha arrived to the place and said to Dev

A…take this young girl for your wife Dev she is be y good and patient

So Sonakshi was married to the Dev and they lived together very happily.

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