Chupke Chupke Review: Typical plot with customary portrayals

And TV’s new show Chupke Chupke is based on the subject of contract marriage. It is a light hearted romantic story of two young career oriented individuals Abhishek and Meera. They both avoid marriage, when their families pressurize them to settle down. They meet and realize their similarities. They decide to get married for the family’s sake and hide the big truth of their contract marriage. They put forth their terms and conditions to get married.

The show presents a practical perception of broad minded and career oriented people. Contract marriage brings two distinct individuals together. Things change between them with time and gradually love enters their heart. Their families do not know about the contract marriage truth. They appear as a lovey dovey couple in front of their families. Abhishek and Meera stay happy in their marriage of convenience. Situations turn hilarious when they get stuck in the terms and conditions set up by themselves.

Main Characters:

Abhishek is sweet, simple and a caring person. He has big dreams to settle in US. He is an engineer by profession. He wants a chance to fulfill his dreams. He does everything he wishes. He is much career oriented and ambitious. He has grown up in a joint family. He loves his family a lot. He does not want to hurt anyone’s emotions. He avoids the institution of marriage. He gets pressurized about marriage. He finds a solution to sustain his own and family’s happiness. He meets Meera and gets to know their problem is same. He decides to have a contract marriage with Meera.


Meera is a confident, modern and career oriented girl. She is very close to her family. Meera’s good heart makes her an affable person. She does not want to marry at this stage of her life. She is very strong and independent girl. She gets strict and short tempered sometimes. She works in an ad agency. She is determined to prosper in life. Meera is very punctual and values time. She is straight forward and clear about what she wants from her life. She does not want marriage to bound her limits and talents. She opts for contract marriage with Abhishek. Meera keeps the big secret, unknown that the contract marriage would turn into a lovely relation some day.


Mohit Malhotra as Abhishek
Prithvi Hatte as Meera
Tanaaz Irani as Kuku
Krunal Pandit

Story So Far:

Abhishek is blackmailed by his Dadi. He gets informed that Yamraj came to take Dadi. Abhishek hurriedly comes home. Dadi does emotional drama. She asks Yamraj to stay for a while and then she will come along. She asks Abhishek to promise her that he will marry soon. Abhishek understands Dadi’s pressurizing. Meera learns that some guy is coming to meet her. Her dad’s friend happens to be her boss. He tells her to go home and meet the guy. He asks her who is the guy. She tells him that her dad would have told him already.

Meera asks her dad not to discuss about her marriage with everyone. Meera gets blackmailed by her dad. He tells her what the groom’s family told them. Meera wonders what happened at home while she was away. Her dad asks her to promise she will agree for the marriage. Meera eventually gives her nod for marriage. Her dad imagines to take her approval by blackmailing her. He asks her if she wants to marry ever or not. Meera’s aunt explains her to take a step and see the guy once, even if she does not want to marry. Meera asks her aunt to tell her dad that she is ready to see guys. She sets her mind to reject the guy.

She gets ready to meet the guy just for her dad’s happiness. Her dad tells her that he will find a small and happy family for her. Abhishek gets convinced by entire family. Dadi feels better hearing his yes. She tells them that Yamraj will take her once she sees Abhishek’s bride. Abhishek gets to see much drama at home. He asks Dadi why does she act this way. Dadi tells him that she really had ache in knee, not heart. Dadi wonders how will be Abhishek’s wife. She names the qualities of an ideal bahu. The family tries to find the girl for Abhishek.

The matchmaker Bua Punnu looks for a suitable match for Abhishek. Punnu boasts of her high profile contacts. Abhishek’s colleague tells him about his love marriage. Abhishek does not get interest in love and marriage. He focuses on his work. Abhishek is called to meet the girl. A lady asks Meera to meet the well settled guy. Meera hurries for her job. Abhishek gets surprised when his family gets a girl Suchita home and fixes their meeting in unique way.

Suchita apologizes to disturb Abhishek early morning. She tells Abhishek that marriage is of seven births, so they have to know each other well. Abhishek finds her too different to be suitable for him. Abhishek tells his office colleague Sundar about his family pressurizing him for marriage. He asks Sundar to help him. Meera meets the guy, who shows off attitude. She does not like the guy. Meera and Abhishek have few hits and misses.

Our Take:

The concept of love blooming in a contract marriage is seen many times on tv. This show is just focused on this track since the beginning. The supporting cast does not surprise much. Lead actors do a decent job. Their screen presence will get better once the viewers get adapted to watch their pairing. As of now, they look adorable to some extent. It can be said that Mohit and Prithvi were far better in their previous roles. Both the talented actors have much to show up. Chemistry between the leads would be seen well in upcoming episodes.

There is not much to mention about costumes, sets and visuals. The show looks simple with tailor-cut scenes. Some of the dialogues looked raw. The show brings a practical take about what modern working people think about marriage. One sailing in such scenario may relate to the concept. Good thing about the show is that its a finite series. With no stretching and proper storyline, the show is not a bad watch.


A light hearted comedy with pinch of drama, romance and lots of expectations for love to happen between the leads. The show would be a good relief for rom-com lovers.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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