Chupke Chupke 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saraswati tells that they shall start searching for girls. They think of Sharma ji’s daughter. Sindhu says we don’t need simpleton and needs modern girl. Dadiya says it is not easy to search for him and says they shall talk to Punno Bua for his alliance. Bua comes and greets them. They ask her to sit. Bua says she can’t sit until she gets Abhi married. She pretends to talk to Neetu Singh and says she will get Ranbir married. They get happy hearing this. She tells that she got 60-70 alliance for him. Neighbor talks to Meera and says she saw handsome guy who came to their building. Meera says what I have to do? Neighbor asks her to see him. Meera says she is not yet ready and asks her to let her go.

Abhi is in his office. Punno Bua pretends to talk to Abhishek Bachchan and asks where is he?

And asks about his wife and parents. Dadiya asks whom you have called. Bua says she called Abhishek by mistake. Dadiya asks her to call her Abhi now. Bua asks her to give number. Dadiya gives her number. Bua calls him. Abhi picks the call and asks who is he? Punno says she is Premvati, rishte wali Bua. Abhi is shocked. Bua says she is searching girls for him and asks him to tell his preference. Dadiya says she needs beautiful girl. Bua says about his preference and ends the call before he could say anything. Abhi is tensed.

Dadiya thanks God and says she will get peace now. Bua says she will bring a nice girl for him. Subruto asks Meera to have food with his tiffin and says you said right that marriage is a trouble and says many people can stay together in a live in relationship. Meera says they can stay if they are comfortable. He tells that his second girl friend also thinks the same. Meera says she don’t want to marry and that doesn’t mean that she is available.
Abhi’s friend tells about his wife Vaibhavi and tells today is their first meet anniversary. Abhi asks him to get ready for presentation and says he is troubled by this pareshani. His friend asks him to marry. Meera’s colleague Neeraj also tries to flirt with her and tells that he wrote poetry for her. Meera asks him to write nice poetry for Ads. He says he can’t write for soaps etc.

Meera gets her chacha’s call and he asks her to get ginger garlic paste, butter and Mayo. She says ok. Abhi is also going to supermarket. Traffic Police stops him and asks him to show the licence. Abhi tells that his mum asked him to bring the stuff from supermarket. Traffic Constable don’t believe him and asks him to pay Challan. Abhi pays the money and tells something while folding hands. He says this way traffic gets cleared. Traffic Constable returns his money and asks him to read the mantra. He teaches him and goes.

Abhi is in supermarket when a boy asks him to move addressing him uncle. Abhi calls him gol matol and says he is not yet married. Meera is also upset and thinks everyone is talking about marriage. She tries to buy the product which belongs to Dadiya’s company. Salesgirl says it is not there. Abhi looks at her.

Abhi tells Bua that his boss is strict. She asks him to make her talk to that witch. Boss is shocked. Meera meets a guy and asks him to leave. Abhi hears her voice and tries to see her face.

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