Chupke Chupke 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bunty tells Abhi that he knows who is having secrets. Abhi says he also got to know. Meera says I have a feeling that Bunty is the smartest of all, and asks what did Saru tell Dadiya. Bunty says I know you are also intelligent and says it is a serious matter. He asks them to come with him. Abhi and Meera come to Dadiya. Abhi asks if everything is fine and says Bunty said that there is some serious matter.

Dadiya says it is more serious matter and shows her stuff. Abhi says these are old things, Dadiya says she is thinking what to keep and what to let go. Abhi asks her to give away everything and says he will get everything for her. Dadiya tells her that memories are attached with it. Meera says these are antics and will not go from house. Dadiya says you are understanding. Abhi says he brought

her and asks if Saru told her anything. Dadiya says no and tells that she went to Sindhu’s room.

Sindhu asks Saru to tell something. Saru says nothing. Sindhu gives her water. Saru says all relations are a lie and the things around her are not good. Saru says marriage and love are useless. Sindhu asks her to tell fast. Meera comes there. Saru stops seeing her. Sindhu says she has to leave. Saru asks what to make? Sindhu says you both can decide and says she is running.

Abhi calls Meera and asks about news. He says Saru have’nt told anyone, but Gopal called him twice. Meera asks him to talk to Gopal. Neeraj asks Meera if she needs his help. Meera says she let the tap open and the water gets filled up in the house and everyone is also inside. Neeraj gets thinking. Gopal calls Abhi. Abhi says he is busy. Gopal says he needs red pen. Abhi says he will bring for him.

They come home. Bunty tells them that Saru is not having food. Meera goes to talk to her and asks her to tell what happened? Saru cries and tells that she is feeling really bad. Meera thinks she might be talking about Abhi and me. Saru asks one shall not lie and says she read panchtantra book. She says when she came home, there was nothing chupke chupke. She says Ganga would feel very bad. Meera is shocked. Saru says may be Ganga knows about it. Meera requests her not to tell anyone. Saru says may be Govind knows about..

Abhi comes and ask why she is looking upset. Meera says Saru knows the secret. He says recently you didn’t do any mistake. They both blame each other. Meera sassy can we think like adults.Meera gets angry. He says he will sorted out the problem in the morning. He says lets sleep. Meera says today is her solution. Abhi asks her to tell Saru not to tell anyone and says good night. Meera looks on.

Abhi asks Saru if she told Gopal. Meera is stressed in the office. Saru tells Hari that trouble will come home.

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