Chupke Chupke 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera recalls Abhi getting tears while cutting onions. She asks if anything happened to him in childhood. Abhi says no. Meera says I am asking about recently. Abhi says I am cutting onions to help you and is about to go. Meera holds his hand and sings song…..She says she can hold his hand as a friends, but rule book comes in between. He says he can hug her if rule book is kept aside. Meera says no and keeps flour on him. She smiles.

Kajal comes and asks Meera what happened, and says environment is aashiqana. Abhi calls Ganga. She asks if he is eating food on time. Abhi says they are enjoying this phase of life well and tells that he is also helping Meera in kitchen. Ganga is happy. Abhi asks her about Govind. Ganga says he is happy as nobody is here to stop him while he speaks in English. She

says he is missing argument with her. Abhi says Meera never argues with him.

In the kitchen, Abhi comes to kitchen. Meera says him thanks. Abhi says no thanks. Abhi says today he has helped her and made her proud like a true partner. Abhi says if she will make him cry. Meera says you are not a bad guy, but there is a problem in packaging. Abhi asks why did you agree for this relation. Meera says this is an act. Saru hears them. She thinks this is acting. They ask what happened? Saru says this relation is a lie. Meera says relations gets stronger with love. Saru says I am not a fool and I have understood that this marriage is to show off others. Abhi says love shall be true. Saru says this love and marriage is a lie. Meera says we will serve food. Saru refuses and goes. Abhi and Meera gets tensed.

At the dining table, Hari tells Sindhu that Ganga would have been happy today seeing tasty food made by Meera. Sindhu asks him to have full stop now. Hari asks Sindhu to learn from Meera. Sindhu says yes and asks him to learn from Abhi. She says he helps Meera a lot. Abhi says no. Hari Chacha asks if the tears are true. Meera thinks don’t know what Saru heard and if she told them. She says I will find out. She asks carrot recipe from Sindhu. They talk about marriage lie. Abhi coughs and asks if Saru told anything. Sindhu says Saru refused to have food and went. Meera asks if salt is ok. Hari chacha says 10/10.

In the room, Abhi asks Meera what she is thinking? Meera says Saru chachi will tell Gopal chacha. Abhi says he will tell my mum and if anything happens to Dadiya then…She says if they come to know about our drama. Abhi keeps his hand on her mouth. Meera wipes her mouth. Abhi says he will go and find out. Meera stops him. Abhi asks her to leave his hand.

In the morning, someone knocks on the door. Abhi jumps and sleeps on bed. Meera pushes him off bed and says door is closed. Abhi opens the door and sees Bunty. Bunty tells that some big problem aroused outside. Bunty says he don’t care what they talk about.

Saru tells Sindhu that some relations are kept on lie. Meera requests Saru not to tell anyone.

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