Chupke Chupke 5th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 5th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera is standing on road and waiting for Abhi. She sees a dosa seller making dosa. Abhi comes there and says he shall get award for his talent. Meera says there was something wrong in kadi. Abhi says no. Meera asks him not to lie. Abhi says even he contributed. Meera laughs. Abhi says we shall make basic dishes and says family members haven’t told anything. Meera says they are weird and tells that Vijay Chacha said that he will make food and bring home, but I refused. Abhi says you would have said it. They come home. Meera reads the letter kept by his family. She reads that they are going to relative’s house and have food. Meera tells Abhi that they went to relative’s place as they were afraid of her food.

Abhi tells her that Dadiya makes such plans….He says we are alone in the house

and can order food from outside. Meera says no and says they will make food. She tells him that they will make kadi pakoda as they know only this dish. She cuts something and her finger gets hurt. Abhi washes her finger and puts ointment. Meera says we are alone and in awkward situation. She reminds him of rule no 16. Abhi asks her to give holiday to rules sometimes. Meera laughs.

Bunty tells Dadiya that they made kadi something last night and he washed the utensil. Meera comes and asks Dadiya if they went intentionally to relative’s house. Dadiya says no. Meera says you wanted to give us privacy and that’s why left. Dadiya asks her to sit and says she will tell her story. She says there was a argument between the fingers of the hand. She says moral of the story is unite we stand and divided we fall. She says your strength is….Meera says I understood and laughs. She goes to kitchen and asks Abhi what they shall cook today. Saru comes to kitchen and asks Meera why she is here? Abhi says we will learn cooking. Saru says she will make. Abhi and Meera insists. Saru asks what is hari mirch’s color.

Meera says hari/green. Saru asks where is Dhaniya. Meera shows Rai. Saru asks them to go. Abhi and Meera ask her to teach them. Saru teaches them how to make dal. Abhi and Meera follows her advice and makes dal. Gopal tells Hari that Meera is learning cooking. Hari says even Abhi is learning. Gopal says we shall help them. Hari says Govind and Ganga did wrong with them. Gopal says they should have sent us. Hari says you always have honeymoon. Gopal says he bought 5000 Rs. saree for Saru and then she forgave him. Hari says I have done my work to help them.

Meera shouts seeing tortoise in kitchen. Abhi says it is a fake tortoise. Saru and Sindhu come there and asks what happened? Saru asks if this tortoise came out from egg. Meera makes excuses. Hari comes and says it is fengshui tortoise. Meera is in office. Boss tells that mail will come. Meera talks about food. Boss tells her arbi’s recipe. Kajal says I understand her worries. Meera says she thinks about cooking now. Kajal tells that they stay separately and have food outside many times. Meera says my mum in law went out, whom to impress.

Meera and Abhi talk about their contract marriage. Saru hears them and tells that she knew their secret now.

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