Chupke Chupke 4th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 4th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

At the dining table, Gopal have food being hungry since morning. Saru asks why he is eating as if he is hungry since morning. Gopal is upset with her. Abhi tells Meera that he doesn’t know that she will learn so soon and says morning food was superb and I have become your fan. Sindhu says Bunty made this food and you are his fan. Abhi says that’s why it is not that much tasty. Hari asks Gopal to have food slowly and asks if he is hungry since morning. Gopal says he is hungry since morning and tells that when he opened the tiffin, he found a letter asking him to order food from outside. Saru says lie? Meera realizes that the tiffin is changed. Saru says she have sabzi, puris and halwa.

Abhi also realizes that Meera had kept that letter for him. Gopal says there was nothing, except letter.

Bunty laughs. Saru asks Meera if this was hawai paratha. Meera excuses herself and goes. Saru tells Gopal that she gave him sabzi.

Abhi comes to Meera and asks what is she searching. Meera says recipe book. Abhi says we will search recipe on google and says he will help her. He says just 11 months are remaining now. She says she salutes all women. Abhi says you forgot Vijay Chachu. He says we will win if we work together. Meera looks at him. Abhi reminds him of Rule No. 13 and sings song.

Next morning, Abhi and Meera are in the kitchen making something. Abhi’s phone rings. He asks Meera to take out his mobile from his pocket. Saru comes and says she didn’t see. Meera says they need her help and asks her to tell how to make Punjabi kadi. Saru tells the recipe and asks them to get the things. Abhi sings song. Bunty comes to Dadiya and says Abhi and Meera are working in the kitchen. Dadiya says everyone came to know that tiffin was exchanged. Bunty says he is feeling bad as Abhi is cooking in kitchen. Dadiya tells him that married life is like car, and says when both husband and wife work in the house together then life goes smooth.

Abhi and Meera try to make paratha. Chori chori chupke chupe plays…..They make kadi also.

Sanjay comes to Vijay and says Ila is not at home and says chance is good. Vijay says I will make some food for Meera’s family. He says he will make paneer dopyaza. Ila comes back. Vijay says shall we deliver food at her house. Ila says no and asks if they talked to Meera. Sanjay calls Meera and tells that he is thinking to bring food for her family. Meera says she along with Abhi have made food and ends the call. Sanjay gets sad. Ila says whenever she needs our help, she will ask us. Vijay asks since when ready to cook are brought in our house. Ila says it is for Meera and gets sad.

Abhi is making presentation. Cuckoo comes and asks if he brought kadi. He shows the kadi. Cuckoo tastes it and says it is good. Abhi’s colleagues also tastes it. Arjun tells that it is not that tasty. Abhi tastes it and says it is easy to tell that it is not tasty. Cuckoo says Abhi has become understanding now. Abhi says we forgot our wives’ love and efforts and says we just ruins their hardwork with our bad comments. Sundar asks why is he getting emotional. Arjun asks him to give him ticket.

Meera asks Dadiya if she went out to give privacy to them. Dadiya says no. Later Abhi and Meera make food in the kitchen. Gopal says Saru is helping them. Meera shouts.

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  1. I’m not a regular follower of the show, but it’s a sweet show. The best thing about it is that so far there is no negative character and no evil plans. I’ve enjoyed Monday’s and Tuesday’s episodes because of the growing bond between Abhi and Meera.

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