Chupke Chupke 31st May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 31st May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govind tells Abhi that they found that he couldn’t do anything during his wedding night. Abhi says you are becoming frank with me and says I am your son. Gopal Chacha says we are friends now and asks him to share. Abhi says I don’t want to share any talk. Govind tells Abhi that first experience is also memorable and tells that he was born when he romanced with his wife. He talks about his romantic moment with Ganga. Abhi says I can’t listen anymore, she is my mum. He goes. Meera is taking her blanket. Sanjay Dad asks if Abhi don’t have blanket at home. Meera says she don’t get sleep without her blanket. Dad says his life is because of her. Meera says my life is also because of you. They hug each other.

Abhi is talking on phone. Ila chachi thanks Dadiya on call for explaining her well

about the rasam. Govind talks about romance after marriage. Sanjay also reminisces his days with his wife. Meera and Abhi gets uncomfortable. Meera tells Abhi that they shall go home now. Dad asks her to stay for more time. She says she has work. Abhi asks her to stay if she wants. Meera says Abhi…I will be back in 2 mins.

Meera is in room. Abhi comes out of bathroom wearing towel. Meera sees him and shouts. Abhi’s towel falls down. Meera shouts more. Abhi also shouts and runs inside the bathroom. He asks what you are doing here ? Meera says this is my room too. He asks her to give him towel. She says she will not touch wet towel. He asks her to give. She gives towel to him and says they shall set the rule if one is taking bath, other shall stay outside the room. Abhi says ok.

Dadiya calls Meera. Meera comes to her. Dadiya says I know you are busy, but you can give me 5 mins. Meera says ji Dadiya. Dadiya asks if everything is fine and asks if Abhi is troubling you. Meera says no. Dadiya says he is my first grand son and spoilt and unhygienic. She asks her to handle Abhi with love and care like a friend and a mother. She asks her to learn from Saru. Saru says she will teach her cooking. Meera smiles and tells Dadiya that she is getting late for office. She leaves.

Abhi is in office. Cuckoo tells that she wants chatting column which their paid subscribers will use. Abhi says it is not ready yet. She says she wants to finish it before deadline. Sundar says I have no problem to go late, but Abhi has to go early.

Kajal tells about the Advertisement if skincare. Subruto tells the tag line. Kajal asks Meera to think. Abhi asks Sundar why is he lying? Cuckoo says you have a valid reason and says this is the time to romance. She says she is against marriage, but not against romance. She says Meera is waiting for you. Abhi says there is something else between us. Cuckoo asks what? Meera checks her phone. Kajal laughs and says she is ready dum aloo recipe. Kajal, boss and Subruto laughs. Abhi says Meera and he have a good understanding and tells that he will finish work and go home. Cuckoo says ok. Boss asks Meera to take recipe from him and tells how to make it. Kajal notes down the recipe and says we will come to your house for dinner. Meera looks on.

Meera tells Abhi that his mom is doubting on him. She serves him food while Ganga and Saru looks at them. Abhi says we have to act big so that they believe that everything is fine between us. He says we shall do a big gesture. They hug each other. Sanjay looks at them.

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