Chupke Chupke 31st July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 31st July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi gets closer to Meera. Meera is surprised. Abhi says I…..wants to make you eat apple and laughs. Meera also laughs. Abhi says everyone shall think that they are fighting. Abhi laughs and tells her that he went with his colleagues to have pani puri and made sherley have it with his hand and Bua misunderstood him. Meera asks why he is justifying and says you are not my real husband. Abhi says this shall bother you, and culminate into a fight. He asks her to keep up the same fighting passion. Meera rests on sofa and asks him to tell Sherley to keep some love for tomorrow. Abhi says he is messaging his US client. Meera asks him to switch off lights and sleeps.

Abhi tries to talk to Govind. Govind ignores him. Abhi asks him to talk. Govind asks him about Sherley and says even I had female

friends, but I was never caught doing compromising position. Abhi says he didn’t do anything wrong. Govind explains to Abhi about friendship. Abhi recalls spending time,missing, waiting, arguing with Meera. He thinks Papa is talking about Sherley and Meera is flashing infront of my eyes.

Meera comes to kitchen and greets Ganga. Ganga asks if she slept last night. Meera says no and thinks to speak her heart out to her. She tells her that it was difficult to spent last night with Abhi and tells that he turned and slept without talking to her. Ganga says Abhi can’t do anything wrong and asks her not to worry. Meera says then why didn’t he talk to me. Ganga asks her to punish him and not to give him food all day. Meera thinks she is innocent and thinks Abhi can have food outside. Meera thinks I am not his wife, but cares for him like a wife, it is strange. Ganga asks her to do as she says.

Later Meera tells Abhi that she has packed her bag and asks if she shall packed his tiffin. Abhi says Mamma will do. Meera says as you wish. She asks him to move from the mirror and says she will get ready. Saru tells Dadiya that don’t know where Bua had seen Abhi and thinks why he didn’t clarify. She says she is feeling bad for Meera, what will happen if sautan comes. Dadiya says Punnu said those things and says if Abhi has done anything wrong then I will not leave him. She asks her to make Abhi know this.

Abhi asks Bunty to give his tiffin. Bunty asks him to go to office quietly. Meera asks him to ask his sherley. Abhi asks why she is doing drama. Bunty says once my Babli beaten me. He says he will support the truth. She goes inside. Abhi says we will go to office. Meera says she will go in her own car and goes. Abhi thinks Meera got into the skin of the character. Ganga scolds him.

Meera comes to office and thinks if Abhi have food for not. Sherley brings tiffin for him. Meera calls Abhi and asks if he is hungry. Abhi says he is, but Sherley brought tiffin for him. Meera asks him to be careful. Abhi says Sherley is a dear friend. Abhi recalls Govind’s words about friendship and love.

Meera calls him shameless . Abhi also gets angry. Neeraj tells Meera that he saw Sherley with Abhi. Meera calls him and says lets end this.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Aww they’re both thinking of each other. Tomorrow they will fight for real ?

  2. Cant wait for the actual fight. Love is in the air now. MeerAbhi soo cute. ?? ?

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