Chupke Chupke 26th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 26th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera asks Ankita where is everyone? Ankita says they were late yesterday and that’s why they might be sleeping till now. She hugs her suddenly. Meera asks what is her problem. Ankita says she didn’t like whatever happened last night. Meera says it is nothing like that, may be Sherley is Abhi’s good friend. Ankita says Abhi gave her his shirt. Meera says may be tea or something had fallen on her clothes. Ankita says Abhi made her wear shirt with her hand. Meera pretends to be shocked and asks what did he make her wear shirt. She acts like a normal wife.

She comes to Abhi and asks if Sherley had a pain in her hand or paralysis attack. Abhi asks why you are saying bad. Meera says she came to know that he made Sherley wear shirt and also buttons her shirt. Abhi laughs and asks if

she is jealous. Meera asks what he will do if Sherley falls in love with him. He asks her to relax and says he will handle her.

Bunty comes to Dadiya and tells that there is something wrong in the kitchen and tells that he saw Ankita and Meera talking something serious. Dadiya asks him to do a sin and sends him. Ankita tells Meera that she was shocked to see that scene and says she never knew that Abhi will do such a thing. Meera thinks Abhi’s bad acting left so much deep impact. She says Abhi is a bewafa sanam.

Sindhu comes there and scolds Ankita for interfering in elders’ problems. Meera says she is trying to clear her doubts. Sindhu asks her to go to room. Meera thinks to act infront of Sindhu. Sindhu asks her not to doubt on her husband.

Abhi comes to Ganga and takes Prasad. Ganga says we haven’t gone anywhere. They talk about Meera. Ganga says she thinks that they don’t fight. Abhi says she will fight soon. Meera is packing the stuff. Abhi comes there and asks about the fight. Meera says Sindhu asks Ankita not to tell anyone, and she also can’t tell anything as they will burst on Ankita. Abhi says now he has to do dhamaka.

Neeraj comes to Meera and says I want to tell you something. He says I saw your husband with a girl. He says Abhi don’t deserve you and asks her not to worry as he is there for her. She doesn’t listen to him and takes out head phone. He asks if Abhi came yesterday. Meera says he messaged her and was busy in meeting. She says we don’t hide things from each other. She gets Ankita’s call. Ankita says she is worried since morning. Meera asks her to share with someone and asks her to share with Saru. Ankita tells her that she is good and says she is feeling relieved after talking to her and will not tell anyone. Meera feels guilty and thinks she is manipulating a small girl. Ankita ends the call. Meera thinks everyone loves her very much and feels bad.

Sherley informs Cuckoo that Abhi gifted her shirt. Abhi is tensed. Later Meera cries and feels guilty. Abhi holds her hand.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. As always an interesting epi. Ankita is trying to help Meera and she is feeling guilty. ? loved Ankita. She is really sweet. Can’t wait 4 Abhi holding Meera’s hands 2morrow. ???

  2. Thank you for the update. I have been waiting.

  3. Thanks for the update! please try not to skip episodes.
    Interesting episode, Meera feels so guilty for deceiving Ankita. Meera is getting attached to Abhi’s family. Excited for the precap!

  4. Alister La Frenais

    Boring, Boring, and a total put off. This serial has nothing new to offer the viewing public. The same old nonsense is repeated again and again, yet the whole family is oblivious to the fake relationship between Meera and Abhi. For goodness sake stop treating the viewing public as though they are morons.

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