Chupke Chupke 22nd May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 22nd May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera’s dad asks her to have food. Meera says you were telling that some things are important in life. Dad says food. Meera says no. Chachi asks Mausami to have food. Mausami says she is upset and marriage….Meera says marriage and tells that all her friends have gotten marriage and she feels out of topic when they talk about marriage and kids and that’s why she was thinking. Door bell rings. Meera opens the door and greets Abhi. Meera introduces her family and tells them that Abhi is her boyfriend. Ila chachi says it is good news and asks Vijay Chacha to serve him food. Abhi have it and calls him Chachu. He says I will make you have chole and kulche. Mausami says Di didn’t tell us and says cover is good. Abhi says content is also good. He says your hair cut is nice. Mausami says Meera di didn’t

notice it.

Chachi asks about Abhi and says Meera didn’t tell us anything. Abhi says we have decided yesterday. Meera says she went to his house yesterday. Abhi introduces himself as software engineer and have his own start up, and tells about his family business. Chachi asks him to sit. Abhi says I know you are a teacher and that’s why said everything. Chachi says she is literature teacher. Abhi says even I am interested in literature.

Abhi calls him dad and asks can I call you dad. Her dad says not now. He tells that Meera is an introvert girl and gets angry, and don’t know cooking. Meera thanks him and says you are scaring him dad. Abhi gets up and says he don’t know her much, but wants to understand her, and asks for their blessings. He tells filmy dialogues and tells that he would have eloped with her, but he wants to take her with everyone’s wish. He tells they loves each other very much and asks him to say yes. Dad says ok. Everyone congratulates each other.

Meera comes to office. Subruto and Kajal take her to boss room. Boss sings Meera ki Sagai hogayi and asks if Papa is happy. Meera says he is in tension. Kajal says uncle will like him and says when I saw them fighting, I understood that they are meant to be together. Meera says she will not forgive her favor. Kajal says she will start marriage bureau. Boss says he will enroll. Neeraj comes and asks about the cake. Kajal says Meera’s marriage is fixed. Neeraj looks sad. Meera cuts the cake.

Sundar congratulates Abhi and says even you are trapped now. Cuckoo comes and says many girls must be committing suicide. He says hi sherley. Sherley looks sad. His colleague asks bhabhi is s*xy or home material. Abhi asks him to talk with respect and says she is my to be wife. Sundar says this is true love. Abhi thinks if this is love.

Abhi’s dad asks his wife about Meera. She says she likes Meera, but is worried for Abhi. Dad says what is your problem when he selected the girl. Ganga tells that she is upset and says why did he hide from me that he likes Meera. She says he didn’t share this with me first. Dad says he has grown up now. They tell that Meera is good. Ganga says their kundlis shall match. Dad says if kundlis don’t match. Ganga says then we will not get them married.

Sherley is lost in thoughts. Arjun comes and looks sad. Sherley asks him not to be sad and says I know you loved him. She says we shall be happy with Abhi’s decision. Arjun asks her to tell him if she rejects any guy.

Abhi’s family make him get ready and says they shall know that their son is handsome. Meera and her family come there. Chori Chori Chupke Chupke plays…..Everyone look at each other. Abhi and Meera look at each other.

Meera calls Abhi in late night and asks if everything will be good. Meera’s dad tells that their house is big. Abhi’s mum calls Meera’s dad and asks for kundli. He says we didn’t make her it. Later Abhi informs Meera that her dad knows about it.

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