Chupke Chupke 20th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 20th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Hari tries to wake up Sindhu and says he has to train Abhi to fight with Meera. Sindhu asks him to let him sleep. Hari says I didn’t know that he is so weak. Sindhu asks him to let him sleep. Hari says Awasti family men have iron in their blood and we fight for Shoorveer. Sindhu says you have no work, but I have to go to office, let me sleep. Hari irritates her. She gets angry. They sleep.

Meera wakes up and thinks where did Abhi go early morning. Abhi comes out of bathroom and asks her turn her face. Meera says she don’t have interest to see him. Abhi says they have to fight. Meera says we have made App for husband and wife’s fight. Meera says some reasons are valid for the couple. Abhi says some reasons which we think are invalid are valid for others. Meera turns to him and says he

is insensitive. Meera asks him to keep up the fighting passion and come out. Meera says she will take bath and come, asks him to get out. Bunty comes to Dadiya and gives her news about everyone. Dadiya asks him to tell hot news. He says Meera asked Abhi what he wants to have. He says Oats.

Gopal and Saru make each other have grapes and oats. Saru says family members are tensed as Meera and Abhi don’t fight. She says we have a platonic relation. Gopi says we shall not be egoistic of our love. He says if they have a perfect relation then there might be some problem. Gopal says Govind couldn’t teach him romance. Saru says he is Sajjan and you are mawali.

Meera fights with Abhi and says I thought you have brought me as wife, but you are behaving as if I am Gangu Bai. She scolds him and asks why did he keep socks on the pillows, and says his silence suffocates her. Abhi says what is this, it is artificial, over dramatic acting. Meera says you don’t know acting. Abhi says he has won national award and will teach her. He asks her to feel the dialogues. Meera tells the dialogues again in filmy manner, she says this is daily soap acting. He asks her to continue and says I am in the character. Meera gets upset and goes. Abhi thinks his acting was good.

Mausami tells Ila that everyone will be happy seeing Meera’s newly changed avatar. Ila says two months back, I wouldn’t have believed. Mausami asks if someone tells you about me, then will you agree. Ila says you are shying since you are 16. Mausami says you loves Meera than me. Ila says sometimes you says truly. Mausami goes to her room.

Meera and Abhi start acting. Meera shouts and acts, and asks Abhi why did he bring her here, messed up the room. Everyone gather and see their fight. Meera asks him to say something. Abhi says I am in character. Meera says it is waste to talk. Everyone think that their acting is bad. Saru asks Meera to tell if he get shame, and says I didn’t know that you are so orthodox. Saru asks her to go and tell the dialogues. Govind tells Ganga that they can’t fight. They all leave. Abhi says you have made fool of ourselves.

Meera tells Abhi that she is fed up of him. They fight over phone. Ganga tells them that they can’t fight. Abhi says we are more understanding, give space to each other and asks why they will fight.

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  1. goodwala their cute nokjok.
    And nemo di and sunny ur here. nice to see ur comment here.

    1. Hi Aria!
      Good to see you here, I haven’t watched the episode yet. Abhi and Meera are cute.

  2. Hi Bhai. U also watch chupke chupke. That’s nice to see. I really like todays epi it was sweet.

    1. My fav part today was when Meera and Abhi were arguing about how good they can act and Abhi says that he has won a national award for acting in college. ?? Then Meera starts rehearsing to fight and Abhi just lies there still. After that Meera’s face ??

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