Chupke Chupke 19th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 19th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera is making food in the kitchen. Vijay comes to kitchen and says master chef. Meera says hi and asks if he is jealous seeing her cooking on his birthday. Vijay says it is not like that. Meera says they shall make Pulao. Vijay says he feels uncomfortable when someone enters kitchen, but feeling #proud seeing her here. Ankita comes to Abhi and says I was thinking how you will get sleep tonight. Abhi says today he will sleep all alone on bed, and will have a peaceful sleep. Ankita asks if you sleep on floor daily. Abhi says bed is all mine today. Ankita says she needs help in solving electronics problem and praises Meera for helping her in studies and personal problems. She sings song. Abhi asks her to take money and go. Ankita says she is missing Bhabhi. Abhi says Meera’s chamchi. Ankita says Meera’s

stuff is not here. Abhi says Meera is simpleton and keeps everything in her almari. Hari comes and asks Abhi what is time. He asks her to go and sleep. Ankita says bye to Abhi.

Hari tells Abhi that he don’t think that he will get sleep and asks him to show his eyes. He then laughs and says I am seeing Meera’s dreams in your eyes. Abhi says bye and asks him to close the door. Hari says sweet dreams. Abhi smiles. He jumps on bed and tries to sleep, but couldn’t. He thinks to call Meera, and finally calls her. Meera picks the call. Abhi asks how are you? Meera says fine. She says you are restless without me. Abhi asks her to return home. Meera asks if he is missing her. Abhi says she need to come as they have to fight. Meera smiles and asks him to say please. Abhi says please come….repeatedly.

Meera says even I want to come, but it is too late. Abhi says it is Mumbai and asks her to tell Sanjay that he is getting angry. She says she will try to come, but can’t promise. Abhi thinks he don’t care if she don’t come. Meera tells Sanjay that she has to go as Abhi…Sanjay says it seems my daughter don’t want to stay here. Mausami asks if Abhi is yearning in her love. Meera says she gives tablets to Dadiya. Sanjay asks her to stay back and says someone else will give her medicine. Ila asks her to go. Meera goes. Sanjay gets upset.

Ila tells him that Meera is missing Abhi. Abhi is playing cards with Govind and Hari. Door bell rings. Abhi opens the door and says surprise. He then pretends to fight with her and asks if this is dharmshala that you are coming at this time. He says we have to fight infront of Papa and Chachu. Meera asks what you are saying. Hari says he is not getting sleep and that’s why he woke up and making us play. Meera says she needed some file. Abhi asks why did you go, if you don’t have any respect for my family and asks her to come to room.

Meera laughs and tells Abhi that he would have told her about the fight, as she would have prepared for the dialogues. She asks if he is not getting sleep. Abhi says not because of you. He thinks I was acting for family. Meera says you are lying and says good night. Electricity goes off. Meera moves the curtains. Abhi looks at her as the light falls on her face. He thinks I missed you like anything. Meera says I know….Abhi asks what do you know. Meera says I know…she thinks even I missed you….Abhi. She says it is your turn to sleep on bed today. He sleeps on sofa. Meera laughs.

Meera pretends to be fighting with Abhi and says it is daily soap acting. Abhi asks her why she is showing attitude. Ganga and Govind looks on.

Update Credit to: MA

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  1. Hi Didu!
    I’m also not a regular watcher but I do like this serial. Abhi and Meera r getting restless without each other. 1st symptom of falling in love ❤
    Cant wait for their silly nok jhok acting tomorrow. ?

    1. Hi Sunny,
      About the marriage contract both their families wanted them to find partners but they were refusing. Meera thought of the fake marriage because her sister’s marriage broke because her fiance’s grandfather is traditional and didn’t approve of the younger sister marrying before the elder. Abhi wanted this because his grandmother always pretended to be ill and kept asking him to get married. They met because Kajal and abhi’s friend are friends and they were trying to set them up.

      I agree Meera is way smarter than Abhi. The last part of Wednesday’s episode was very nice.

  2. Ithanx Didu. And yah. I agree the last part of Wednesday epi was really good. I also like Tuesday epi too when Abhi lied to his family members and got caught. Lol!?

    1. I didn’t watch Tuesday’s episode, but saw that in precap or recap, Abhi’s expressions are cute.

      1. It was really cute. He told his parents that he and Meera got into a fight which is the reason y she has gone to her maternal house. His parents were so worried and Abhi was like “Distribute sweets as u wanted us to get into a fight so we did!” His mother was extremely worried (as always). Abhi’s father then got a call from Meera’s father saying that its Meera’s uncle Vijay’s bday. (I laughed as i started thinking about Vijra/Meejay . I mean what a coincidence Meera and Vijay )
        Sorry. Coming back to the epi, after the 2 fathers talked, Abhi’s dad pulled Abhi’s ear shouting at him “y he lied?”. Then Abhi said cuz his family members wanted him to get into a fight with Meera which is like impossible for him. ???

      2. Thanks Sunny, it sounds fun, I’ll watch in the weekend

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