Chupke Chupke 17th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 17th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi takes care of Dadi and makes her have tablets. Didiya reminisces Dada’s words infront of Abhi. Abhi asks why she is becoming poetic. Dadi says she wants him to marry indirectly. Abhi asks her to tell with right and says I can’t refuse you. He asks her to sleep.
Meera tells her dad that she came to know about last night’s happening. She says I am really upset and doesn’t believe that such outdated people exist in this era. Sshe says he should have taken interest in Mausami and not in me. She says Gacchu and Mausami like each other then why did I come inbetween then. Dad and Chachi ask her not to worry and says if they are destined to be together then they will marry. Dad says we will take care. Meera says I am also member of your family. Chachi says you are important part of family.

Meera says you shall ask me to support you and says she is not selfish.

Sundar and Abhi are sitting in the restaurant. He asks if he had a fight with his wife. Sundar says his gyan will help him. Kajal comes there with Meera. Sundar greets them. Meera says we will take some other table. Sundar says we can have dinner together. Sundar asks what is in the menu. Kajal asks waiter to bring whatever is his favorite. Sundar tells Kajal that he wants to talk to her. They excuse themselves leaving them alone. Abhi asks if horse came. Meera says yes, and is about to go angrily. Abhi asks her to sit. He gets Sundar’s message that he is going home with Kajal to talk to Vaibhavi. Abhi says he is feeling as if they are planning to unite them. He says they are wasting time and says they are bad actors. Meera says she will go.

Abhi asks her to have food as they have ordered for 4. Abhi says Sundar know that I don’t want to marry then also Sundar tried this. Meera shakes hand with him and says even she don’t want to marry. They tell how their family members emotionally blackmail them to marry. Abhi says dadi tells that yamraj is coming to take her. They continue talking. Sundar and Kajal talk on phone and plan to make them meet in theatre.

Abhi reaches theatre and calls Sundar. He buys ticket. Meera comes there and waits for Kajal. They see each other and understand their plan. Meera gets Kajal’s message that Ajay has some work and they can’t come. Abhi gets Sundar’s call and he tells that he can’t come and tell reason later. Meera says how can anyone imagine us as a couple. Abhi says yes, how can we be couple? Meera says excuse me. Abhi says this might be Sundar’s idea and wonder when will Sundar come. Meera asks did you forget that he is not going to come. He says you don’t like wastage, so if you want, we can watch the film. Meera says just film. He is about to hold her hand asking her to come Meera says excuse me. They want romantic movie chori chori chupke chupke and smile happily.

They come out of theatre and were laughing thinking about the dialogues. Meera says she was a strong woman and her character changed after love. Abhi says it was over dramatic and says I am getting laugh on them for sending us for action movies. She says she likes action movie. Abhi is impressed and says he will buy cheese and caramel in exact proportion. Meera says she will order. But he goes. She feels someone is following her. He brings popcorn for her and says exact proportion. She says she is having OCD and will have exact proportion popcorn. Abhi takes it and asks her to take for herself. Someone takes their video/pic in phone.

Everyone see Meera and Abhi’s pic at the latter’s house. Abhi says we are just friends. Didiya says she wants this gift. Kajal asks Meera if her family called her. Just then her phone rings.*

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  1. Karina

    Thanks for the update. I hope Meera and Abhi story will startsoon coz its moving a little slow…


    Running tooo slow

  3. It’s so slow that at present I m just reading updates here. Waiting for it to pick up. I find the characters very cute. Meera has beautiful smile.

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