Chupke Chupke 17th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 17th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Govind comes to Dadiya. She asks did you come to know what is cooking between Meera and Abhi. Govind asks if you are eating anything. Dadiya says she is doing mouth exercise and chewing. He says he felt sweets smell. Govind says he got sweets smell. Dadiya asks him to find out why Abhi and Meera don’t fight. Rahul tells Sundar that fights happen between all couples and says if your partner ignores you then you can’t bear. Abhi hears them. Ganga says it is not an ordinary thing that Abhi and Meera don’t fight. Saru says no fights is like diabetes. Sindhu says Meera is understanding and must have not reached their arguments to level of fights. Ganga asks if Meera is dominating Abhi. She is confused and says trouble is in her life.

Meera hums a song. Neeraj asks if the fight is resolved.

Meera says that’s why she is relieved. She says fight is not between Abhi and her, and then thinks she shall not talk about house matters in office. Govind asks Ganga to have something and tells that he has asked Abhi to fight with Meera. He says Abhi said that he needs space and asks why it is needed when they are married. Ganga says he always said that their matter is different. Meera comes back home late.

In the morning, Meera is doing yoga. Abhi wakes up and sees her doing yoga. He says I don’t need yoga, I am already fit. Meera says ok. He says our problem is that you said ok, how we will fight now. He brushes his teeth and comes out. Meera asks him to go inside and come after brushing his teeth. She says disgusting. Abhi says I think we shall fight and says it is worldly demand. Meera refuses. Abhi begs infront of her asking her to fight. Meera laughs and says she is going to her dad’s place. Abhi gets an idea and tells that he will tell his family that they had a fight and that’s why she left.

Meera comes to kitchen and offers help. Ganga says everything is done. She asks her to check halwa. Meera says she is allergic to sweet potato. Ganga tells about her fight with her husband. Meera thinks it is not possible in our case. She says I will go and tells that today evening and goes.

Meera in office tells Jassi that they shall concentrate on consumer’s emotions than the product. She asks him to say. Jassi says it seems you are boss here and I am employee. He gets Biji’s call and gets up. Meera asks what happened? Neeraj says you were in this mood some days before. Jassi scolds her.

Meera goes to her dad’s house. Abhi tells his parents that his parents that Meera fought with me, and left.

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