Chupke Chupke 14th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 14th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saru thanks Meera for supporting her and hears her feelings. Meera says you would have done same thing if I was in problem. She says I didn’t know that you are so much understanding being modern. Meera says you being a house wife is more modern than me and take care of every member. Bunty says yes, she is understanding. Saru says I am just 2-3 years elder than you. Bunty says 12 years 6 months elder. Saru scolds him. Dadiya says Laila and Majnu’s fight have ended. Saru brings tea. Hari and Sindhu tell about their fight over black cat. Abhi asks how did you convince her? Hari says my pocket got empty, and says money was given by Sindhu. Gopal tells about his fight with Saru and sings song. Meera says this is Andaz Apna Apna song. Gopal says he will write copyright. Dadiya tells about her fight with

her husband. Ankita tells about her fight with her BF. Hari and Sindhu asks if she has boyfriend. She says best friend. Meera tells Abhi that their sister is saved.

Dadiya calls Govind and says everyone talked about their fights, but Meera and Abhi were sitting as if they had never fought. She asks him to send them to her. Meera and Abhi come to her room. Dadiya asks them to tell truth what is going on between them and asks why they are tensed. Abhi says nothing. Dadiya tells that she has a doubt which they shall clear and asks them to tell if they are really married. She says there is no fight between you both till now. Abhi pretends and tells that meera is clever and fights with him in room. Meera says they fight. Abhi tells that she is very jhagradu and tells that he has to live scared life. Dadiya thinks there is something wrong and says she will find the truth.

Meera asks Abhi not to touch her things. Abhi says you have snatched highness dupatta. Meera asks him and see the reality. She shows him himself in the mirror. She tells that she has a back problem. Abhi says he won’t let her sleep on bed. He says he is the king. Meera says you are irritating. Abhi says very funny and says why do Dadiya doubt? How she can doubt that we don’t fight. Meera says our marriage is a lie and have been hidden from Dadi. Abhi says you fight with me so much. He lie down on the bed. Meera takes her blanket. She says my blanket don’t like anyone to touch it and says she has kept a pattern. Abhi says ok, no touch. Rahul tells Sundar and Abhi that she shall have a live chat of online counseller. Abhi asks Sundar what is the problem and asks about his wife. Abhi manages to change the topic.

Abhi tells Meera that they shall fight. Sindhu tells Ganga and Saru that may be Meera is dominating Saru. Jassi gets angry in office. Neeraj tells that Meera was in similar situation few days back.

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  1. This series is sweet and different from the usual serials, there are no villains, no vamps, or kitchen politics, but it lacks something.

    While watching this episode, I thought most of the time the actors are just talking among each other. Take Abhi Meera scene, if there is some action , the two of them pushing each other or some movement, it will be more engaging.

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