Chupke Chupke 13th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 13th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera tells Abhi that he is changed and brought different flowers for her. Abhi asks her not to become wife like this. Meera asks him not to be fighting husband. He says you seems to be adarsh bahu. Meera says she has good qualities and have to marry again. She is tired of this contract marriage. Abhi says I have learnt so much. Kids come and tell that their mummy is leaving the house. Abhi and Meera are shocked. Sindhu and Ganga try to stop Saru. Saru says she can’t stay now. Meera and Abhi are happy saying that it is good that they are in contract marriage. Saru says Gopal is not her Majnu anymore while she is his Laila. Abhi tells Meera that Saru is upset as Gopal is not giving her attention. Meera says if it is a joke to leave him. Saru says how she can stay here now. Dadiya says you have to

stay here when Gopal comes. Meera and Abhi sees her. Dadiya asks her to have food. Saru says she is hungry.

Saru sees noodles and eats it. Abhi asks who has cooked it. Gopal comes there. Saru says she don’t want to eat and tell Sindhu that he ignored her. Just then Gopal receives a letter and says it is love letter with a big heart. Abhi reads the letter. Saru gets happy and snatches the letter, reads it. Meera says it could be neighbor’s letter. Dadiya says wife understands her husband’s letter. She says Saru is like her daughter and says she gets upset whenever she don’t get attention by Gopal. She says wife don’t want her husband to ignore her. Meera says you are right. Dadiya says you both don’t fight. Abhi and Meera looks on.

Mausami talks to Gajju and asks him to come and meet her. He tells that he is helpless and can’t come else Dada ji will get upset. Mausami gets upset and ends the call. Ila hears her and asks her to end the fights and respect relations.

Abhi tells Meera that she can finally relax. Meera says she never saw such fights before. Abhi says that’s why I asked you not to be tensed. Meera says you was scared at a point when you heard Chachi going. Abhi says no. Meera says you are lucky to get such good and loving family. Abhi says technically it is your family also. Meera asks really and says she got scared and thought Saru will leave. Abhi says their relation is not like us.

Abhi and Meera recalls the contract and their clauses. Abhi asks what you are thinking? He asks if she got senti. Meera says she is thinking how she will live without him. Meera says Saru got upset as Gopal didn’t praise her saree. She asks him if he remembers what she worn on some occasions. Abhi recalls and tells what she worn and on which day. Meera blushes and says you remember. Abhi says yes, I do remember and thinks why do he remember. Meera smiles.

Cuckoo tells everyone that they will work on the App which will find out about husband and wife’s problems and fights. She asks them to write down on the paper. Abhi says wives get angry when husbands came late. Sundar counts any problems. Abhi asks Sundar to tell him what is he writing. Cuckoo says now he is also married and should know. Abhi says he never fights with Meera.

Abhi tells Meera that she is jhagdalu. Sundar asks Abhi if he had fight with Meera. He says no. Dadiya asks if they are really married or not.

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