Chupke Chupke 12th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 12th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi’s family are having tea. Ankita tells Dadiya that 3 more girls are interested in him. Abhi tells about his matrimonial website rab ne banadi jodi and asks them to register him on that site. Dadiya asks when to call the girls’ and says she needs grand son’s bahu soon. Abhi’s mum tells that she will go on an outing with her friends and will give all her responsibility to her. Aditi says we will go on a shopping. Abhi says village is not build and thugs have come to steal the place dadiya asks him to make the village. Everyone laughs.

Meera asks them not to talk about her marriage if they want to see her happy. Dad says ok. Chachi Ila says we will not ask again. Meera says I was not telling that. Chachi talks to Meera’s dad and says your tension is double as you gave her both parents

love. She says Meera thinks to take her own decisions and asks him not to go infront of her with sad face else she will think he is blackmailing him. He agrees and says you takes care of her every emotional need and become her mum.

Abhi hugs his colleague and wishes her birthday. He asks where you are giving party. She says wherever they say.

Meera is with her colleague and she asks her about her details. Meera asks what you are doing? Her colleague Kajal tells that there are many good guys on the website. Her boyfriend Ajay comes and gives her flower. She smiles and comes to Meera. Meera asks her why he brought bouquet today. Kajal says he is mad and tells that he missed me and brought the bouquet. meera says he is sweet. Kajal asks her to take a plunge and asks about her special friend.

Meera thinks it seems today is a bad day, everyone is talking about marriage. Abhi comes to the party kept in the restaurant and gives gift to his colleague. Boss says they shall make the party rocking. Neeraj comes to Meera and asks her to hear the catch lines. Meera says tomorrow. Kajal says we are going somewhere. She asks her to come for a girls’ night out. Meera refuses, but Kajal convinces her. Meera agrees and calls dad. He tells that he is about to call him as they are going somewhere and will come late. Meera says she will come late also. They come to the restaurant and says tables are booked. Sundar sees them and greets Kajal.

She asks about badri. Kajal says he went with his friends and tells that Badri is Ajay. She says Sundar is Ajay’s cousin. Sundar asks them to join for his colleague birthday. He introduces them to Boss Cuckoo, sherley, Abhi and Boro. They talk with each other while having food. Abhi says it was a good party sherley. Meera takes Abhi’s phone by mistake. Dadiya calls Abhi. Meera picks the call. Dadiya ends the call and then calls again. She says I am very happy to hear you. Meera says this is wrong number Dadi and ends the call.

Dad informs Meera that her phone was picked by a guy. Meera calls Abhi and asks him not to check her mobile’s gallery and messages and says pattern was hard to open. Later she comes to know that someone ordered wooden horse for shoot. She comes to his office and confronts him.

Update Credit to: MA

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    Toooo slow and tooo late update..
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