Chupke Chupke 12th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 12th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Saru asks her kids to sleep. She indirectly asks Gopal if he will not look at her or talk to her. Gopal says you asked me not to look. Saru asks why did you come late. Gopal laughs reading jokes of Banta. Saru asks who is she and calls him thief. Bunty informs Dadiya that Saru and Gopal are fighting. Gopal and Saru fight with each other. Hari tells Sindhu that they called thief to each other. Sindhu says we have been fighting since years, but nobody knows. Gopal and Saru continues to fight. Meera asks Abhi how can he ignore their fights and asks him to go. Abhi asks her to sleep. Sindhu praises herself and tells that their fight will never to known by anyone. Dadiya tells it is good as house is looking lively now and laughs. Meera tells Abhi that kids are sleeping with Saru and Gopal.


says Aditi and Arya stay at Ankita’s room. Meera says Saru Chachi took them to her room. She comes to Saru’s room and tells them that she wants to take kids with her. She takes kids to her room. Aditi asks why Abhi is sleeping on sofa. Abhi says he is a good boy. Meera says I asked him to sleep so that you both can sleep on bed. They say so sweet and kiss on his cheeks. Meera says it is unfair. They kiss Meera. Abhi and Meera play with the kids and makes them sleep on their bed.. Abhi also sleeps on bed as Aditi holds his hand.

Sindhu asks Saru not to make fight known to everyone and says she heard them. Saru asks did anyone tell you. Sindhu asks her to solve their issues in the room. Meera says when they can love each other infront of everyone then why can’t she fight with Gopal openly. Sindhu asks her not to fight infront of kids. Saru says Meera took the kids. Sindhu says Gopal loves you a lot and asks her not to fight with him. Saru goes saying you will not understand.

Neeraj tries to make catchy line. Meera says it is not good. Neeraj says it happens when you have any problem with heart. Meera says everything is fine. She asks him to make good tag lines else jump off from balcony hearing his lines.

Abhi tells Gopal that he has shaken up everyone last night. Gopal smiles and says he is feeling manly now after fighting with Saru and feeling like winning world cup. Abhi says everyone knows about the fight. He asks from where did you get this strength. Gopal says he has started argument with a proper planning. Abhi asks what is the matter? Gopal says you will not understand as everything is new to you being newly married. Abhi asks him to train him for that stage. Gopal says I will train you and asks him not to make Meera overpower him. Abhi says she is not and asks him to teach more. Gopal says he will teach slowly.

Abhi asks if he will forgive her. Gopal says he will teach her a lesson tonight and goes. Meera comes to Saru and asks what is the matter which is bothering her. Saru says she has a big list. Meera asks her to relax and tell her everything. Saru says Gopal haven’t praised her or noticed her when she worn their wedding saree. She says she sang song for him, but he didn’t notice. Meera says Gopal Chacha loves you a lot. Saru says I want him to convince me. She asks didn’t you know this. Meera says Abhi cheers me up often. Saru goes. Meera looks on.

Kids come to Abhi and Meera and tell that Saru is leaving the house. Later Meera gets emotional and tells Abhi how can she stay without him. Abhi looks on surprised.

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