Chupke Chupke 11th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 11th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Meera tells Abhi that they got scared without any reason. Abhi says if end is good then everything is well. Meera says but they were much worried. She says she wants a simple life now. Abhi says I totally agree, no adventures needed. Meera says your aim is clear, you wants to settle in US. Abhi says he has filed two application forms and says lets hope for the best. Meera looks on angry. Abhi asks are you ok. Meera says you didn’t ask me before filing the application. Abhi says what would have happen if I had told you. Meera says according to the contract, you shall tell me everything. Abhi says ok. Meera thinks why I am keeping his clothes in almari and puts his clothes down. Abhi says it is ironed clothes and picks it up.

Meera is going to office. Bunty tells her that Saru called her. Meera

goes to her and asks what happened? Saru says when I was sad, you came to ask me how am I? Meera says she has a good relation with Ila Chachi too. Saru says good and tells that Gopal has changed. Meera says everything will be fine.

Saru says someone shall explain to Gopal. Bunty comes and says Sanjay came. Meera goes to meet him and asks what is he doing in the morning. Sanjay asks shall I go? Meera says did I say this and asks why is she thinking him wrong. He says you didn’t ask me tea or coffee. Meera asks him to stop acting and says she is getting late. She asks him not to get upset. Saru comes and gives water and snacks to Sanjay. She asks him to have breakfast and tea. Sanjay says tea. Meera pretends to get call from Kajal and tells Saru that they will have tea on the way.

Abhi is in the office. They think about the tagline for the app. Sundar complains about his wife. Shelly argues taking his wife’s side. Abhi smiles and says we shall note some points. Shelly asks do you think Sundar’s points are right. Abhi says towel and shoes thing is right. Shelly says men are men.

Sanjay comes back home and tells Ila that after meeting Meera, he got relaxed. He says Meera didn’t let him sit and took him with her. He says Saru was praising Meera a lot. Mausami comes and asks them to think about her. Ila and Sanjay leave. Meera thinks Saru was hiding her pain and thinks if this is marriage. She thinks to talk to Abhi. Abhi asks Sundar to make presentation ready for the App. Meera calls Abhi and tells that Saru is very much tensed and asks him to find out. Abhi asks her to calm down. Meera asks how can you be so insensitive. Abhi asks her not to help her. Meera asks him to go to hell. Neeraj and Kajal hears her. Kajal asks what would have happened? Neeraj tells Poetry.

Meera says how can anyone take their problem lightly. They ask her what happened? Meera says nothing and goes. Neeraj tells kajal that Abhishek started showing his colors. Kajal says it is difficult to adjust with Meera as she is much practical and rude. Neeraj says Abhi must have done something. Kajal takes Abhi’s side. They think to find out what the matter is. Meera comes back after bringing coffee. Kajal says we came to know everything. Meera thinks what?

Gopal and Saru have an argument. Gopal says you didn’t look after me since kids are born. Saru tells Meera that Gopal can convince her. Gopal tells Abhi that he will not apologize to Saru.

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