Chupke Chupke 10th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 10th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Dadiya asks her family to hide the tea. Abhi comes and asks for tea. A girl brings tea and serves him. Dadi says she is Suchita. Suchita says she wants to see him unexpectedly, as marriage is a matter of life. He asks for butter. Suchita applies butter on his bread. Abhi’s mum asks her to take it. She says how can I eat until he eats it. Dadi gets happy and asks him to take her to room. Chachi asks her to ask him if she wants? She says she saw him and it is enough. Abhi calls from Gopal’s phone and tells that he need to go to office. Bua asks did you like the girl? Abhi’s mum says yes.

Abhi’s boss asks her to complete the output of the APP Rab ne banadi Jodi. Abhi asks her to give them there. She asks them not to sleep, drink and eat, but complete the work. Abhi tells that he is already

stressed. Sundar says he is buying gift for Vaibhavi as tomorrow is their coffee date. His colleague says he is ready with the presentation. They argue over coffee shop and Pub. Abhi says we will go to both places.

A guy comes to meet Meera and says her hi. Meera says I was waiting for you. Guy says I am not punctual. Meera says I have just 10 mins and gives him question list. She asks him what he sees in his partner. He praises himself and tells what he needs in a life partner. Meera asks him to leave. He leaves. Abhi and his colleague come to the coffee shop. Abhi hears Meera’s voice as she pays the bill amount to the waiter. He gets up and looks for her, but she is already left. His colleagues ask what happened? Abhi asks them to drink coffee.

Suchita asks Abhi’s mum if she has fresh cream. Abhi’s mum says don’t know if he will come. Bua asks him to call him. Abhi’s boss asks them to record a demo and says it is professional. He gets his mum’s call and asks him to come for sometime. Abhi says my boss is very strict. Bua asks him to give call to chudail. Boss takes call and says chudail speaking. Bua asks her to send Abhi for sometime, and says he will have food and return. Boss says he comes here to work and refuses to send him home..She says you are witch. Bua tells that he will come.

Neeraj comes and greets box. He asks Meera did you call me. Meera says she was reading creative brief and thought they will read together. Boss Jassi asks her not to do something against her will. He asks her to take his advice. Meera refuses to take his advice. Jassi says you have loads of talent and says she needs mature guy. Neeraj says Meera is right. Jaggi asks him to tell truth. Meera asks him to tell happy poetry but Neeraj tells sad poetry. Jassi and Meera laugh.

Abhi and Meera come to the park and do jogging. Abhi senses her presence.

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