Chupke Chupke 10th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Chupke Chupke 10th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi asks Ankita to go. Abhi says they will not tell anything to kids. Saru says Abhi got eggs home through Bunty and had it. She says she is not stupid to share with kids. Abhi asks her if she will tell everyone using example. Saru says truth will be out one day. Abhi asks if you told Gopal about this. Saru thinks she told everything to truth. Jassi gets his mum’s mum. Meera tells Jassi that Chachi came to know about the truth and mixes project with her house problem. Jassi asks what do you mean? Meera says she is not in a right frame and will give presentation tomorrow. Jassi asks when Abhi’s Papa is coming, and says they will have a party along with Sanjay. Abhi comes home. Gopal asks you came early today. Abhi talks to him and tries to enquire what Saru told him. Gopal gets angry when Abhi

takes Saru’s name and goes.

Meera is in the office and thinks what to do. She thinks entire year is ahead of them now, and if Abhi comes to know then he would have call her. Neeraj and Kajal hears her and smile. Meera thinks to call Abhi and gets some peace. She thinks since when you got peace talking to him. Kajal thinks Meera have become real Meera. Saru and Hari talking to each other. Hari says everything is because of lines in the palm. Hari suggests her to wear ring. Saru asks what about the Ashanti which will come home. Meera comes home. Saru hugs her. Meera asks what happened?

Abhi and Meera come to meet to meet Ganga (face changed) and she shows her saree. Abhi asks what did you bring for me. She says love. Abhi says you would have gotten kurta for me. Govind comes and says he didn’t see that temple there. Abhi says may be we are much religious than you. Abhi and Meera signs at each other. Abhi asks did Saru tell you anything. Govind says I came to know everything.

He tells that truth is always revealed. Abhi says intention is not bad. Govind says Gopal and Saru’s intentions are rights. Meera asks what? Govind says we know what is going on between Gopal and Saru. Abhi asks seriously. Govind says we have to be one family and gives intelligence test. Abhi says I thought you are talking about us. Ganga says we stay in a joint family and have to take care of everyone. Govind says we have to find out about the reason for their fight.

Meera asks Saru to give sometime to Gopal. Saru says Gopal is not same. Meera on call asks Abhi to go to hell. Kajal is shocked to hear that.

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