Here again comes back the history creating FF. some days back NIVEDITA joined our group to be a part of CHUDAILBAAZ. She joined in the post of executive producer of the ff. a biiiigggg welcome hug to my NIVI DI and all your NIVEDITA. Now start reading the episode.
Kappu and Roop along with Daksh are hiding in the bushes outside Oberoi Mansion. Daksh takes out one Apple flavored lollipop from the pocket of his half pant.

Kappu: oye Daksh ka baccha tujhe lollipop kahan se mila?
(hey son of Daksh from where did you get that lollipop?)

Daksh: meri to shaadi hi nhi hui to bacche kahan se aayenge?
(I am not yet married then how will I have a son?)

Kappu: mujhe pata hai but tere paas ye lollipop kahan se aaya?
(I know but from where did you get that lollipop?)

Daksh: jaadu….

Roop: kappu choro isse ye to hai hi pagal……
(kappu leave him he is already a lunatic…)

Kappu grabs Daksh’s hand and starts moving towards oberoi mansions gate but takes a pause and looks shockingly at the gate of Oberoi Mansion. There Roop is hugging a security guard and kissed on his cheeks.

Roop: love you Mannu

Mannu: oye tu bhaag Khannu bhaiyaa ne dekh liya to meri tai tai phis pakki
(ohh… you run away.. if Khannu bhaiyaa watches us together then I am gone.. my tai tai fish will happen)

Roop: apne ex girlfriend ke liye itna bhi nhi kar sakte
(you can’t do this much for your ex girlfriend?)

Mannu: oye tu meri ex hai….
(oh.. you are my ex…)

Roop: par tumhaare yaadon me mujhe raat ko neend nhi aati
(but due to your thoughts I could not sleep at night)

Mannu: to doctor dikha na..
(then visit a doctor)

Roop: mere doctor to sirf tum ho mere jaan
(you are only my doctor my love)

Roop again hugs Mannu while from behind Daksh comes laughing seeing them and licks his lollipop. The other security guard also comes by that time and Mannu pushes Roop. Roop falls down and the security guards start to chase her while she runs away. Kappu notices Daksh near the gate and is stroked by another shock.

Kappu: agar Sutlu ka bhai…….mera matlab Daksh udhar hai to mai kisko pakri hu??
(if Sutlu’s brother…. I mean daksh is over there than whom am I holding?)

Kappu turns behind to look at that person whom she was holding. Her eyes bulged out of the eye sockets after looking at the drunkard whom she was holding. The drunkard made a pouty face and was coming towards kappu to kiss her.

Kappu: shoo..shoo… (still holding the hand)… arre go.. shoo…

Drunkard: devi mera haath chordo devi… hey maa bhavani… aapne meri sun li… mujhe kissi kissi karne ke liye ek devi bhej diya…
(devi leave my hand devi… oh maa bhavani… you listened to me… for kissi kissi you sent a devi to me…)

The drunkard went down to his knees and kappu left his hand with a jerk. Kappu ran towards the Oberoi Mansion gate she grabbed Daksh’s hand and went inside. In this action Daksh’s favorite apple flavored lollipop fell down and Daksh starts to cry.

Daksh: sutlu ki maa ki bacchi… tu dekhna tere kabhi bhi bachhe nhi honge… tune ek nanhe se bachhe ki lollipop gira di tujhe mera abhisaap lagega
(sutlu’s mom’s daughter… you will see never you will have any kids…. You threw the lollipop of small cute child… I curse you)

Kappu: kya?? Bhaar me jaa tu aur tera lollipop
(what?? You and your lollipop just go to hell)

Daksh: theek hai bhaar ka rasta bata do aur jaane ke liye paise bhi do
(ok fine tell me the way to hell and also give me money to go)

Kappu: theek hai chal mai hi tujhe le kar jaati hu
(ok fine… I am only taking you to the hell)

Daksh was still crying. He takes out two lollipops of mango flavor and takes in his both hands and starts to lick them. Kappu and Daksh moves towards the pool. At pool side Pinky is trying to wake up Nayantara for the next two hours of routine jaasoosi.

Pinky: tere dada pardada ki kasam tu agar abhi nhi uthi to mai tujhe paani me gira dungi.
(on the name of your grandfather and great grandfather if you don’t wake up then I will throw you in the pool)

Pinky puts some water droplet on Nayantara’s face.

Nayantara: rimjhim gire sawan…. Sulag sulag jaaye man… hey mere saiyaan… choro meri baiyaan…
(rimjhim gire sawan…. Sulag sulag jaaye man…oh my lover….. leave my hand)

Pinky: hey bhagwaan ye to gana gane lag gayi..
(oh god she started singing)

Nayantara wakes up with a sudden jerk.

Nayantara: bijli gira re barellie ke bazaar me… ek minute bijli kaise girega aur abhi to sawan bhi nhi hai to… aur mere saiyaan to isshh… (she closes her face with her two palms)
(bijli gira re barellie ke bazaar me… one minute no lightening is there and no rainy season also… then… and my lover… isshhh (she closes her face with her two palms))

Pinky: sawan ki bacchi uth tu tere 2 ghante ke neend ke 3 ghante ho gaye
(hey you rainy season get up… already 3 hours completed instead of 2)

Nayantara: iska matlab mai sapna dekh rahi thi…
(that means I was dreaming)

Pinky: tujhe abhi sapna dekhne ka sujh raha hai…. Waise kya sapna dekh rahi thi?
(you are dreaming…. By the way what did you see in your dreams?)

Nayantara: mera sapna…. (she closes her eyes in shying manner) mai aur Shivay hindi filmo ki tarah baarish me, barf me, aag ke saamne dance kar rahe hai.
(my dream…. (she closes her eyes in shying manner)… me and Shivay were dancing in rain, in snow and infront of fire as like in bollywood movies)

Pinky: kya….?? (Starts sobbing) Ek Anika kya kam thi jo ye Anika ki maa aa gayi…
(what…..??? (starts sobbing) Anika was already there and now this mom of Anika)

Nayantara (lost in her dreams): Shivay to mera ufff…. Mujhe lajja aati hai…
(Shivay is mine ufff… I am feeling shy)

Pinky: tu aur teri lajja dono paani me doob maro.
(you and your shyness sink down in water)

After completing her sentence Pinky turns back. She notices a shadow which is coming towards them and doing a very weird and terrible sound.

Pinky: bhoo..bhoobb…bhhooott….

Pinky sprangs on Nayantara. Nayantara notices the shadow and starts chanting Hanumaan Chalisa

Nayantara: Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar, Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar, Ram doot atulit bal dhama, Anjaani-putra Pavan sut nama…………. Jai Hanuman gyan gun sagar, Jai Kapis tihun lok ujagar, Ram doot atulit bal dhama, Anjaani-putra Pavan sut nama……….

Nyantara was repeating these lines continuously and Pinky has climbed upon her. The shadow is moving closer and closer and closer.

Pinky: arre isse aage bhi to bol nhi to wo bhoot bhaagega kaise??
(arre say the other lines also or else the ghost will not go)

Nayantara: mujhe to bas itna hi aataa hai…
(I know this much only..)

The shadow came more closer.

Pinky: wo…woo… woo dekkhh… uss bhoot ke sar par sing hai… sirf sar par nahi hath… me bhi…
(loo..lookkk over th..there… th..the.. gho…ssttt has horns…. No..not only …on… b..bbuu..butt also on… haan..dss)

Nayantara: haan.. do..doo..dono.. haathon… me do.. singh… jissee.. wo chus raha hai….
(yeah… tw..two ho..horn..sss on two ha..nndss.. which he… is… li..lick..licking…)

Pinky: oh my mataa ab hamara kya hoga re kaaliya..
(oh my maataa now what will happen to us kaaliya..)

Nayantara: arre ghabrahat me teri to mati hi maari gayi hai hum kaali nhi Nayantara hai… butiful Nayantara…
(out of tention you forgot that I am not kaali but Nayantara…. Butiful Nayantara)

The shadow came more closer and Nayantara along with pinky on her back jumped into the pool. The water touched the person whose shadow was moving towards Pinky-Nayantara. Kappu listened to the splash and started running and she also fell in the pool. Due to the splash sounds Shivika woke up and ran towards the pool. They are shocked to see Pinky, Nayantara and Kappu in their swimming pool.

Shivay: ye yahan par kya ho raha hai?
(what is happening over here?)

Anika: oh mausi log… ye sarkari talaab nhi hai jo aap log yahan par tairne aa gaye
(oh aunties…. This is not government’s pool that you all came to swim over here)

Shivay: acchha sarkar aaj kal talaab bhi banwa rahe hai… wahh….!!
(wow… government is making pools also now-a-days..!!)

Pinky: wo.. mai to swims hi karne aayi thi… garmi lag rhi thi…
(I actually came to swim…. Actually I was feeling very hot)

Just then Daksh puts his head up from the water as he was under the water till then and raises his one hand up.

Daksh: present mam… lekin mai mausa hu mausi nhi… (starts crying)… meri biwi mujhe chorkar bhaag gayi…
(present mam…. But I am uncle not aunty…(starts crying)… my wife left me and ran away)

Anika points towards Daksh and gets scared.

Anika: da..dadk..daakksshh…

All the members fell into the pool came out now. Daksh walked upto Anika with a lollipop in his hand. Anika hid behind Shivay looking at Daksh coming towards her.

Daksh: arre aunty chupo mat ye lo lollipop khaaoo…
(aunty don’t hide…. Take this lollipop)

Shivika: AUNTY!!!!???????

Anika comes in front in her angry bird avatar with her chameli in hand..

Anika: aunty kisko kaha tune..??
(whom did you call aunty??)

Daksh: kyun aap to Shivay uncle ki biwi ho to aap hi ko kaha…. Hehehehehehehe
(you… you are Shivay uncle’s wife so you are my aunty…. Hehehehehehehehe)

Shivay: oyee… 32 all out daant andar kar aur tu hi kha tera lollipop… aur tune mere pool me lollipop gira diya?
(oyyee… 32 all out put your teeth in and you have your lollipop…. And how dare you, you threw lollipop in my pool?)

Daksh: aapko to yeh bhi nhi pata ki maine aapke pool me susu kar di… (wink)
(you don’t know this also that I peed in your pool (wink))

Shivay: Fhat the Wuck !!!

Anika: quack quack…. Quack quack…

Shivay:ye sada ka awaaz aise ladkiyon ki tarah kaise ho gaya?…. Sada… oyee sada..
(how can sada’s voice be like girls type?? Sada… oh sada…)

Anika: kaun sada… ye kaun hai?? Kahin ye meri sautan to nhi… naaahhhhiiiiiii….
(who is sada…. Who isss Sada?? Is she my husband’s second wife…. Noooo…)

Shivay: are chee maa da ladla nhi bigraa… aree Sada wo kidnapping wala jo drama kiya tha tumne aur Aaliya ne spa ke liye wahan par jo gaari chalaya tha wo sada.
(ohh chee… moms son is fine… are Sada that driver when you and Aaliya enacted of being kidnapped due to the drama of spa)

Anika: aapne usse shaadi kar li.. aapke Gillette ke razor ki kasam sach sach batao
(you married him… you say promising in the name of your Gillette razor)

Shivay: arre meri maa..
(oh my mom…)

Pinky: haan beta….
(yes my son…)

Shivay: aap nhi.. Anika..
(not you Anika)

Pinky starts crying after listening that Shivay has started to consider Anika as his mother also.

Pinky: mai loot gayi.. Mai barbaad ho gayi… mera jaan lelo… mai iss pool ke paani me doob kar mar jaaungi….
(I am over…. I am done… someone kill me…. I will die in this pool’s water)

Anika: pinky aunty JAI MAHESMATI… nhi mera matlab JAI OBEROI MANSION ka pool… ye ek maha sangram rahega ki ek maa apne bete ke prem ke liye susu waale pool me marne jaa rahi hai….
(pinky aunty JAI MAHESMATI….. I mean JAI OBEROI MANSION’S pool…. This is one great war in which one mom is going to die in a peed pool for her son)

Pinky: nahiii… mai nhi mar rahi chee… pool se badbu aa rahi hai
(noo… I am not dying… bad smell is coming from pool)

Shivay: iss daksh ko to mai chorunga nhi.. Don’t underestimate the power of my CHARANDAS!!
(I will not leave this daksh… Don’t underestimate the power of my CHARANDAS!!)

Shivay openes his chameli and starts throwing it towards Daksh but Daksh went down and the chameli hit Kappu.

Daksh: hehehehehehehehehehe

Shivay: mere charandas ka itna bara apmaan??
(you are underestimating my chandradas??)

Anika: charandas???

Shivay: haan maine bhi apne joote ka naam rakh liya
(yup.. I also named my shoes)

Anika: to matlab ab aap bhi mujhe copy karne lage hain..
(it means now you have started copying me)

Shivay: haan agar tum mujhe copy kar skti ho to main bhi kar skta hun..
(if you can copy me then I can also copy you back)

Anika: ohhh… kanji aankho waale copy cat bille..
(ohh kanji eyes having copy cat bhagad bille…)

Shivay: excuse me cat matlab hi billa hota hai……. Ek minute pahele tum apni chameli pahan lo and meri chameli…
(excuse me cat and billa are same…. One minute you wear your chameli… and my chameli…)

Shivay starts finding his chameli and found it in the pool. In the meanwhile kappu went out grabbing Daksh’s hand hiding from everyone’s eyes.

Shivay: is Daksh ko to mai chorunga nhi meri chameli ko raam teri ganga maili me gira diya
(I will not leave this daksh he threw my chameli in the pool which got dirty)

Anika: yahan par ram kaun hai?
(who is ram over here?)

Shivay: mai aur tum ho surpnakha
(me and you are surpnakha)

Anika touches her nose to be sure that her nose is at the right place or not.

Anika: surpnakha kaise bol diya nose to hai mere paas….. Shayad chameli ke jaane ki shok me unki aankho ki roshni hi chali gayi.

Shivay: oyee surpnakha chalo sone
(ohh… surpnakha let’s go to sleep)

Anika: haan mere ravan devta chaliye….
(ya lord ravan let’s go)

Shivay: par ravan to surpnakha ka bhai tha
(but ravan was surpnakha’s brother)

Anika: agar aapne aur ek baar bhi mujhe surpnakha kaha to mai aapko surf excel se dhokar saiyaan se bhaiyaa bana dungi
(if once again you call me surpnakha then I will wash you with surf excel and change you to brother from lover)

Shivay: theek hai meri mandodari… aapki agya sarakho par
(fine my mandodari… will obey all your instructions)

Pinky and Nayantara also went to their room.

So done with this part. Peeps drop all your precious comments verrrryyyy fast. Waiting for it eagerly. And this update is very late we know so we will try to upload the next part very soon. Waiting for all your comments. And one more thing before reading the next part do listen to the song “DIL KE ARMAAN AASUN ME BAH GAYE” it’s a request as well as advice or else you will miss the enjoyment in next part.

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  1. AMkideewani

    Fantastically fabulous dearies❤️❤️❤️, I love it, it’s so funny ? ?

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      If anyone has seen ‘Chameli ki shaadi’ the reference for couple name is from there.. plus that suits a chappal so much..

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    haha off to you all…
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