The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 9 POST LEAP

Hi everyone! First episode after the leap!


Suhani : She has aged but is still well.

Yuvraj, Dadi, Rags : Still there although not seen in my fanfic much anyways.

Bhavna and Sharad : Still there.

Yuvani : Still there and still married to Karan who works abroad. They have a daughter called Priya. Yuvani misses Krishna a lot but has to be strong for Sayaam.

Yuvaan: Divorced Baby after he found out she lied about being pregnant. In charge of the Birla Company and always tries to convince Sayaam to join him but he refuses.

Sayaam: Lifeless. Drinks often and is sad most of the time. Loves spending time with Priya though. Yuvani takes care of him.

Kaira: A Krishna look-a-like who will enter in the next few episodes. ( Dont worry REAL Krishna is not out of the series yet! )

Episode begins.

( Sayaam enters the house with his suitcase. He sees Yuvani. She is talking to the picture of Krishna on the wall with a garland. Sayaam smiles slightly. )

Yuvani: I just hope I can bring happiness to him soon….

Priya: Mamuuuuu!

( Priya runs to Sayaam and hugs him. He hugs her back. )

Sayaam: How are you Priya?

Priya: Mamu, Im fine. But where did you disappear to last week?

( Yuvani listens. She recalls Sayaam saying he needed to be alone for a while. She asked why and he said because its Krishna’s death anniversary. )

Sayaam: I had some work. Anyways leave this. Did you miss me?

Priya: Yes! Of course!

( She hugs him again. Sayaam has tears in his eyes. )

Yuvani: Okay, Priya, go and play!

( Priya leaves. Yuvani hugs Sayaam. )

Yuvani: Are you ok? Come and eat. I cooked your favourite food!

( Yuvani smiles and leads Sayaam to the dining table. )

( Yuvani feeds Sayaam. )

Sayaam: How are you?

Yuvani: Me? Oh im fine. We have missed you. Priya especially!

( She laughs. )

Sayaam: Thank you Yuvani. You always do so much for me.

Yuvani: Why are you thanking me? Sayaam you are my brother. This is my duty.

( Sayaam smiles weakly. )

( Suhani comes there. She creeps up on Sayaam from behind and wraps her arms around his neck. )

Suhani: My betaaaa!

( She smiles. )

Sayaam: Ma!

( Sayaam hugs her. She sits next to him. )

Suhani: How was your trip?

Sayaam: It was good.

( Suhani leans on his shoulder. )

Suhani: Sayaam, you are so strong.

( Yuvaan comes. )

Yuvaan: Sayaam! My bai! You’re here!

( Yuvaan hugs Sayaam and sits at the dining table. )

Yuvaan: Oh god! Today was so hard at the office. Seriously yah!

( Yuvani and Suhani laugh at him. )

Suhani: Ok Yuvaan! Lets all eat together. As a family.

( They all eat together and smile, enjoying eachothers company, however Sayaam doesnt really smile. )

( Its night. Sayaam is laying on the bed looking at the ceiling. He sits up. He takes his picture of Krishna from his bedside and looks at it. He hugs it to his chest and cries. )

Sayaam: Why Krishna? Why did you leave me?

( He hears Priya calling him. )

Priya: Mamu!!

( He quickly wipes his tears. Priya comes to his room and sits on the bed in front of him. )

Sayaam: Whats wrong?

Priya: Nothing.

( She sees Krishna’s picture. )

Priya: You’re missing mami?

Sayaam: There’s never a day that I dont miss her.

Priya: Tell me about her!!

Sayaam: Your mami was beautiful.

Priya: That I already know! Tell me something else!

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: She was smart. Funny. Always made me smile. And she would always argue with me.

( He laughs. )

Priya: Over what?

Sayaam: I always thought I was right. But your mami was always right. She knew best. She made everyone happy all the time.

( Priya smiles. )

Sayaam: And she was so fat.

( Sayaam laughs. )

Priya: Mamu!!

( Priya hits him with a pillow. )

Sayaam: What was that for?

Priya: You were being mean about my mami! Now i wont leave you!

( She play fights with Sayaam who laughs and plays along with her. Yuvani is standing near the door watching them. She is laughing and smiling at them, but crying. Suhani comes and puts her hand on her shoulder. )

Yuvani: Do you know mumma? If it wasnt for Priya, God knows what state Sayaam would have been in today.

Suhani: We are here arent we? We all will always support Sayaam.

( They smile. )

Episode ends.

Dont worry guys! Real Krishna is still a part of the fanfic!

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