The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 8

Hey guys! Back with another very very short episode because after this, there will be a leap.

Episode begins.

( Sayaam is shocked and is calling Krishna’s name from the edge of the cliff. )


( Sambhav is taken by the police. Some more police stay to look for Krishna. Suhani and Yuvaan are also shocked. Sayaam cries. They try to console him. )

Sayaam: No! No! Krishna!!! Where is Krishna?! Ma! Krishna! KRISHNA!

Suhani: Sayaam! Please! Try not to worry. The police are here. They will find our Krishna!

Sayaam: No! I will go! I will find her myself!

( Sayaam takes his shoes off. He starts to climb down the cliff. Yuvaan and Suhani grab him and try to pull him. )

Sayaam: NO! leave me! I need to get my Krishna!!!

Yuvaan: Sayaam no!!

( Yuvaan and Suhani pull him up. Yuvaan holds him. )

Yuvaan: SAYAAM NO. No. You will not risk your life when there are so many people looking!

( Sayaam cries. Suhani hugs him and strokes his head. The rest of the family come there after hearing what happened. )

Yuvani: Ma…Sayaam… Krishna….

( Yuvani looks around and starts crying. The chief police comes to them. )

Police: Look, im sorry we have looked a lot. We cannot find her body. She is dead.

( Everyone is shocked and cry. Sayaam stands lifeless in shock. )

Episode ends.

So the next episode will be the first episode after the leap!

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  1. So excited for the leap. Good update btw ❤❤

  2. Syedul

    Can not wait till the leap

  3. does this actually happen in the drama it’s self

  4. is this going to happen in the drama

  5. Superb ??.Waiting for the leap.

  6. ????

  7. so does that mean sambhav escapes from the prison

  8. hey u said no more tragedy to krishna..more of fun around her…pls dont do this

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