The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 7

Thank you so much for all the positive comments on my last episode. Gonna keep writing for you all xx

Episode begins.

( Sayaam is shirtless and calls Krishna from their room. )

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna!

( Krishna enters and makes a face. )

Krishna: What is it? And why are you shirtless?

Sayaam: Thats why I called you here!

( Krishna looks confused. )

Sayaam: No! Not like that. Where is my purple shirt?

Krishna: I dont know?!

( She folds her arms. )

Krishna: Have you even looked?

( Sayaam shakes his head. )

( Krishna goes to look through the clothes. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what will you do without me when im not here?

Sayaam: What do you mean?

Krishna: I mean when i leave. And im not here.

( Sayaam pulls her close to him. )

Sayaam: But you said you would never leave me?

( Krishna holds and caresses his face. )

Krishna: One day I will though.

( She smiles. )

Krishna: Anyways leave this. Here. Wear your purple shirt.

Sayaam: Thanks.

( Krishna buttons up his shirt. He keeps moving closer to her. )

Krishna: Sayaam hold still!

( She smiles. )

Krishna: There.

( She starts to go but he stops her. )

Sayaam: You’re so beautiful….

( She hugs him and smiles. )

Krishna: And your crazy!

( They hear Suhani shouting from outside. They look at eachother and go to see. )

( They go outside and stand in shock. Sambhav is standing in front of them all. )

Krishna: Sayaam….

( Krishna is scared. She holds on to Sayaam tightly. )

Suhani: Why have you come here?! We sent you to jail!

( Yuvaan pushes him. )

Yuvaan: Go! Go from here!

( Sambhav starts laughing. )

Sambhav: Wow! You all thought you could get rid of me that easily! Im Sambhav! I win every time!

( Sayaam clenches his fists. )

Sambhav: In fact, I have been here for ages! I was the reason Krishna had a miscarriage. I killed my grandchildren! I killed Sayaam and Krishna’s children!

( He laughs loudly. Krishna starts crying. She cries into Sayaam’s chest but he moves her away. He goes to Sambhav. )

Sayaam: How dare you?!

( He grabs Sambhavs collar and slaps his left cheek hard. Sambhav holds his face. )

Sayaam: That was for behaving badly with my mother.

( He slaps his right cheek. )

Sayaam: And that was for hurting my wife.

( Everyone is shocked. )

Sayaam: You have hurt the two most important people in my life. But not anymore. Today i wont leave you.

( Sayaam is about to beat him up but Yuvaan stops him. )

Yuvaan: Sayaam, leave him. I have already called the police. They will deal with him!

( Sambhav gets worried. He runs away. )

Sayaam: SAMBHAV!

( Sayaam starts running after him. Krishna also goes to catch him. )

Suhani: Krishna! No come!

Krishna: No aunty! I have to go with Sayaam! Otherwise who knows what he will do!

( Krishna runs. )

Yuvaan: Ma, let her go. I will follow them with the police.

Suhani: Ok i will come with you.

( Sayaam and Krishna have chased Sayaam to a cliff. )

Sayaam: Dont move or I will push you down!

( Sayaam and Krishna stand on either side of him at the edge of the cliff. Sambhav starts acting. )

Sambhav: My son! Please, dont do this to me! Im sorry! I made mistakes. Forgive me!

Sayaam: Oh please! You disgust me. Someone like you doesnt even derserve to be called a person! Listen. Wait here till the police come or I will push you down there!

( Sambhav looks around in desperation. He pushes Krishna down the cliff and runs! However Yuvaan comes with the police who stop him. Sayaam drops to the floor shouting Krishna’s name. )


( He shouts even louder. )

Sayaam: KRISHNA!!!!!!

Episode ends.

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  1. Awww krishna??plz post the next episode soon?poor krishna??

  2. Mystery

    Oh no….Krishna…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading x loving your ff too

  3. I love your ff so much that after I read it I want you too post another episode because I can’t wait another day. I don’t normally comment I’m more of a silent reader but you’re ff is so good that I can’t help myself to comment.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much! It means a lot x will post the next episode soon

  4. Omg krishna. Please post the next update quickly thanks ❤

  5. Superb ff.Waiting for the next episode.
    Felt very bad for Krishna ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you x posting it soon

  6. As like your other episodes this episode was also superb. Like the moment when Krishna said when I will not be with you

  7. Plzzzz dont do anything 2 Krishna. Waiting 4 d next episode

  8. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for not being able to comment recently, but I have been reading, I love the way this FF is going

  9. I am a silent reader and I just love ur ff on kriyyam…..keep writing waiting 4 the next episode…..

  10. Vinlora

    Lovely ff…loved it….oh no…Krishna. …??? plz don’t seperate kriyam. ..?

  11. omg super cute romatic kriyam moments…superb emotions and sentiments…excellent Ff

  12. Wonderful ff please continue i am excited to next part

  13. Please please Ff not stop writing you are superb write to kriyam

  14. Neethu

    Oh it was such a dramatic episode!! Hope krishna has no major injuries. And this tine don’t let Sambhav run away!

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