The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 7


Thank you so much for all the positive comments on my last episode. Gonna keep writing for you all xx

Episode begins.

( Sayaam is shirtless and calls Krishna from their room. )

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna!

( Krishna enters and makes a face. )

Krishna: What is it? And why are you shirtless?

Sayaam: Thats why I called you here!

( Krishna looks confused. )

Sayaam: No! Not like that. Where is my purple shirt?

Krishna: I dont know?!

( She folds her arms. )

Krishna: Have you even looked?

( Sayaam shakes his head. )

( Krishna goes to look through the clothes. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what will you do without me when im not here?

Sayaam: What do you mean?

Krishna: I mean when i leave. And im not here.

( Sayaam pulls her close to him. )

Sayaam: But you said you would never leave me?

( Krishna holds and caresses his face. )

Krishna: One day I will though.

( She smiles. )

Krishna: Anyways leave this. Here. Wear your purple shirt.

Sayaam: Thanks.

( Krishna buttons up his shirt. He keeps moving closer to her. )

Krishna: Sayaam hold still!

( She smiles. )

Krishna: There.

( She starts to go but he stops her. )

Sayaam: You’re so beautiful….

( She hugs him and smiles. )

Krishna: And your crazy!

( They hear Suhani shouting from outside. They look at eachother and go to see. )

( They go outside and stand in shock. Sambhav is standing in front of them all. )

Krishna: Sayaam….

( Krishna is scared. She holds on to Sayaam tightly. )

Suhani: Why have you come here?! We sent you to jail!

( Yuvaan pushes him. )

Yuvaan: Go! Go from here!

( Sambhav starts laughing. )

Sambhav: Wow! You all thought you could get rid of me that easily! Im Sambhav! I win every time!

( Sayaam clenches his fists. )

Sambhav: In fact, I have been here for ages! I was the reason Krishna had a miscarriage. I killed my grandchildren! I killed Sayaam and Krishna’s children!

( He laughs loudly. Krishna starts crying. She cries into Sayaam’s chest but he moves her away. He goes to Sambhav. )

Sayaam: How dare you?!

( He grabs Sambhavs collar and slaps his left cheek hard. Sambhav holds his face. )

Sayaam: That was for behaving badly with my mother.

( He slaps his right cheek. )

Sayaam: And that was for hurting my wife.

( Everyone is shocked. )

Sayaam: You have hurt the two most important people in my life. But not anymore. Today i wont leave you.

( Sayaam is about to beat him up but Yuvaan stops him. )

Yuvaan: Sayaam, leave him. I have already called the police. They will deal with him!

( Sambhav gets worried. He runs away. )

Sayaam: SAMBHAV!

( Sayaam starts running after him. Krishna also goes to catch him. )

Suhani: Krishna! No come!

Krishna: No aunty! I have to go with Sayaam! Otherwise who knows what he will do!

( Krishna runs. )

Yuvaan: Ma, let her go. I will follow them with the police.

Suhani: Ok i will come with you.

( Sayaam and Krishna have chased Sayaam to a cliff. )

Sayaam: Dont move or I will push you down!

( Sayaam and Krishna stand on either side of him at the edge of the cliff. Sambhav starts acting. )

Sambhav: My son! Please, dont do this to me! Im sorry! I made mistakes. Forgive me!

Sayaam: Oh please! You disgust me. Someone like you doesnt even derserve to be called a person! Listen. Wait here till the police come or I will push you down there!

( Sambhav looks around in desperation. He pushes Krishna down the cliff and runs! However Yuvaan comes with the police who stop him. Sayaam drops to the floor shouting Krishna’s name. )


( He shouts even louder. )

Sayaam: KRISHNA!!!!!!

Episode ends.

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    Oh no….Krishna…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks for reading x loving your ff too

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    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much! It means a lot x will post the next episode soon

  4. Sugarpop 💜

    Omg krishna. Please post the next update quickly thanks ❤

  5. Superb ff.Waiting for the next episode.
    Felt very bad for Krishna 😞

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you x posting it soon

  6. As like your other episodes this episode was also superb. Like the moment when Krishna said when I will not be with you

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  8. Aqsxxh

    Sorry for not being able to comment recently, but I have been reading, I love the way this FF is going

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    Oh it was such a dramatic episode!! Hope krishna has no major injuries. And this tine don’t let Sambhav run away!

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