The Chronicles of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 4

Episode begins.

( Its morning. Sayaam is awake. Krishna is still sleeping. Sayaam is sitting next to her looking at the note he found. He talks aloud to himself. )

Sayaam: I cant let this happen. I have to protect my family. I have to protect Krishna. And my children….

( Krishna wakes up. She sees Sayaam and smiles. She starts to sit up. Sayaam helps her. )

Krishna: Good morning my love. Ow!

( Krishna clutches her stomach in pain. Sayaam is worried. )

Sayaam: What happened Krishna?

Krishna: Nothing. Just im in pain.

Sayaam: Wait here i will get you your medicines and some water.

( Sayaam goes. Krishna thinks: He cares for me so much. She smiles. )

( Krishna sees the note on the bed. She tries to reach over to get it. Sayaam quickly comes and takes it from her. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what is that?

( Sayaam thinks: Krishna is already struggling with pregnancy. I cant stress her out even more. )

Sayaam: Uhh… nothing. Here have your medicine.

( He helps her drink water. )

Krishna: Thank you. So the paper…

( Sayaam quickly kisses her cheek. )

Sayaam: Dont worry. Freshen up and come for breakfast.

( Sayaam waits for Krishna near the dining table. He thinks: What’s taking her so long? )

Suhani: Sayaam beta, go get Krishna.

( Sayaam goes. )

( Krishna wears her dupatta and goes to open the door of the washroom. The handle doesnt open. She starts shouting for help. )

Krishna: Help! Help!… is anyone there? Sayaam? Sayaam!?

( Sayaam comes. He hears Krishna and runs to the door. )

Sayaam: Krishna, are you ok? What happened?

Krishna: Sayaam, the door is jammed! It wont open! Help me Sayaam!!

( Suhani and the rest of the family come there. )

Suhani: Whats wrong beta?

Sayaam: The door is stuck. Krishna is stuck inside.

( Sayaam and Sharad try to open the door. Krishna cries. )

Krishna: Sayaam, help me! Get me out!

Sayaam: Krishna, calm down. I will dont worry.

( Yuvani goes to the door to calm Krishna down. )

Yuvani: Krishna, dont cry! Dont be scared. Look Sayaam will get you out ok?

( Krishna screams. Everyone is shocked. Sayaam especially. He is really worried. )

Sayaam: KRISHNA! KRISHNA! Krishna talk to me! What happened? Are you ok?

( Krishna is crying a lot.)

Krishna: Sayaam…. Sayaam… please…please help me.

( She screams again and drops to the floor holding her stomach. Everyone start to cry out of fear. )

Sayaam: Krishna!….

( Sayaam finally manages to push open the door and runs to her. She is bleeding heavily. )

Sayaam: Krishna! No no no Krishna whats happened??!! Yuvaan, quick call an ambulance we need to get her to the hospital quick!

( Sayaam has Krishna’s head in his lap. She is crying loads. )

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna! Dont here now. Everything will be fine!

( Sayaam cries for her. )

Krishna: Sayaam, Sayaam….Sayaam…

( She keeps saying Sayaam’s name as she cries and is shifted into the hospital. )

( Everyone cry for Krishna. Suhani tries to comfort Sayaam. )

Sayaam: Ma, I knew something would happen…

Suhani: What?….

( Sayaam speaks whilst crying. )

Sayaam: There was another note. I tried. I tried my best to protect Krishna…and my children….

( Suhani hugs him. )

Suhani: Nothing will happen to any of them ok. Dont worry. Be strong for Krishna.

( The doctor comes. )

Doctor: Look we dont know what happened to her. Maybe she slipped? We arent sure. She has a few head injuries but should be ok.

( They are all relieved. )

Sayaam: And the children….

Doctor: Yes, I am sorry. The patient has suffered a miscarriage. We could not save her children.

( Everyone is shocked and cry. Sayaam sits on a bench and recalls the doctors words. He cries. Yuvani comes to calm him down. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, listen,….

( Sayaam leaves. )

( All the family except for Sayaam go into the room to see Krishna. )

Krishna: Why are you all crying? Yuvani? What happened? And where is Sayaam??

( Krishna laughs. )

Krishna: You all always cry for me! Im fine. Look!

Suhani: Krishna,

( Suhani cries. )

Suhani: Krishna, they couldnt save your children!

( Krishna is shocked. She holds her stomach and feels that there is nothing there anymore. )

Krishna: No no no!

( Krishna screams and shouts. )

Krishna: No!!! My children…Why did this happen to me? Why me?

( She cries heavily. Suhani and Bhavna hug her and try to calm her down. )

( Sayaam finally comes into the room. He isnt crying anymore, he looks angry not sad. )

Yuvani: Ma, come. Krishna, we will come in a while.

( They leave. Sayaam sits next to Krishna’s bed as she cries. Krishna has her head on his chest and she clings to his collar. She cries. )

Krishna: Sayaam….Sayaam, why did this happen to us? Why?! Why do i always get punished why?!! Sayaam, I cant be a mother…i cant be a mother…

( She continues to cry. Sayaam hugs her tight. He doesnt let go. )

Episode ends.

So todays episode was a bit sad πŸ™ sorry after a couple more episodes i will try to make it more lively and fun x


  1. Amalina

    |Registered Member

    Today’s episode was extremely sad!😭😭😭😭 plz bring some happiness for Krishna and sayyam!

  2. Neethu

    |Registered Member

    It was a very emotional episode😭
    Sad to see krishna having a miscarriage..Hope everything gets fine and Sambhav gets caught

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