The Chronicles of Kriyam: Season 2, Episode 1

Hey everyone! Here is season 2!

Episode begins.

( Sayaam helps Krishna into the hall. She is struggling a bit, due to being pregnant. )

Suhani: Krishna, how are you feeling?

Krishna: Aunty, im fine. Dont worry too much.

( Suhani smiles. )

Suhani: Ok did you know, Yuvani and Karan have come back from America!

Krishna: Really?! We should see them soon!

Suhani: Yes, Yuvani and Karan are coming to stay the week.

Sayaam: Good news yah.

( Krishna claps with excitment. She is about to get up and then groans in pain. )

Sayaam: What happened Krishna?

( Sayaam is worried. Krishna reassures him. )

Krishna: Nothing, its okay, just your two princesses kick so hard na.

Suhani: Just like her father used to.

( Everyone laughs. )

Krishna: Not fair huh, only the ma has to work hard.

Sayaam: Ohh? And i dont run around doing things for you all night long?

Krishna: Ok, ok i agree, you do so much for me, thats why i love you!

( Sayaam rests his head on Krishna’s shoulder. All smile at their nokjok. )

( Baby and Yuvaan enter. )

Suhani: Hey, where did you both go?

Yuvaan: Ma, We were at the doctors.

Suhani: Doctors?….

Baby: Yah mummy ji, im carrying the future heir of the Birla family!

Suhani: Really?!

( Everyone is happy and smile. )

( Sayaam hugs Yuvaan and congratulates him. )

( While everyone talk Baby thinks: I hope Krishna knows that now im pregnant, her children wont matter to anyone. Im the Birla family bahu, Krishna? She’s a nobody. )

( Its night. Sayaam brings a cup for Krishna. )

Krishna: Camomile tea?

Sayaam: Yah.

( Krishna drinks the tea. Sayaam rests his head on her stomach. )

Sayaam: I have to wait so long for my children to arrive.

( Krishna strokes his head. )

Krishna: Seriously, i just hope everything goes to plan with no complications.

( Sayaam holds and kisses her hand. )

Sayaam: Dont worry. Everything will be ok. Im with you right? I wont let anything happen.

( They smile. )

( Yuvani and Karan arrive at the house next morning. Sayaam helps Krishna to get up. )

Yuvani: Guyssss! Im so happy to see you all!

( Yuvani hugs everyone. )

Yuvani: Krishna, quickly sit, why did you get up? Im not a guest that you need to greet me.

( Yuvani takes Krishna to sit. )

Krishna: Yuvani, im pregnant, not old.

( Everyone laugh. )

Yuvaan: Yuvani, did you know, Baby is also going to be a mom.

Yuvani: I know bai, mumma told me yesterday. Congrats!

( Yuvani continues to chat with Krishna. Baby thinks: So rude yah. )

( Sayaam gets a phone call. He goes outside. )

( Krishna looks around for Sayaam. Suhani sees this and smiles. )

Suhani: Krishna, I will check where Sayaam is.

( Sayaam is outside the house walking around looking distressed. Suhani goes to him. )

Suhani: Sayaam, what happened?

( Sayaam explains something to Suhani. )

Suhani: What?!

Sayaam: Yes, i dont know what to do. Im sure something bad will happen…

Suhani: Ok look, try not to think to much. We just have to be careful. Especially with Krishna, she is really vulnerable right now.

Sayaam: Ok. Dont tell anyone. We will keep it a secret.

Suhani: Ok, everything will be alright as long as my son is with me.

( Sayaam hugs her. )

Sayaam: Of course ma.

( They go inside. )

Krishna: Sayaam come i want to eat, im so hungry.

Sayaam: Yah so go eat then.

Krishna: Yeah but i was waiting for you. You know i never eat without you.

Sayaam: Ok come on fatso.

Krishna: Im pregnant ok!

( Sayaam laughs. He puts his arm round her waist and takes her to the dining table. )

( All the family eat together happily. )

( A shadow of a figure is seen standing away watching. We dont see who it is. )

Episode ends.

Hope you enjoyed this introduction to season 2! Leave requests!

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  1. Amalina

    Lovely! ? Today’s epi was grt! Plz continue. I wonder who the shadow is. Maybe sambhav? Btw are yuvraj and dadi in your ff?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      They are but they arent really main characters. So i dont mention them much.

  2. Arpeeta arshi

    wow…… season 2 ka first episod really great nice episode

  3. Its so good.

  4. CoffeeGreen

    I feel elated to know that they are behaving as a normal couple

  5. Great I’m already loving the second season!!?

  6. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

    1. Yeah same

    2. Fanficwriter518

      Next episode has been uploaded xx

  7. Season 2 First episode Nice i am excited of episode 2

  8. Syedul

    Nice . Lol.

  9. Aqsxxh

    I love the mother-son relationship and the nokjoks

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