The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 9)

Episode begins.

( Sayaam is helping Krishna and bringing her into the house. )

( Suhani and Bhavna hug Krishna. )

Suhani: Sayaam, you take Krishna to your room and freshen up. I will make food for you to eat.

Bhavna: Yes Krishna today you will eat your favourite food made by us.

( Sayaam takes Krishna to their room. )

( Yuvani comes to Suhani. )

Yuvani: Ma, I need to talk to you about something important.

Suhani: What is it Yuvani?

Yuvani: Last night, after Krishna and Sayaam went to the terrace, Baby also disappeared right? And then i found an empty oil bottle in her room. When we came home, I saw her cleaning the stairs.

Suhani: So you mean Baby did this to Krishna?

Yuvani: Maybe ma.

Suhani: But we cant accuse anyone without evidence.

Yuvani: I know. So you dont tell Sayaam anything. I will try my best to find some evidence.

( Back in the bedroom, Krishna is sitting looking upset. Sayaam comes out the bathroom and sees her. )

Sayaam: Come on, Krishna. Everything will be okay.

( Krishna wipes her tears away. )

( Sayaam rests his head in her lap. )

Sayaam: Im with you ok. I wont let anything happen. It will all be okay.

( Sayaam holds her hand. She moves it. )

Sayaam: Krishna.

( Krishna cries as she says:

Krishna: How can everything be ok? I will never be a mother. I can never have children. Without this how will i ever live a complete life?

( Sayaam hugs her and strokes her head to calm her down. )

Sayaam: Look dont think about the future. You can deal with everything as it comes. And its not true. Its a possibility. Your strong Krishna.

( Krishna hugs him back. )

Sayaam: Ok come and eat now.

( Krishna wipes her tears and smiles. They go to the dining table and eat. )

( After eating, everyone sits in the hall. The doorbell rings. Suhani opens it. )

( A young man stands at the door. He is tall and muscular. ( His name is Karan. ) )

Karan: Auntyyyyy!

( Karan hugs Suhani who smiles and hugs him back. )

Suhani: You! How are you beta? Come, come inside.

( Krishna sees Karan and instantly runs to hug him. )

Krishna: Karan! Wow i missed you so much ah how come your here?

Karan: Well im in town for a bit and i decided to come and see you!

Krishna: Wow we will have so much fun. Just like the old days!

( They high five eachother. Yuvani and Yuvaan greet Karan. )

Krishna: Oh Karan, this is Sayaam, my husband.

( Krishna introduces them. )

Sayaam: Nice to meet you.

Karan: Your married and you didnt even tell me?! Not cool Krish. And this bandage?

Krishna: Ok come im sorry. Anyways i have so much to tell you, come.

( Krishna takes Karan to her room. All smile. )

Yuvani: This Karan you know. Always so crazy i love him.

( They all laugh. Sayaam looks on. )

Episode ends.

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  1. Rockstr entry..excited fr da jealousy track..deir bonding is so cute..thnq fr a wonderful update dear..nd keep up da gud work

  2. Jealousy session start ……… Awesome

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks keep reading!!

  3. Aqsxxh

    oooooo Jealousy, and Yuvani and Karan? I hope so!

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Haha. Thank you keep reading!!!

  4. Superb..too good fantastic Kriyam moments…add a few nok jhok scenes of Kriyam like Yuv and Suhani used to have

    U can watch a few videos of Kaean Jotwani aka Sayyam on youtube…too mischivious and hyperactive guy

    May ne u can pendown a few kriyam nokjhok scenes after watching his videos

    But soo far too good and fantastic story

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you and yes i will do xx

  5. krishna ?Sayyam

    Wait who’s Karan ? And is this a show ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      This is a fanfiction. It is a made up story following similar things from the real show. Karan is a made up character in my fanfiction.

  6. nice

  7. Amalina

    wow! loved the epi today. especially to see kriyyam bonding! loved yuvani, thx for making yuvani positive in this epi! positive yuvani is just perfect

  8. CoffeeGreen

    Is Karan ,son of Bhavna and Sarath?

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