The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 6)

Episode begins.

( Sayaam and Yuvani are sitting at the dining table eating. Baby is standing up watching. )

( Krishna also comes to watch. Her and Baby both make faces as they both want to eat. )

( Sayaam sees Krishna looking distressed. )

Sayaam: Yuvani, food is really good today right?

( Yuvani sees Krishna and Baby. )

Yuvani: Yah Sayaam. Its such a shame you all cant eat. Your missing out.

( Baby is angry and leaves. )

Sayaam: Really Krishna its good.

Krishna: So? What am i supposed to do huh? Break my fast?

( Sayaam shrugs. )

Yuvani: Sayaam you try this. Its very tasty.

( Yuvani serves food to Sayaam. )

Sayaam: Thank you my beautiful sister.

( Krishna thinks: Oh god. How will i fast so long? Im already hungry. )

( Krishna leaves angrily. )

( Sayaam and Yuvani laugh together. )

Yuvani: Seriously today will be so much fun!

( Sayaam comes to their bedroom and sees Krishna. )

Sayaam: Krishna, will you do me one favour?

Krishna: What?

Sayaam: Today i really feel like having kheer. Will you make it for me?

Krishna: Ask someone else who isnt fasting.

( Sayaam goes to her and holds her hands. He looks at her lovingly. )

Sayaam: But i really feel like having kheer made by my wife…

Krishna: Ok i will make it.

( Krishna leaves and goes to the kitchen to make kheer. )

( Krishna is preparing kheer. Sayaam smiles and watches her. )

Krishna: Look, its ready.

( She smiles and admires her food. )

Krishna: Now you can eat your favourite food.

Sayaam: But Krishna the thing is, now i dont feel like eating.

Krishna: What?!

Sayaam: Yah sorry.

( He whispers in her ear. )

Sayaam: You try some though. I wont tell anyone.

( Sayaam leaves while Krishna looks annoyed. )

Episode ends.

Uploading many episodes over the next few days as i will start school soon and will have to limit the amount of uploads.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    hehe cheeky Saiyaam

  2. Hey. I wanted to ask what time do you upload the updates? Beacuse i dont live in india so the time zones are differet. Thanks ??

    1. Fanficwriter518

      There is not a set time yet. I live in the uk. So from tomorrow it will be after 3pm GMT time

  3. Sindhura


  4. Wow yaar episode is sooo good.sayyiam is too much.u r doing great.

  5. awesome nice

  6. superb epi…very lovely….

  7. CoffeeGreen

    Such a naughty he is…I imagine Krishna’s facial expressions on your story and it cracks me .

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