The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 5)

Episode begins…

( Sayaam calls Krishna from their room. )

Sayaam: Krishna. Krishna.

( Krishna enters the room. )

Krishna: Whats wrong?

Sayaam: You really want to fast tomorrow?

Krishna: Yes.

Sayaam: Really?

( Krishna moves forward and holds his hands. )

Krishna: Yes Sayaam. Every wife does this for their husband so i will too. Anyways, this cant be that bad right?

Sayaam: Ok your wish. But i dont think you will be able to. All you do is eat.

Krishna: So your calling me fat?

Sayaam: Yah. What else?

( Krishna looks sad. Sayaam pulls her close. )

Sayaam: But your really beautiful.

( Both smile. )

Krishna: Ok i will just come. I want to put on mehndi.

( Its evening. Sayaam comes to the hall. He sits next to Krishna. )

Krishna: Sayaam look how is my mehndi?

( Sayaam smiles at Krishna. )

Sayaam: Its good.

Suhani: Now you can all eat however much you want through the night until tomorrow morning ok.

Yuvani: Oh thank god i dont have to keep a fast. Otherwise I would die.

( All laugh. )

( Its night. Krishna sits in the bedroom eating. The table is laden with food. )

( Sayaam comes and sits. )

Sayaam: Krishna what is this? I said you didnt need to fast.

Krishna: Dont talk. I only have 1 hour until i have to stop eating ok.

( Sayaam sighs. )

Krishna: You also eat?

Sayaam: No thanks.

Sayaam: I will feed you.

( Sayaam and Krishna smile and laugh as Sayaam feeds her. )

( He wipes her face. They have an eyelock. )

Krishna: Thank you Sayaam.

( She leans on his shoulder. )

Krishna: You care for me so much.

( Sayaam holds her hand. They smile at eachother. )

Episode ends.

Short episode but I have uploaded 2 already today! Ideas and requests please!

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  1. This is really good. And how about this idea why dont you write about that krishna has a really close friend which is boy. And he comes to meet krishna and then he starts to like her and sayyam gets jealous.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Woww thanks thats a really good idea. I will incorporate it in the story thanks!

  2. Story is very nice but everything is going very easy right.we all love kriyyam becaise of their nokjoke ithink there should be some more nokjoke and without willan its not getting completed.anyway ur writting skills are very good.

  3. Superb. ?

  4. Rockstr

    Da love nd care dat dey share is so cute nd adorable..plz dnt reveal da whole krishna pretendin nt to hav heard sayyams confession..dat wud break the ice too soon…keep it goin dis way..waitin fr sayyam to realize dat he is gettin attracted to his bait..da whole reason y he married her was to torture her..nd indirectly torture suhani…givin a fb of his sad childhood remindin him of his revenge to suhani fr ruinin his life,killin his father etc..well..dese r my stupid trust me..u r doin great..nd i think u shld go on wid dis adorable story..nd plz do update a gr8 fan..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      ok thanks for the feedback. yeah i am going to give them cute moments and make it known that they care for eachother, but i will leave it a while before i make them confess love to eachother.

  5. Aqsxxh

    Really cute yaar x

  6. very nice

  7. CoffeeGreen

    Aww…Your story puts a smile in my face…:)

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