The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 4)

Episode begins.

( Its night and Krishna is sitting on the bed. Sayaam enters the room. )

( Sayaam hands her a necklace box. )

Krishna: What is this?

Sayaam: Open it and see.

( Krishna opens the box and sees the chain. She smiles. )

Krishna: What was the need for this?

Sayaam: I know you havent been feeling too good so i bought you something to cheer you up.

Krishna: Aw thank you Sayaam. I will wear it now.

( Krishna sits at the dressing table. Sayaam comes over to put it on for her. )

Krishna: How does it look?

Sayaam: You look beautiful.

( Krishna hugs Sayaam. He hugs her back. They smile and hug for a bit. Then they realise whats happening and break away from eachother. They avoid eye contact. )

Sayaam: Im just coming.

( Sayaam leaves. Krishna looks in the mirror and smiles. )

( Its morning and all are sitting around the table. Krishna serves Sayaam food. )

Sayaam: Thank you.

( Both smile at eachother after recalling last nights event. )

Suhani: Baby, Krishna as our new bahus you have a duty to fulfill not only for your family but also for your husdband.

Baby: What do you mean mummy ji?

Suhani: I mean, tomorrow is karva chauth. When all the women keep a fast to pray for their husdbands long life.

Bhavna: Yes, and you both as newlyweds should do it too.

Baby: Okay yah I will.

( Baby in her mind thinks: Oh god how will i fast. )

( Krishna nods and smiles. )

Sayaam: No Krishna you will not do anything like that. And anyways i dont believe in all this.

Krishna: Sayaam, i will keep this fast.

Sayaam: You wont eat for the whole day? I dont think you could do it.

Krishna: Challenge accepted. I will.

( All smile at their nhokjok )

Suhani: Ok everyone eat and then we can prepare for tomorrow. I will put mehndi on both my bahus’ hands.

( Sayaam shakes his head. )

Sayaam: Well Krishna good luck.

( Sayaam leaves. )

Episode ends.

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  1. Hii i am silent reader but liking this fan fiction.what i really want to see is there romance and nok jokh but there should be some dark story too included in it so we remain amazed.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Okay thanks for the feedback

  2. wow wo..amazing yaar i really like their nok jok and thier understanding .

  3. Slowly kriyyam are coming close.its very good

  4. Rockstr

    Ua ff has wat exactly is missin in da real ssel..nd dats kriyam..u r doin a great job..luved it

  5. Aqsxxh

    This is really cool yaar

  6. awesome

  7. krishna ?Sayyam=?

    I wish you wrote the real ones . Bc it b better if the suhani si ek ladki cvs put these stuff in the show

  8. CoffeeGreen

    Nok jhoks..My favourites.It sparks up the relationship between people

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