The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 3)

Episode begins…

( Krishna wakes up and doesnt see Sayaam. )

( Sayaam then enters. He carries a tray of food and places it on the bed. )

Sayaam: Come on, hurry up and eat. If you eat good food you will get better quickly.

Krishna: Sayaam im not hungry.

Sayaam: Will you eat or do i need to feed you?

Krishna: If you fed me it would mean you cared, but you dont right?

( Sayaam recalls his confession last night that he thinks Krishna didnt hear. )

Sayaam: Yes you eat i will just come.

( Sayaam leaves. )

( Krishna eats food as she remembers that Sayaam said ‘I love you’ to her. She smiles. )

( Krishna leaves the room after changing. She sees Baby. )

Baby: Aww Krishna! Your ok now! Wow what a drama you did yesterday! Everyone believed you except me of course. I know you were trying to make me look bad.

Krishna: Stop it Baby. I didnt do anything. In fact it was your food that poisoned me, you are lucky i havent told Sayaam yet otherwise he wouldnt leave you.

( Yuvaan has been listening from afar. )

Yuvaan: Krishna, thats enough. Thats enough. You and Sayaam dont need to blame my Baby everytime. She is the eldest bahu and you need to respect her.

( Sayaam enters as Yuvaan continues to speak. )

Sayaam: Krishna, you dont need to stay here and listen to their nonsense.

( Baby goes to Yuvaan. )

Baby: Look Yuvaan, everyone always insults me in this house. I dont belong here.

Yuvaan: Baby, its nothing like that. Krishna hereafter please speak to Baby appropriatley. Baby is my wife okay and the eldest bahu.

( Baby smirks. )

Sayaam: Yah Yuvaan, but Krishna is my wife and it would be great if you spoke to her with a bit of respect.

( Sayaam leaves. Krishna leaves after. )

( Sayaam is sitting in his room. Krishna comes. )

Krishna: Thank you for supporting me.

Sayaam: Its okay, i just dont know what their problem is. And Yuvaan is so rude yah. I mean you two used to love eachother and now he has no respect…

Krishna: Not now though. And what about you? Baby was your girlfriend right?

Sayaam: Oh please, im happy i didnt marry her.

Krishna: But your still not happy you married me right?

( Sayaam stares at Krishna. He pulls her close to him. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what are you doing?

( They have an eyelock. )

Sayaam: Nothing. Im just admiring your face. Look Krishna, marrying you wasnt a mistake ok.

( Sayaam smiles and leaves the room. Krishna also smiles. )

Episode ends

Ahhh guys im stuck for ideas. Tell me what you want to see happen!


  1. CoffeeGreen


    |Registered Member

    HYE HYE…Some one pinch me.Kaash Sayyam was this romantic on the serial.Hope he turns out to be one so in the serial…Love is definitely blooming..

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