The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 2)


Episode begins…

( Sayaam sits at the dining table. He looks at Krishna, who is serving food to everyone. )

Suhani: Sayaam what do you want to eat? There are so many dishes today as the all the women of the house have cooked.

Krishna: Aunty, i will serve him dont worry.

Sayaam: I will only eat what Krishna makes, ok.

Sharad: Whatever his wife makes for him would have been made with love, right?

( Sayaam looks at Krishna who avoids eye contact with him. )

Yuvaan: Baby also makes great food though.

( Sayaam laughs quietly. )

Sayaam: Wow Krishna this is really good. Yuvaan if you can praise your wife so much, so can I. Krishna you also eat.

Krishna: Im not hungry.

Suhani: Krishna, sit with us at least. Eat a little bit of something.

( Krishna sits next to Sayaam as it is the only free seat. Sayaam serves her some food. Everyone smiles at them. )

( Krishna and Sayaam exchange glances briefly. )

( All continue to eat. Krishna chokes on something that Baby has cooked. )

Sayaam: Krishna, are you ok? What happened?

( Sayaam gives her water. He helps her drink it. Everyone focuses on Krishna, while Baby removes the dish from the table. )

Krishna: Im fine. I dont feel well. Im going to my room.

( Krishna leaves. )

( Sayaam comes to their room shortly after and sees Krishna lying on the floor, unconscious. He shouts her name. )

Sayaam: Krishna! Krishna wake up!

( Suhani comes to the room. )

Suhani: What happened!? Krishna! Wake up Krishna! Wait ill call the doctor.

( All are gathered in Krishna and Sayaam’s room. They all watch as Krishna is still asleep. )

Doctor: She has been affected by some kind of poison. Dont worry its a mild case. She will be all right in a while.

Sayaam: Thank you doctor.

( The doctor leaves. )

Suhani: Krishna, wake up please.
( Suhani tries to wake her up. She holds Krishna’s hand. )

( Sayaam moves her hand. All look at him. )

Sayaam: Look, I dont know who did this to Krishna, but i intend to find out. Until Krishna wakes up, only i will be near her. I dont trust any of you at the moment.

Bhavna: Sayaam you cant do that. Thats my niece. You have no right to keep us away from her.

Sayaam: Im Krishna’s husband. Until she wakes up, i have all right to do whatever i want. Now go from here.

Suhani: But Sayaam…

Sayaam: I said go.

( Slowly all leave. )

( Its night and Krishna is still unconscious. Sayaam sits beside her and looks ahead, not at her face. He holds her hand. He talks, still without looking at her. )

Sayaam: Krishna, I know the doctor said you will wake soon. But if you leave me, i dont know what i will do. Krishna you are the only important person i have in my life right now.

( Krishna wakes up but doesnt say anything. She listens to Sayaam speak. )

Sayaam: I know I forced you to marry me. But the truth is i do care about you. To me, you are my everything. I love you Krishna.

( He kisses her hand. )

Sayaam: I love you Krishna.

( Krishna smiles. )

( Sayaam looks at her and she pretends to be asleep. )

( Krishna then opens her eyes. She smiles at Sayaam. )

( Sayaam helps her sit up. )

Sayaam: Are you ok?

Krishna: Yes. What happened to me?

Sayaam: You were poisoned by someone. Dont worry, whoever did it, I wont leave them.

( Sayaam clenches his fist. Krishna sees this and unclenches it. She holds his hand and leans on his shoulder. )

( Sayaam looks at her and they have an eyelock. )

Episode ends.

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  1. Aqsxxh

    Awh Kriyam moments at peak, it is really interesting x

  2. Amalina

    Omg! Wished this happened in SSEL too! Kriyyam is awesome ? and better than YuvAni!

  3. Superb kriyam

  4. I like kriyam

  5. Finally villan came into luv story.anyway kriyyam were just awesome.i loved it.

  6. it is awsm imaginary of you and it is Grt story I hope kriyyam should start falling in love

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you and yes i want them to fall in love in the real show! Xx

  7. i love this epi to core …its really cute and interesting…..

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you x keep reading please. Will be posting regularly xx

  8. A.Tejaswi

    Loved the proposal and saiyyam’s care towards krishna.You are rocking!!

  9. WoooW a brilliant story its very cute. Loving this story ? please post soon

  10. Sooo sweeeeeet I wanna see more plz update more

  11. It’s like fantastic kriyam’s scene

  12. Hi. I wanted to ask what country do u live in and what time do you upload the updates. Thanks ?

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Hi. I live in the Uk. There is not really a set time. I try to upload 2 episodes a day xxx

  13. CoffeeGreen

    Aww…darling this melt my heart…<3 Such a sweet gesture

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