The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Episode 14

Episode begins.

( Krishna and Sayaam are sleeping next to eachother. Sayaam is holding her hand. He wakes up. He sees her and smiles. Krishna wakes up. They smile at eachother. )

Krishna: Good morning my love. Do you know, you slept holding my hand for the whole night.

Sayaam: I had to. Otherwise you would leave.

Krishna: I will never leave.

( They smile. )

( Everyone is getting ready for Yuvani’s engagement. Sayaam and Karan are chatting. Krishna comes out the room. Sayaam stares in awe. )

( Karan goes up to Krishna and hugs her. )

Karan: Wow Krish you look so beautiful! Right Sayaam?

( Sayaam doesnt hear and continues to stare. Karan and Krishna laugh. )

( All the family and guests smile as Yuvani and Karan exchange rings. Sayaam and Krishna smile at eachother. )

( Sayaam whispers to Krishna. She whispers back. )

Sayaam: You look good today.

Krishna: Same for you.

Sayaam: Not as fat as usual.

Krishna: What!?

( Krishna says this a bit loudly and everyone look at her. )

Suhani: Krishna what happened beta?

( Krishna looks embarrassed and Sayaam laughs quietly. )

Krishna: Nothing…sorry.

( Yuvani and Karan take the elders blessings. They hug everyone. )

( Yuvani comes to Sayaam. He hugs her. )

Sayaam: My lovely sister.

( The guests are all chatting and eating. Krishna is walking and Sayaam pulls her. He is close to her and his arms are on either side so she cant escape. )

Krishna: Sayaam, what is this? Have you gone crazy? Someone will see…

Sayaam: As I said before let them.

( Their faces are close together. )

Krishna: What are you doing huh?

Sayaam: Im looking at your beautiful face.

Krishna: …..

( Sayaam leans in to kiss her but she pushes him. )

Krishna: Sayaam what are you doing? We dont have that type of relationship ok.

( Krishna runs away, shy, while Sayaam looks angry. )

( Its night. Krishna is in their room. Sayaam comes in and slams the door. He locks the door and stares at Krishna. )

( Krishna gets up and goes to him. )

Krishna: Sayaam what’s happened to you? Why are so angry all of a sudden?

( Sayaam moves away from her. )

Krishna: Sayaam, tell me. Whats wrong?

Sayaam: Nothing. Nothing ok nothing. Its just i’ve realised that feelings can change. You can feel something at the beginning but later its different. Better.

Krishna: What…Sayaam what feelings…

( Sayaam shouts angrily. )

Sayaam: That i love you Krishna! I love you!…..

( Krishna stares in shock at his confession. )

( Sayaam sits. )

Sayaam: But you dont. You have only ever loved Yuvaan. Im sorry na, we are just friends right?

( Sayaam has his head in his hands. Krishna smiles happily. She goes to him. )

Krishna: Sayaam, Sayaam look. Look at me.

( Sayaam refuses but then looks at her finally. They have an eyelock. )

( Krishna starts to cry out of happiness. )

Krishna: I also love you.

( Sayaam smiles and stares at her for a bit. Krishna is holding his face. )

Krishna: I love you a lot. I’ve loved you ever since i married you….

( Krishna continues to cry happily. )

Sayaam: Hey why are you crying? This is a good thing right?

Krishna: Yah i dont know why in getting so emotional!?

( Sayaam hugs Krishna tightly. They smile and hug eachother for a long time. )

( They break away. Sayaam kisses Krishna on her forehead. She is shy and trys to go but he lovingly stops her. Krishna closes her eyes. He kisses her right cheek, then slowly her left cheek. He moves in to kiss her lips but she hugs him instead. )

( Sayaam lifts her up and carries her to the bed. He lays her down and is next to her on the bed. Krishna’s heart is beating fast. They hug, and as they hug, Sayaam unties her blouse from the back. )

Krishna: Sayaam….

Sayaam: Shhh. You trust me right?

( Krishna nods. )

Sayaam: So i will never let anything wrong happen with you.

( It goes dark, and Sayaam and Krishna are left on the bed. )

Episode ends.

So the next episode will be the last episode of season 1. I will then start on season 2. Let me know your ideas and requests!

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      No Sayaam and Krishna will be together. Yuvani will be Karans wife.

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