The Chronicles Of Kriyam: Episode 13

Episode begins.

( Krishna sees Sayaam come out of the bathroom. Krishna stares at him. )

Sayaam: What happened? Why are you looking at me like that?

( Krishna doesnt say anything. She just smiles and admires him. )

Sayaam: Oi Krishna! What?

Krishna: Oh sorry. I was just looking.

Sayaam: What??

( Sayaam looks confused. Krishna also looks confused. )

Krishna: I mean i wasnt looking. What i meant was… never mind.

Sayaam: Your crazy.

Krishna: Sayaam, look after last night, please dont be angry. Im also upset because Karan lied to me about his drinking.

Sayaam: Im not angry Krishna. I just think Karan proved he isnt right for Yuvani.

Krishna: What because he drinks and parties? Because he was drunk?

( Sayaam doesnt say anything. )

Krishna: In case you have forgotten, let me remind you. Yuvani drinks. She goes to parties. You drink. Sayaam you came into this house drunk so many times and no one thought differently of you.

Sayaam: That was different.

Krishna: How?

Sayaam: Because this is my house so i will do whatever i want. But Karan, hes a guest.

( Krishna is about to talk when they hear Suhani call them to the hall. )

( Krishna and Sayaam eneter the hall. Yuvani and Karan are sitting together. )

Krishna: What’s wrong aunty?

Suhani: Look whatever happened last night, lets all forget.

( Sayaam rolls his eyes. )

Suhani: I have decided since they both love eachother so much and care for eachother, Yuvani will marry Karan.

Krishna: Really!?

( Krishna smiles. )

Krishna: Im sooo happy for you Yuvani.

( She hugs her. )

Yuvaan: Yah Yuvani, so happy but sad you will leave us. Now i have to bother my wife instead.

( All smile and laugh except Sayaam. )

( Yuvani goes to Sayaam. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, why are you so quiet? Arent you happy?

( Sayaam looks at Krishna. He then looks at Karan. He leaves. )

Yuvani: Sayaam…

Krishna: Yuvani leave him.

Yuvani: No Krishna. Why is Sayaam so annoyed?

Krishna: Yuvani seriously its nothing.

( Yuvani goes after him. )

( Yuvani finds Sayaam outside the house on the porch. She goes to him. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, what happened? Why did you leave huh? Your not happy with this marriage?

Sayaam: No Yuvani, im not. I dont like Karan. Everytime i see him and the way he treats you, i think of my dad.

Yuvani: But he treats me well…

( Sayaam gets angry and clenches his fists. )

Sayaam: Exactly. Thats what he did with mumma. He was good to her but their relationship turned abusive and bitter. Look Yuvani i dont want that to happen to you.

( Yuvani unclenches his fists. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, nothing like that will happen. Me and Krishna have known Karan for like our whole lives. He would never treat me wrong.

Sayaam: I know. Its just over the past few days i just keep remembering my dad. The things he did to mumma, and the pain he put Krishna through.

Yuvani: I know it will be hard for you to forget. But please Sayaam, try. For my sake. Karan is a good guy. And i love him.

( Sayaam waits a bit. He smiles. He holds Yuvani’s hand and takes her into the house. )

( Everyone stare at Sayaam, thinking he is angry. He puts Yuvani’s hand in Karan’s hand. He smiles. )

Sayaam: I agree to this marriage, as long as you promise to keep my sister happy.

Karan: Of course!

( They both hug Sayaam. Krishna smiles from afar. )

Suhani: So its settled tomorrow will be Yuvani’s engagement!

( Yuvani hugs Karan and all smile. )

( Karan goes to Krishna. )

Karan: Krish, seriously yah im so sorry. I lied to you about my drinking. I didnt want to worry you na.

Krishna: Its okay. I dont care anymore. As long as you both are happy.

( Its night. Krishna is in their room. Sayaam goes there. )

Sayaam: Krishna…

Krishna: Dont say anything. I know what you want to say.

Sayaam: How do you know i was going to ask you to move to your side of the bed?

Krishna: What?

Sayaam: I was joking.

( Sayaam holds Krishna’s face. )

Sayaam: Im sorry. I should have believed you about Karan. Its just Yuvani’s happiness and future matters to me more than anything.

Krishna: I know.

( Krishna and Sayaam smile. They hug. )

Episode ends.

Please give me some ideas everyone!

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  1. Rockstr

    Loved usual….ryt nw..i hus cant wait to c deir confession.. 😉

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks will happen soon as season 1 is almost finished

  2. Nice

  3. Wonderful write

  4. Syedul

    Get them intimate

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks this will happen soon as season 1 is nearly ovsr

  5. I have an idea about what you can write next. In the next few episodes u can write about yuvani and karan’s engagement. And then after that the whole family go on a holiday. And then write cute romantic scenes of krishna and sayyam.

    Another idea i have it that whilst the family is on the holiday. Karan’s friend comes along with them but this is where yhe twist will come that friend is sayyam enenmy. And that friend start to like krishna and get obsesed with her and sayyam try to protect her.

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Ok thanks. Season 1 is almost finished. I will incorporate your idea into season 2

      1. Okay no problem

  6. CoffeeGreen

    Aww…But it is turning out cheesy.Put some mystery into it.Like Sambhav Kidnapping Krishna?

  7. Fanficwriter518

    Thanks for the feedback. Season 1 is almost finished so there wont be much mystery in the next few episodes. Dont worry i will put some mystery and evil into the beginning of season 2

  8. Amalina

    It’s nice, I like it! Especially sayyam knowing everything about sambhav???. But it would be awesome if you could’ve brought an interesting plot maybe?

  9. Aqsxxh

    Really cute and sweet, like everyone is saying- add some mystery or plot twist to it

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