The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 12)

Sorry for the short episodes guys. Longer ones will be uploaded at the weekend. I will also upload more at the weekends. Really busy with school sorry!

Episode begins.

( Sayaam is walking and sees Yuvani’s room door open. He looks from the door and sees Karan hugging Yuvani. He clenches his fists and is about to go in when Krishna comes. )

( Krishna holds his hands. )

Krishna: Sayaam, i thought we had agreed its okay.

Sayaam: No seriously Krishna if he does anything wrong with my sister i wont leave him.

( Krishna thinks: I think he is worried after Sambhav and Suhani’s relationship. )

Krishna: But Sayaam, Yuvani loves him. And she is old enough to make decisions for herself.

Sayaam: I know Krishna. And i trust her. But I worry that she isnt going to be treated as she deserves.

Krishna: I understand, but we have to leave them be so they can decide if they really want to be together.

( Krishna hugs Sayaam. )

Sayaam: What happened?

( Krishna smiles, shy. )

Krishna: Nothing, just…

( Sayaam pulls her close. He touches her face. )

Krishna: Sayaam, someone will see.

Sayaam: Let them see. Your my wife.

( Sayaam moves Krishna’s hair. He moves in to kiss her. Krishna pushes him and runs away. Sayaam smiles. )

( Its night and everyone is in their rooms. Karan enters the house. He has been out and is drunk. )

Karan: Yuvani….Yuvani….

( He calls for Yuvani. Everyone come out their rooms. )

( All are shocked. )

Krishna: Karan, what is this? Your drunk again.

Karan: Yuvani….

Krishna: You told me you stopped drinking!

( Sayaam goes to Karan and grabs his collar. He starts shouting. )

Sayaam: Who do you think you are? What kind of disgusting behaviour is this to do in someone elses house?

( Krishna and Suhani try to stop Sayaam. )

( Karan is really drunk and unable to speak. )

Sayaam: And to think you keep uttering my sisters name. How dare you!

( Sayaam finally lets go and pushes him. He grabs the glass wine bottle and smashes it on the ground. )

Suhani: Yuvani, you come here beta. Take Karan to his room.

( Yuvani helps Karan and takes him. )

Suhani: You all go we will discuss this tomorrow.

( All leave and Sayaam and Krishna are left. Krishna is about to defend Karan. )

Krishna: Sayaam actually…

( Sayaam leaves before she can speak. Krishna looks distressed. )

Episode ends.

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  1. nice but karan kon hain

    1. Fanficwriter518

      He is Krishna’s best friend from college. I made him up for my fanfiction x

  2. Amalina

    nice plz continue, very happy that u r updating daily.

  3. Rockstr

    Luvd it man….nice to see sayyams protective side…keep it up..

  4. Acha karan is krishna friend fanficwriter 518 continue write of kriyam you good write of kriyam

  5. Nice

  6. Cant wait for the weekend for the longer updates!!!! So excited to see what happens next

  7. CoffeeGreen

    Oh..Is Karan Bad?

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