The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 11)

Episode begins.

( Yuvani enters Sayaam’s room with some food. Krishna follows. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, here, eat something.

Sayaam: Im not hungry.

( Krishna signs Yuvani to leave. Yuvani goes. )

Krishna: Ok i will feed you.

( Krishna sits next to Sayaam and starts feeding him. He refuses. )

Krishna: Oh so your angry with me?

Sayaam: When did I say that?

Krishna: I guessed. Sayaam, what did I do huh?

Sayaam: Nothing. Anyways shouldnt you be with Karan?

Krishna: Oh so your jealous?

Sayaam: Me? Im not jealous.

Krishna: Sayaam, me and Karan are just best friends. Nothing else.

( Sayaam doesnt say anything. )

Krishna: Anyways even if i was to love someone else, i would never get rid of you! I know you would follow me everywhere. You love me na.

( Krishna laughs. Sayaam looks confused and wonders if Krishna heard his confession. Krishna quickly changes the topic. )

Krishna: I mean that you will always be in my life.

( Sayaam smiles slightly. )

Sayaam: And you will never leave me right?

( Krishna hugs him. )

Krishna: No. Never. Ok come on eat.

( Krishna feeds Sayaam lovingly. They smile and laugh with eachother. )

( Its night and Sayaam is in the kitchen. He is walking towards the bedroom and he sees Karan come out of Yuvani’s room. Sayaam thinks to himself: What is he doing in Yuvani’s room at this hour?… )

( Its morning. Sayaam wakes up. Krishna has already woken. )

Krishna: Good morning.

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: Good morning. Ah thats one good thing that Karan doesnt get. I get to see my best friends beautiful face every morning.

( Krishna laughs. )

Krishna: Come on get ready and come to have breakfast.

Sayaam: Krishna, hold on. Last night i went to the kitchen for some water and i saw something.

Krishna: What did you see?

Sayaam: I saw Karan leave Yuvani’s room. I swear if he did anything to my sister i wont leave him.

Krishna: Oh! I Forgot to tell you! Karan likes Yuvani! I mean like love!

Sayaam: Ohhh and that makes it ok huh? Krishna im telling you i dont get a very good vibe from this Karan.

( Krishna goes to Sayaam and holds his hand to reassure him. )

Krishna: Trust me Sayaam. I have known him for ages. He is a good guy. And he really loves Yuvani. He will care for her like you do for me.

Sayaam: Oh please dont compare me to him.

Krishna: Sayaam.

Sayaam: Fine. I admit he seems like a nice guy.

Krishna: Now we just need to see if Yuvani loves him.

Sayaam: Shes my sister. Of course she wont.

Krishna: Enough of this. Come on lets go eat im hungry.

Sayaam: Ok my queen. So impatient.

( Sayaam and Krishna laugh and hug. )

Episode ends.


  1. Amalina


    |Registered Member

    grt plz continue! loved kriyyam, feeding each other scene, today. yuvani is grt! yuvani n karan? hmmm, not sure. show more of karan so that we can see whether theyre a perfect couple! thx

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