The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 11)

Episode begins.

( Yuvani enters Sayaam’s room with some food. Krishna follows. )

Yuvani: Sayaam, here, eat something.

Sayaam: Im not hungry.

( Krishna signs Yuvani to leave. Yuvani goes. )

Krishna: Ok i will feed you.

( Krishna sits next to Sayaam and starts feeding him. He refuses. )

Krishna: Oh so your angry with me?

Sayaam: When did I say that?

Krishna: I guessed. Sayaam, what did I do huh?

Sayaam: Nothing. Anyways shouldnt you be with Karan?

Krishna: Oh so your jealous?

Sayaam: Me? Im not jealous.

Krishna: Sayaam, me and Karan are just best friends. Nothing else.

( Sayaam doesnt say anything. )

Krishna: Anyways even if i was to love someone else, i would never get rid of you! I know you would follow me everywhere. You love me na.

( Krishna laughs. Sayaam looks confused and wonders if Krishna heard his confession. Krishna quickly changes the topic. )

Krishna: I mean that you will always be in my life.

( Sayaam smiles slightly. )

Sayaam: And you will never leave me right?

( Krishna hugs him. )

Krishna: No. Never. Ok come on eat.

( Krishna feeds Sayaam lovingly. They smile and laugh with eachother. )

( Its night and Sayaam is in the kitchen. He is walking towards the bedroom and he sees Karan come out of Yuvani’s room. Sayaam thinks to himself: What is he doing in Yuvani’s room at this hour?… )

( Its morning. Sayaam wakes up. Krishna has already woken. )

Krishna: Good morning.

( Sayaam smiles. )

Sayaam: Good morning. Ah thats one good thing that Karan doesnt get. I get to see my best friends beautiful face every morning.

( Krishna laughs. )

Krishna: Come on get ready and come to have breakfast.

Sayaam: Krishna, hold on. Last night i went to the kitchen for some water and i saw something.

Krishna: What did you see?

Sayaam: I saw Karan leave Yuvani’s room. I swear if he did anything to my sister i wont leave him.

Krishna: Oh! I Forgot to tell you! Karan likes Yuvani! I mean like love!

Sayaam: Ohhh and that makes it ok huh? Krishna im telling you i dont get a very good vibe from this Karan.

( Krishna goes to Sayaam and holds his hand to reassure him. )

Krishna: Trust me Sayaam. I have known him for ages. He is a good guy. And he really loves Yuvani. He will care for her like you do for me.

Sayaam: Oh please dont compare me to him.

Krishna: Sayaam.

Sayaam: Fine. I admit he seems like a nice guy.

Krishna: Now we just need to see if Yuvani loves him.

Sayaam: Shes my sister. Of course she wont.

Krishna: Enough of this. Come on lets go eat im hungry.

Sayaam: Ok my queen. So impatient.

( Sayaam and Krishna laugh and hug. )

Episode ends.

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  1. Rockstr

    loved it…yuvani nd karan?? Dats so cute…i guess kriyam wid play the cupid..cant wait..

  2. Akankshanna


  3. Amalina

    grt plz continue! loved kriyyam, feeding each other scene, today. yuvani is grt! yuvani n karan? hmmm, not sure. show more of karan so that we can see whether theyre a perfect couple! thx

  4. nice

  5. Good though there are no Kriyyam moments in serial we get to read them in FF

  6. Loved it
    Plzzzzzz write more chronicles on

  7. Aqsxxh

    Amazing, more playing cupid, I love it

  8. More updates please ?❤?❤

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Episode 12 should be uploaded soon

  9. CoffeeGreen

    He loves his sister.Damn.Best choice for marriage.Can I have Sayyam ?

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