The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 10)

Episode begins.

( Krishna is laughing with Karan. Sayaam enters the room. )

Krishna: Sayaam, come sit with us and chat.

Sayaam: No thanks. I have some work.

( Sayaam sits and works on his laptop. )

( Krishna and Karan continue to talk. )

Karan: Why is he so uptight?

Krishna: He’s just like that. People think he is always angry but really his heart is soft. He is a good person.

( Karan puts his hand on top of Krishna’s. )

Karan: So you really are happy with this marriage? I mean really?

( Krishna holds his hands to reassure him. )

Krishna: Yah i really am.

( Sayaam sees this and leaves the room. )

Krishna: Sayaam cares for me a lot. He is always there for me.

Karan: Thats a good thing. Come, i want to see Yuvani.

Krishna: Ooo so you still like her? Karan and Yuvani… Kavani?

Karan: Krish you are so embarassing yaar. And thats the worst name ever.

Krishna: Ok, ok i wont tease you anymore…until tomorrow!

Karan: Argh. Are you coming?

Krishna: You go, i will come in a while.

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  1. Mystery

    Too short….

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Apologies some of this episode was cut off. Rest of epi 10 should be uploaded soon


    Wow. This entire ff is wow. I read it from the beginning and i have to say how cute and romantic it is. Its truly stolen my heart. You portray Kriyam is such a beautiful way… i absolutely love it. Thank you dear xxx

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you so much x

  3. very nice i agree AFANFICWRITER

  4. Hi i’m new here . My name is kaira.after the leap i started to watch ssel so i don’t know karan can u plz tell me who he is ………

    1. Fanficwriter518

      I write made up fanfiction. Karan is a made up character that is only in my fanfiction.

  5. This is soo goooooood.?????❤??????

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thanks you part of the episode didnt upload so i have uploaded it now. Check it out x

  6. NAPSHa J

    its too good yaar.. even I love KriYam.. this ff is amazing.. continue..

  7. Aqsxxh

    You make me love Kriyam even more than I already do!
    It is amazing

  8. CoffeeGreen

    Ohh…Karan’s lady love is Yuvani? Hahah…Would be fun to see both Brother -in-law’s love life.

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