The Chronicles Of Kriyam (Episode 10) continued

Sorry guys episode 10 got cut off. It wasnt finished here is the rest!

( Karan leaves. )

( Sayaam enters the room again shortly after. He looks at Krishna sitting on the bed and starts to walk past her. Krishna stops him. She gets up and holds his face. )

Krishna: Sayaam, whats wrong huh? All of a sudden you seem annoyed?

( Sayaam avoids eye contact. )

Sayaam: Its nothing.

Krishna: Really?

Sayaam: Yaah.

( Krishna hugs Sayaam. )

Krishna: Thank you Sayaam. Your such a good friend to me. You do so much for me.

( Krishna smiles. Sayaam breaks the hug. )

Sayaam: Yeah well it doesnt seem like you need me anymore.

( Sayaam leaves and Krishna looks confused. )

( At the dining table, Sayaam is sitting next to Yuvani and Suhani, so Krishna sits opposite him next to Karan. )

Karan: The food is really good yah. I missed having homemade food.

Suhani: So Karan, where are you staying today?

Karan: I dont know yet Aunty, I was thinking i would stay in some kind of nearby hotel.

Suhani: What about your mum and dad’s house?

Karan: Ah they are abroad. In America on a business trip of dads.

Krishna: Why will you stay in a hotel huh?

Yuvani: Yah Karan we have such a big house with so many rooms. You stay here ok.

Karan: No Yuvani, this isnt my home.

Krishna: Shut up. You will stay here and thats final.

Karan: Krish since when did you become so adamant? Ok, Ok i will stay here.

Krishna: Yayyy!

( Karan and Krishna hug. Sayaam gets up to leave. )

Suhani: Sayaam beta where are you going?

Sayaam: I dont feel well and anyways im not hungry. Im going to my room.

( Sayaam leaves. Krishna looks sad. )

Suhani: All of a sudden what happened to him?

Yuvani: Leave it ma, i will take him some food later.

( All continue to eat. Krishna looks confused. )

Episode ends.

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  1. Fanficwriter518

    Episode is short as it is epi 10 continued. Not all of it uploaded last time

  2. Amazing ?❤

  3. Aqsxxh

    This is so cute yaar, Saiyam’s jealously is so cute

  4. Rockstr

    Dat was wonderful as usual…luved it nd try to update da next part soon dear…

    1. Fanficwriter518

      Thank you will do xx

  5. superb

  6. CoffeeGreen

    Jealousy is working damn cool on Sayyam.

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