Christy (1, 2 and 3 promo)

Hi to all….. I’m going to be share a new story with you. First of all a very big thank to all. Why because mean the readers (that mean you all) only the pillars of writer’s creation. You are like a teachers you may only correct the mistakes and errors from the stories. So only I said thanks to all. I’m so glad to share this story with you all. Please ? forgive me for my grammatical errors.

On march 1st itself I’ll upload the stories. Before that I’m going to give the promos first. If the promo get a good reviews mean I’ll upload further stories or otherwise I could drop down ? my story.

1st Promo……

At school….

Students: Good Morning miss…..

Teacher: hello… Students good morning. All of you sit down. I’m your new class teacher. Come on all of you introduce yourself to me…

Student1: I’m Harshika. My father name is Harish. My mother name is Kavitha.

Student2: I’m Michael. My father name is Stephen. My mother name is Rosie.

Student3 : (stands silently)

Teacher: come on dear let me introduce yourself. (still she stands silently)…

All the student are looks her and laugh out loudly. She cries….


2nd Promo…..

On the church…..

One girl : Jesus will be always with us. He can save us from all the trouble. He is the lamp of our life. He watched all our attitudes, he is only the solutions of all our problems. Trust him……

All are comes out from the church.

Women 1: that girl looks so cute. She has a very attractive face. Who is that girl? We need a bride for my cousin. I think she is perfect match for him….

Women 2: yeah you are right….

Women 3: no she never accept this proposal. I think you both are new to this church that’s why only you talk like this….

Women 1 & 2 confusingly looks her…..


3rd Promo…..

At Restaurant….

Boy1: hi da……

Boy2: hey hi buddy…. Where is our gang Romeo.

Boy1: today Sunday how can he spent time with us? On this time where he is? He is with whom? What he is doing? Everything god will only know.

Boy3: you are correct buddy. He only enjoy the life without any tension.

All boys looks each other and nods as yes…. and laugh……


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