Jessie – Roop Durgapal
“Run! How did he come here?” I heard the grumbling of those boys. I turned to the direction where Swati di was smiling and looking at. A man, sorry a boy of may be 21 to 22 yrs wearing goggles, sitting on a bike came to my view. He accelerated the bike aggressively looking at those boys. The boys left their bikes there itself in fear and ran away from there. All the passengers who were standing there laughed at those boys who were running as if they were running in a race. I looked at this boy. Who is he? I have never seen him till today. A migrant perhaps. But why is he respected this much that those baddies ran away in fear looking at them? Is he a big shot? May be a politician’s son or someone like that. But from his looks, he didn’t seem one. He wore a simple, black shirt and blue jeans. His hair was black as night. His body was well-built and he wore a pair of black shoes. Gosh! Till now, Gini Mathews had never noticed a boy to this extent. I don’t know why am I doing and what for am I checking out him like this. But, I could not see his face clearly due to his goggles. Especially eyes. I don’t know what had happened to me all of a sudden. May be curiosity. Yes it is curiosity for sure. As he crossed me, swati di flashed a thanking smile at him to which he just nodded his head and rode off. Just then my eyes caught the sight of his bike which looked peculiar without a back seat. There was only one seat, which he was sitting. I continued looking at him and his bike as he disappeared around the corner. “Gini, the bus came. Come!” Hearing Swati di’s voice I boarded the bus. My mind was filled only with that mysterious boy’s thoughts. The recent happenings made me curious to know about him. And that bike! What’s that? A bike without a back seat. All these made me confused. I just wanted to know about him. And I, Gini Mathews will find it for sure!!

“Gini! Don’t be a photo bomber!” A girl shouted. I looked at them. The girls in my family, who were dressed in sarees and anarkalis, all decked up in heavy accessories, shooed me away from their groupfie. It is obvious that I, who looked like a goon fresh from jail was the odd man out. Mom glared at me once in every 5 minutes scanning my attire. I was in a jeans and a tee. She was unhappy that I didn’t wear an anarkali like other girls of my age. These dresses are not my cup of tea. “Look, Jessie! Your fiancee has arrived” Jessie’s friend screamed. I turned to look that man. Lord! What was that? He looks like he is an uncle of Jessie! I looked at them horrified when Jessie and that man were made to sit together. “Mom, why the hell did she choose this baldie?” I asked being petrified. “Sshh!! Gini, why are u yelling?? And don’t call him like that. He is your jiju” Mom scolded me. “Jiju, my foot!” I whispered to her angrily. “Gini, arranged marriages are always like this. U have to marry anyone whom your parents point out.” One of my distant cousin told me. Sasha’s words echoed in my mind again. May be, she is right. I should choose a man for me on my own. I know that my Matty will never do like Jessie’s parents but still those thoughts are driving me mad. I should choose a man for me. But, the problem is, I don’t know how these people say that they fell in love. Seriously, I don’t know how they conclude that they are in love or not. Phew! I don’t know what am I up to. But one thing I know clearly now. I should have a love marriage.

“Gini, what yaar? What are u dreaming about?” Anu’s voice made me jerk. “Uh, nothing” I lied. It has been 2 days since I met that Mr. Mystery and since then, his thoughts have occupied my mind. Now also, I was thinking about him. I wanted to know about him. But to whom shall I ask? If I ask these two, then they will start making up stories. Then whom shall I ask? Somehow, I wanted to know about Mr. Mystery and I am determined to know about him at any cost. “GINI!!” They both shrieked breaking my chain of thoughts. “Dreaming about Mr. Handsome?” Sasha asked me curiously. “No. Dreaming about Mr. Coward” I told her sarcastically. Anu burst into laughter while Sasha glared at me angrily. “By the way, what have u thought about rahul? It has been 2 days.” Sasha asked me. “Oh no, Sasha! U are speaking as if am a kid who has forgotten to submit her home work” I complained. “He himself has given me a week’s time. Moreover, still I can’t understand about love. Then how can I say yes to him?” I asked her. “If he is ready to buy food for u anytime, then say yes! But, I don’t think he’ll. He himself looks like a boy suffering from a malnutrition. Then, how will he take care of u?? I will choose a boy, who will cook tasty food for me 24/7” Anu said dreamily. “ANU!!” Sasha and I shouted together. ” OK, relax. Re, what’s much to think? You are also going to be a doctor. He is also going to be a doctor. And u both come from financially stable families. So, if u are financially stable, then obviously u both will be stable in love too.” Anu told me as she munched the burger. “Anu, love is not any masala dosa that u could get it soon! You have to analyze before deciding.” Sasha said. “How can I decide that whether I have feelings for him or not?” I asked sasha. “I’ll tell u.” before she could speak, that kabab mein haddi , Mr. Coward called her. Before I could grab her phone, she snatched it from me. “Yaar, tell me and go!” “I told her. Gini, I’ll tell u afterwards.” She said as she went out of the room. Frankly speaking, I totally forgot about Rahul’s proposal as I was busy thinking about Mr. Mystery. Mr. Mystery, whoever u are, I am gonna know about u for sure.

It is going to be 6 in the evening. Since it is december, it has turned dark soon. It was pitch dark at 6.00.p.m. I am waiting for the bus at the bus stop to go home. That Sasha! She was talking, talking and nonstop talking with that coward. She didn’t say about love to me. It’s ok. I’ll ask her tomorrow and she has to say that. I looked all around. There was nobody. I am not afraid of anyone. But, I am afraid of lizards. I looked at a lizard, which was crawling peacefully on the wall. I am hell scared of lizards. Yuck! I started stepping back and back before I collided with a strong surface. I could sense that it was a man. Due to sudden collision, I lost my balance and closed my eyes. I was about to fall when that man caught me from my waist. I slowly opened my eyes. To my wildest shock, It was him. Mr. Mystery. This time without goggles. I noticed that his chocolaty orbs had something which made my eyes glued on it. Though it seemed null, without any expressions or feelings buried inside, it created some unknown feelings in my heart. I could sense that my heart was thumping loudly and unevenly. All these are new to me. Oh lord! What’s happening to me?

Guys, deesh here. Thank u so much for your love and support. Yes, it is inspired from the malayalam movie, Ohm Shanthi Oshana. But as I said, mine will be slightly different. Guys, are u all happy with the story na? I mean, u are not disappointed that it is inspired from a movie, right?? Please do tell me. And, Mr. Mystery is Namish taneja, of course. Hope u like this chappy. Merry christmas to all my sisters and friends. Thanks a lot guys. Keep supporting. Thanks for reading. Loads of love to u guys.

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  1. Jazzy

    first of all merry chritsmas in advance to u and wowwww namish the mystery man wowww amd really i also think like ragini how can one fall in love give me answer too

    1. Deesh

      Merry Christmas to you too my dear James bond. Well about gini, I myself don’t know?. That’s my question in fact. So anyone who knows well about this can help me and James bond ?? thanks a lot. Glad that u liked it. ??

  2. Sowmya Johnson

    Super dear kalakita na enaku romba pidichuruku dear friend

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much sweety. Merry Christmas!! Aprom Christmas Ku enna special?? Am glad that u liked it sweety ?

  3. Asw

    Namish entry is outstanding yaar keep going

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much asw. Glad that u liked it. Take care ?

  4. YAYYYYYYYYYYYY…………………!!!!!!………..omg omg omg …..awesome yaar …..i am definitely happy with the story because i didn’t watched that film…hahaha…;-)….watching and reading are two different things , so do not worry …….wow…Mr.mystery intro too cool ……i love 3 idiots scenes a lot really good…..OOPS …i forgot the only n only rule of friendship , but i won’t repeat it again …will be waiting for the next one………….love u…TC..:-)

    1. Deesh

      Oh god!! My dear bestie, ur excitement is making me smile like a mad. That’s nice that u didn’t watch the movie ? thank u so much Naimi!! Yep u did forget the rules last time. But khabardaar, if u do it again. Love u ??

  5. plZzzzzzzz yaar it’s so awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing plzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be regular bcoz now days raglak ff is very less and raglak fan missing them so only ff are there plzz

    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lot nikky. Gosh!! These many please!! I am so overwhelmed nikky. But I am in class 12th so being regular is not possible. But I am planning to post this continuously in the coming week. Thanks again. Keep supporting ?

  6. Wow awesome epi buddy.I am not disappointed with ur is really superb.I know u will make it different from that.anu ohhh my god always food only …really the one who is gonna marry her should be a chef or his life hell…lol.thank God Sasha attended her call today or else gini would have become her husband again….epi is awesome. Wow namish is the mystery guy.
    All of u happy Christmas and happy new year

    1. Deesh

      Hey shwethu. I am so glad that u understand me so well. Yes anu is a bbbiigggg foodie. Ha ha.. Yes a chef will be suitable for her ? yeah. This time Sasha escaped but I don’t think that will happen next time ?? thank u so much buddy. Merry Christmas to u too. Take care. ?

  7. ur the best deesh

    1. Deesh

      Your comment may seem short. But the happiness I am feeling by reading it, I can’t express that. Thanks a lot dear Lisa. Mery christmas . ?

  8. Sindhura

    Awesome yar
    And merry christas to u

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much sindhu di. Wishing u a very happy Christmas . ?

  9. It’s really interesting dear and Namish’s entry is awesome. Eagerly waiting for next. Wish u a merry Christmas and happy New year

    1. Deesh

      Merry Christmas ammu. Thank u so much dear. Glad that u liked his entry. Keep supporting ?

  10. Rafeee

    superb dear…merry christmas take care

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear rafee. Merry Christmas ?

  11. Sally_blr

    Merry Christmas sweetheart. No I’m not gonna guess anything. Let me wait till new year. And you know what I connect to Anu more. She is just like me foodie and even I want a husband who should be wonderful cook and who can but me food. When she said of Rahul that he looks like he is suffering from malnutrition bingo I do think so and I burst out laughing. Oh my God they are awesome mahn. And Gini’s reaction to Jessie’s fiance gosh you know even I blurt out like that and get glares from my mom in marriages. Was that Namish. Wow I thought my Gym Boy never mind. His entry was superb. Love you sissy

    1. Deesh

      Merry Christmas dear sally sisso. But I am little scared now that if my surprise is worth ur wait. Keeping my fingers crossed. Yes Anu is a big foodie. And can I tell u one thing? Anu is exactly like me. Always munching something and getting teased by friends, she is just like me. I am sure that god will answer ur wish and u will get a good hubby who cooks u good food. Sisso, only u mentioned about rahul dialogue ?. That gini’s reaction is something that happens frequently in my life. Recently I blabbered in a marriage and received a good scolding from mommy ?? I know sally sisso u like gym boy more like me. But don’t worry, gym boy’s entry will be a dhamakedaar one. Glad that u liked his entry. Love u more sisso ??

  12. Awww Awesome dr…So cute

    1. Deesh

      Merry Christmas dear vk. Thank u soooo much. Take care ?

  13. Asra

    Merry Christmas sweety…
    awesome update deeshu…anu sasha gini scenes superbbb dear….adhulaiyum mukiyama oru dreaming about Mr. coward…semmmma dear….anu rmba periya foodie pola…eagerly waiting for ur update….enaku Indha story interesting than iruku deeshu bcz nanum Indha movie pathathu illa….gini en oda seintha olaru vaaya irupa pola….yeandha nerathula yeana peasurathu nu theriyama pesirathu….gini ne love marriage kira decision yeadithida pola…all the best dear….and namish entry superbbb…loved it….namish oda name yeana sweety un ff la….loved it alot dear….
    and xam ellam finished deeshu chellam….nalla panirken…postpone aana orey oru xam madum Bal iruku Adhuvum Jan la than dear….takecare dear….

    1. Deesh

      Merry Christmas asru sisso. Haha..? enakum Mr. Coward dialogue pudikum. Aama Anu apdiye enna maadhri… Periya foodie. Thank u so much sisso for understanding me. Haha…?? Gino ungaloda serndhu olaruvaai?? Enaku siripu varudhu sisso ?? apdi paatha naanum unga katchi dha. Bayangarama olaruven. Glad that u liked namish ‘s entry. Namish oda name aa? Adhu….. Koodiya seekram therinjipeenga ??? nalla paneengla exams. Enakku theriyum neenga nalla dha panirupeenga nu ? oh apdiya sisso. So apo konja naal relaxed aa irupeenga. Take care sissy. Love u ??

  14. Oh god Mystery boy’s intro is superb Deeshu…Just loved it…And I am not disappointed with your story…I an happy and thanks for giving us this wonderful ff…And I think Rahul is our gym boy…Just waiting for it…And Namish’s entry was fabulous yaar…Mind blowing you nailed it…Keep writing like this…And Deeshu really very sorry for late comment…And again I am telling you sorry for short comment…I will tell you the reason in email…But again I am angry on you???…Why you again end the episode in the interesting place?? Why??? How could you do this?? Felling like crying???(I know you will think that I am a big drama queen…You can think like this??)…Stay happy and keep smiling always…

    1. Deesh

      Hmm. Now drama queen ??? . glad that u liked mystery boy’s entry riyu. Thank u so much for understanding me riyu. Rahul is parth riyu. Gym boy has not entered yet. Rahul is a cameo role. Choti sorry queen, don’t say sorry. Sorry riyu, I could not chat with u in email yesterday. But today I will chat with u. Sure. Don’t be angry riyu. You are a drama queen definitely ?? love u riyu. ??

      1. But I am angry on Deeshu…I email you and wished Merry Christmas but you didn’t replied me?? Why????? Very bad of you Deeshu??…I will never talk to you…I am hell angry on you…

  15. Awesome didi

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much kiddoo. Merry Christmas ?

  16. awesome part nd mystery man entry ws superb

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much malu. Merry Christmas ?


    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lot Arjuna. Merry Christmas ?

  18. Ragz_teju

    sorry I am late….
    superb chappy…. it’s interesting dear…
    merry christmas

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