Christmas. The celebration of joy and fun. The whole world welcomes it with utmost joy and grandeur. It’s all about Christmas trees, plum cakes, Santa Claus, carols and the most important thing gifts. I love gifts. Who doesn’t love gifts? Matty surprises me through his gifts every year. I, being a prankster surprise him in a strange fashion. “Did the train arrive?” A lady’s voice broke my trance. I shook my head in no. She mumbled a thanks and left. Here I am, waiting for the train along with my friends, who belong to the same town as I. Kotagiri. A small, misty, scenic, hill side town situated in the Nilgiris. It has been a part of my life till now. I miss it a lot, as I stay in chennai for my high schooling. I am in the last year of my schooling. In a matter of 2 months, I’ll finish my schooling. I had been waiting for this day from the time I departed from Kotagiri last year after Christmas vacation. My heart thumped in joy as the thought that I’ll be in my home within a day hit my mind. For me, Christmas is all about family, friends and the most important one, fun. I remember how mom used to call my name loudly to make me attend the prayers in the church. I think she wouldn’t have read bible that many times as many times she calls my name. She has to drag me and pull me to go to the church. “You lazy monkey! Walk fast!” She would shriek. I smiled remembering that.

“Hello? Ha Shravan, tell me baby!” Sasha’s voice brought me to reality. “Shravan? Who’s this shravan now? Wasn’t it Dev last week?” I asked her bluntly. She gestured me to stay quiet. I rolled my eyes. Duh! Sasha would never change. Sasha. My best friend from kindergarten. She is also from the same town as I. I raised my eyebrow as she ended the call. “Shravan, my new boyfriend.” she told me. “How do u manage to get new boyfriends easily?” I asked her. “Re, this time I am serious. I am in love!” she chirped happily. “Love? What crap?” I asked her angrily. “Well, you won’t understand about it!” she replied back in the same tone. I looked at her with null expression. This is what I hate being called. Why do others think that am not able to understand love? But, that is the truth. Seriously, I don’t know what the hell is that.

Love. The emotion I hardly go crazy over. Because, I hardly know about that. I have asked what the heck was that to many people. Some say that love is merry. Some say love is a melancholy. Some say that love is a mystery. Some say that I am too young to know about all these. But Matty says that love is a melange of all these. How people say that they fell in love with a matter of few seconds? How they can name some of their unknown feelings as love? These questions of mine are unanswered. Mom thinks that it is best to be unanswered. But, never in my wildest dreams, I had foreseen that this Christmas is gonna change my life FOREVER.

“Look, the train has arrived. Come, let’s check the list to find about our seats.” Sasha told me. I nodded. My eyes scrolled down the list to find my name. At last, I found it. There it was. Gini. GINI MATHEWS.
Guys, Deesh here. I didn’t think that I will be back this soon :p This is the promo of my next. This will be a few shots. The lead, of course, is tejasswi. It is inspired from a movie. But I assure u guys, that my plot will not be the same as the original. Hope u guys like this. I know, this doesn’t look like a promo. Am sorry sisso’s for that. Need the same love and support from u guys. I am little confused about the male lead. I wanted to confirm whether u guys want Vidyut or not. Please do share your views about that via comments. Keep supporting friends. Will post the first shot as soon as possible. I am sorry guys for not replying to the comments in the epilogue of my previous work. Due to that cyclone Vardah, which hit chennai on monday, there was no net and electricity. I’ll reply soon friends. Due to that, I could not read and comment in many ff’s. Sorry friends. Asra and Vk sissys , how’s the damage in your areas? I hope that u both are fine. Thanks for reading.
Loads of love,

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  1. Sanswa

    Well deesh I wz rly wa8ing 4 u 2 come back wid bangggg?…n here u r…dis chappie wz marvelous.. Keep updating?

    1. Deesh

      Hey sanswa!! Thank u so much buddy. Keep supporting dear ?

  2. Hi deesh .welcome back buddy . I think I am first to comment. Superb concept.I want vidyut please….

    1. Deesh

      Hi pinky. No problem if u could not comment in the previous one. I am so glad that many silent readers are opening up. Based on the votes I will choose friend. So as of now vidyut 1. Of course pinky we are friends ? thanks a lot.

  3. I was ur silent reader for ur ff different shades.I was not able to comment for that ff.but I will comment for this ff .so friends ???

  4. Rafeee

    wow dear… i lke ur surprise… waitng fr the updtes… vidyut eh pair ah irndalm nalathan irkm… i love teju so no prblm abt the male role… takr care

    1. Deesh

      Rafee! Glad that u liked it. Thanks a lot. I will try to post that soon ?

  5. Raglakholic

    It’s awesome
    But dear I want laksh as lead

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear. So for namish 1. Keep supporting dear. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Berdilla

    Superb dear give another hero dear we already saw vidyut and teja’s chemistry dear friend

    1. Deesh

      Hi sweety. Thank u so much dear sweety ?

      1. Berdilla

        Hi how r u and family and your family
        And all the best for your public exam dear friend

    2. Deesh

      We r fine sweety. How r u and ur family?? Thank u so much for ur wishes. ?

      1. Berdilla

        We r good dear how was your studies dear?

    3. Deesh

      hi sweety. It is going well sisso.

      1. Berdilla

        Take care dear deehu chellam

  7. keep vidyut as raginis bestie… but raglak must b the pair…… all are missing them after the show ended…. this is the only way stay connected with them….

    1. Deesh

      Thank u KitKat. Keep supporting ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Hey….buddy….u r back yippie….. Love u….missed u soo much… very happy that you are back….of course I want gym boy please no other male lead than vidyut…about the update too good…so eager to read the next update…hope the people there are safe…I am excited to know our gym boy name…actually I just love the names in your ff too….I am crazy about your ff yaar….well how did u perform in your exams..? N what about Dora…??… worries when ever u will get time update then only we will be waiting for you dear…love you…take care…

    1. Deesh

      Naimi!!! How are u?? Dora is fine dear. Everyone is fine here. Yes I am back!! Naimi, I am planning to decide the male lead based on votes. I will try my level best dear. I missed u soooooo much. Thanks a lot yaar. I missed ur long and sweet comments. Love u ??

  9. Ragz_teju

    Hey deesh… yippeeeee you are back and without thinking twice I would say vidhyut…. superb chappy

    1. Deesh

      Yes dear. I am back. Thank u so much ragz. As of now vidyut 3. Keep supporting dear. ??

  10. Sindhura

    I was to ask today where are you i started my new ff but no comnents from you

    Any way who will say no to vidyut

    1. Deesh

      Sorry di. But I read all the parts just now and it is amazing. The new one too. I commented there just now. Thanks di. Take care ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Sreevijayan

    Woaaahhhh..u r back…m soooo happy yaar..seriously…. cnt wait to read more……..

    1. Deesh

      Yes I am ?. Thanks sree. Take care.

  12. Hi Deesh..I m ur new reader..So obviously there is a request dr..Can I read ur ff?? If u give me permission then only I will read ur ff..Don’t take me rudely..I n jst asking..

    D promo z nyc dr…Wot can I say?? In only 1 word its awsmmmmm…Sounds reallyyy vry interesting..Update nxt part soooooon…I m eagerly waiting 4 it..Stay happy n blessed dr..N keep smiling always..โ˜บ?

    1. Hey Deesh I forgot 2 tell u tht u can add Laksh if u want or if u dont want then its ok..Lv u dr..

    2. Deesh

      Hello shruti. Welcome to my new found loving family. What’s this yaar?? How can u ask such question? Of course u can. Thanks a lot dear. Will post soon. ?

  13. Awesome

    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lot lovely. ?

  14. At first again cho chorry for late comment…Please forgive me for that…See I am holding my ears *innocent face*…Pleaseeeeee forgive me…

    Coming to the episode…Its really amazing and I loved it…You know the way you writes the english words or sentences I just loved it…I am not that much good in english like you…But I am preparing myself to become a very good english speaker like you…And in your previous ff you make Vidyut as the male lead…So in this ff I want Namish(Laksh) as male lead…I agree with Kitkat that Swaragini has ended…So ffs are the only to stay connected with Raglak…Pleaseeeee Deeshu it’s a humble request…Please make Namish as male lead…Pleaseeeeeee…Stay blessed dear and take care…

    1. FFs are the only way*

    2. Deesh

      Choti sorry Queen!! Don’t be sorry dear. I should be. Coz I couldn’t reply to u or chat with u. I told u na that my cousins have come. My 7 yr old cousin changed the password of the laptop so that I would not fiddle with it and play with him. But bechara he himself forgot that. So I couldn’t chat with u. Sorry riyu. Thank u so much riyu. I am not that good in eng dear. Riyu, I am planning to decide the male lead based on votes. Till now namish is leading. Will see riyu. Take care. Love u. ???

  15. Asw

    Welcome back yaar nice promo this time u change different male lead keep going

    1. Deesh

      Thank u asw. Keep supporting ?

  16. Asra

    deesh sis….idhan surprise’a dear….superbbb surprise dear….awesome promo dear….loved it….nanum gini yum orey thought la than irukom….eagerly waiting for ur update sis….male lead nanum Una mathiri confusion la than iruken pa….gym boy ya irunthalum Vera yara irundhalum enaku okkk pa…sikiram update panu….and xam nalla panu….na sonalum soladalum ne supper ra than panuva…irundhalum oru sis’ a solla vendiyathu en oda kadama thana….All the best dear…..rock ur Xams…get good marks….pray for u dear…..tkcr dear…..

    1. Deesh

      Aama asru sissy. Am glad that u liked it. Seekrama post pana try panren sis. Thank u sooooo much for ur wishes. Neenga epdi paneenga?? Love u sisso. Take care ??

  17. Sally_blr

    I don’t want to be selfish this time. I know people more concentrate on pairs than the story so I want your story to reach many people so with heavy heart I’m saying don’t make Vidyut lead. I feel Namish only you can prefer or Varun. But dare you change your profile pic I’m gonna torture you in your dreams also. I still feel I’m talking to Vidyut **** Blush****
    And about the prologue I’m damn sorry that I could not comment though I read them I was not able to comment and when I came back to normal life this cyclone. I knew you will not be able to check comments or reply back. So I waited till you come back. And you came back with a beautiful Christmas gift. Thanks a ton for that. No problem if it is inspired I know you will have your own way to plot it. Love you so so much Deeshu

    1. Deesh

      Sally sisso!! How are u?? How is ur health?? Take care dear sisso. Sorry akka, I could not comment in your ffs. But will read and comment soon. How can u understand me this much?? I am overwhelmed seeing ur comment. He he..?? no. I will not change my dp ?? vidyut is my fav. Gosh!! No!! Then u will make me emotional in my dreams too. Don’t worry akka. U can comment whenever u can. Yippeeee!! U liked my gift?? Thanks a lot. U are like my soul sister. Love u more sisso!! ??

  18. Jazzy

    Wowwwww u r back with a banggg it is just amazing and about lead i can say after reading the male leads character who will suit but i m addicted to vidyut in ur ff hahhajahahaha but will be ok with anyone

    1. Deesh

      Hi jazzy! He he.. Even I am addicted to vidyut yaar ?? thanks a lot. Take care ?

  19. Hi dr…So gud to see Ur story….Missed u alot dr….nice promo…. About the pair that was Ur wish dr…I will be happy with any pair…But ennaku Vidyut ae irukkalamnu thonuthu
    Apro puyal pathi ketiya…. Seriously that was horrible yaar….thangamudiyala….Enga
    vetlaiye rendu Maram velunthuduchu… Friday tha vettuku current vanthuthu and jio sim Ku signal vanthuthu….Today tha tv la cable connection vanthuthu…. Vetla water problem Vera… Current vanthathuku
    apro tha water problem sariaachu….Eppo
    tha evlo naal miss pannuna ffs ah padika start pannirukka…Eppo padichu mudipanoo….But seriously ennaku puyal malai lam romba pudikum I love that climate alot….But intha puyal konjam too much dr
    Apro unga vetla puyal lam eppadi pochu

    1. Deesh

      Hi vk. Ipo epdi iruku?? Oralavuku normalcy ku vandhuteengla? Ingayum romba horrible aa irundhudhu. Engalukum Friday dha vandhudhu. Inga 2 lamp post vizhundhruchu. Enakum andha climate pudikkum vk. But indha vaati… ? thanks a lot dear vk. Keep supporting. ??

      1. Eppo OK dr…But area innum full ah recover aagala…Innum time aagum

  20. Fairy

    heyyya dear…..hwz u..n is everythng okay dear at ur place???…plz take care of urself n ur familyy okay…
    oh wowwweeew u r backkk!!!!!wohooooooo wt an amaznngggg concept dear yaaar…loved itt….truelllyyyyyy fabuloussss…….
    thnku soooo much for comng wid dis storyyy….its lyk a christmas gft for me ๐Ÿ˜€ …
    about d hero-vidhyut is absolutely perfect bt if u want some other actor den plz plz laksh ko lena.. ๐Ÿ™‚
    post nxt part sooon sweeetypie…keeeep rockng n stay blessssed dearu ๐Ÿ˜‰ love u cho cho muchhhh!!!tc of urself ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. Deesh

      Hi cutiepie!! How was ur exam?? Hope u did it well. Yes dear, we r safe and fine. Yes I am back ? glad that u liked my gift. Will post the next part soon. Take care dear. Love u ?

  21. Akshata

    so this is your surprise, that you mentioned on my last comment, you know what i am more than happy with your surprise. its so awesome, i love Christmas so much, so this is Christmas gift for me. my vote goes to Namish.

    1. Deesh

      Same here!! Even I love Christmas sooooo much. Glad that u liked my gift. Aksh, namish is leading now. Thank u so much friend. Loads of love ?

  22. yay ur back

    1. Deesh

      Yes I am. Thanks a lot Lisa. ?

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