“Congratulations, goondi!! Oops! Sorry, Dr. Gini Mathews!!” Bumpy yelled making my ears go deaf. “Don’t shout bumpy!” I yelled back. “Of course, I will yell for sure. After all, it’s my goondi’s convocation today!” He said excitedly. I smiled at his excitement. Finally. I am Dr. Gini Mathews now. Matty’s dream is fulfilled . I looked at the crowd where the parents were sitting. My eyes were searching for Matty. Where did he go? He told me that he would come. My face fell in disappointment. Why didn’t he come? Suddenly a hand covered my eyes. I placed my hand on that. My lips curved into a smile as I realised whose hand it was. “Matty!!” I screamed. Immediately, he hugged me and kissed me on my forehead. “Dr. Gini Mathews! Wohoo!” he shrieked excitedly. “Jesus! Mathews, don’t forget that you yourself are a doctor.” Mom said in a complaining tone. “Mommy!” I hugged her. She hugged me back. “Congrats gini!” They chorused together. I smiled. “Hey gini!” Sally and sasha came there after they were convocated. “Hello aunty and uncle!” They both shouted. “Congratulations my dears” Matty and mom told them. “Uncle, are u having your meals properly? I don’t think so. You have become very lean.” Sally said. “All thanks to your aunty” Matty said as he winked at me. “How mean!” Mom glared at him. Bumpy and I squealed in laughter. “Gini! Vidyut you too beta!” Mom said angrily. “Sorry aunty. But I couldn’t control my laughter” he said sheepishly and mom burst out in laughter. “Ok, what’s the plan tonight?” Sasha asked. “Treat. I need treat.” Bumpy said. “Are u a doctor or a glutton?” Sally said. “It’s my wish. What’s your problem?” He said. She turned her face angrily and stomped her feet. I laughed. I looked at them. I know something was there in between them. I looked at bumpy who was busy watching sally. Hmm, I will confront him soon. My life is slowly getting into track. After that incident, I never saw shiv. Even when I went home for christmas in the past 3 years, I couldn’t see him. Just 3 months to go for christmas. This christmas, I’ll propose him again. And this time he will not refuse. I just hope that he shouldn’t be married. Mr. Shiv. I am coming soon to prove my love. And I will make you realise that I was not wrong.
“Dr. Gini, this is your cabin” Bumpy said as he took me inside the cabin. I am working as a doctor in the university hospital, where I studied. Bumpy is also working there. We three musketeers, that is me, sally and sasha are here together again. And we are working in bumpy’s team. “Bumpy, don’t call me like that. It sounds too formal.” I told him. The team members laughed. “Goondi, you don’t call me like that. This is hospital and I am a senior doctor.” He whispered as he glared at me. “Senior doctor nahi, senior citizen ho tum!” I muttered under my breath. But Sally and Sasha heard that and they were trying hard not to laugh. “What’s wrong with you both?” he asked them. “Nature calling!” They uttered sheepishly and ran from there. Everybody laughed and I also laughed hard. “What sort of behaviour is this?” he shouted. Everyone stood numb. “We’ll have this discussion after lunch. Now, move!” he said. “Dr. Gini. Stay here” he said. I stopped. “Yaar, rudra why are u being so strict in hospital?” I complained. “Goondi, there should be no compromise in doing your work. I have to be sincere and serious. Friendship and career should not be mixed.” he told me. “Right!” I told him as I smiled. “What happened to both of them? Why were they behaving like that?” He asked me. “Well, they wanted to laugh and that was an excuse” I told him. “Gosh! When will they grow up man?” he said as he laughed. “When are u going to confess your feelings to Sally?” I asked him. Immediately, his eyes widened. “How did u know?” he asked me. “Everyone will know about that from the way you were looking at her” I told him. He glared at me. “I wish to say that soon, but I am afraid whether she would accept me. Already, we both are loggerheads with each other.” he said. “Dumbo, she likes you” I told him. His face shone. “Ok, I will confess soon. What about you? Now that you are a doctor, what about our mission shiv?” He asked me. “This christmas, I am proposing him again. After 7 years, I am gonna confess him. But, I am sceptical about his relationship status” I told him. “Phir woh toh bach gaya!!” He said. “Bumpy!!!” I hit him playfully. But I didn’t know that this fear of mine would become true.
What’s happening in my life? Everything is becoming so complicated. Today, mom expressed her wish that I should marry soon. Till today, I didn’t have any plans about my marriage. After that failure of my earlier relationship with Jessie, I had a complete bitterness towards girls. It has been 9 years since that happened. Now, I had completely forgotten Jessie. Initially, I suffered from very bad heart break. But as years passed, I decided that I will marry a girl for my mom’s sake that too of her choice. I was afraid to choose a girl on my own. I am not ready for another heart break. When mom expressed that her friend wanted me to marry her daughter, I was shocked. I don’t know why. I had made my mind years back, that I will marry a girl of my mom’s choice. But I don’t know why I am not ready for that now. And nowadays, my mind is filled with Gini’s thoughts. Initially, I thought it was guilt because of which, I am thinking about her always. That guilt made me depressed than my previous heart break. Though it was for the sake of her career, I felt bad. I can’t see her hurt, though I was the reason for her tears many times. Here on, I won’t be the reason for her tears and sorrows. I will fill her life with happiness. Because, few days back, I realised that I love her. Yes. I REALLY DO.
Guys, deesh here. I know it has been a really long break. Sorry for that guys. You all know that I am in 12th and my boards are nearing. This had been typed long back, but I didn’t get time to post. I know this is short. Sorry for that too. And many of u thought that Shiv was in love with Gini in the last chapter. Now, u would have realised that it was guilt. Guys, the next chapter will be a RAGLAK special. I will post it probably next week. Thank u so much guys. Hope this chapter isn’t boring. Thanks for reading.

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