“So, my guess was correct. He is your gunda.” Bumpy roared into laughter when I said that Shiv is my love. “How dare u call him as gunda? He doesn’t look like one.” I told him angrily. “But u do look like one. So, if he’s your love, then he is a gunda. Am I right??” He asked me mischievously. “Of course not, Mr. Rudra.” A voice said from behind. I turned. It was Sally. She looked angrily at him. “O bacchu! You don’t interferre in our talks. Go and sit on that bench. Be a good girl and eat this chocolate till we finish our talks. Ok bacchu?” He told her as he raised his eyebrow. “You!! Don’t ever dare to call me that. I am not a kid ok? And I don’t need your chocolates.” she replied. “Gini. I just came to say that Jammy has come to see you. He has been waiting for u for an hour.” Sally told me. “I am just coming. You talk with him. I will be coming in 10 minutes.” I told her. “Ha. You know gini, Jammy has brought gifts for me this time. Wohoo!” Sally squealed in excitement. I smiled at her. Sally and Jammy are good friends and mock Sasha often. “Mr. Rudra, you can talk with her later.” she told him furiously and went from there. “Gosh, bumpy! You both fight like kids. No one in this college will believe that ‘Rudra’ fights with a girl for silly things.” I told him. But, I found him to be lost. He was lost somewhere. From the time he met Shiv, he is behaving differently. I know that something was fishy.
“What were u doing with him?” Jammy roared in anger. “With whom?” I asked him being confused. “Don’t act gini.” He replied coldly. “What the hell jammy? Tell me directly” I told him with anger reflecting in my eyes. “That Shiv.” He said. So, he had seen me and Shiv talking together. “Jammy, I love him.” I told him in a go. He looked at me. His eyes said it all. “Gini. It is infatuation. All I can say that your decision is wrong.” He stomped his feet and went from there. God! What’s happening? Why everyone are thinking that my feelings are infatuation? Why are they making fun of my feelings? Now, I curse myself for cursing love and the people who were involved in that. Why can’t they realise that my feelings are true and real? Tears streamed down my cheeks. “Gini!!” Sally and Sasha yelled. I wiped my tears hurriedly and went away from there before they could see me.
” Woah!! You can cry too. That’s so cool. Drink this coffee. Then you’ll have the stamina to cry more till u want to.” Bumpy said as he handed me a cup of coffee. “Leave me alone, Bumpy!! Just leave me alone. Take this and go from here.” I yelled at him. “Goondi. Can I ask u one thing?” he asked me as he sat beside me. I was sitting in the ground. I looked at him, being confused. “That means yes?” he asked. I glared at him. “Do you know where goondi is? ” he asked me. “What does that mean?” I asked him. “Oops. Sorry. I mean, do u know where gini mathews is?” he asked me. “Stop this rudra!” I shouted at the top of my voice. “This is not the time to crack such crappy jokes. I am nod in a good mood now.” I told him aggressively. “May I know what’s the reason of your bad mood?” he asked me.

“You are a stupid, goondi.” he told me as he laughed after hearing my story. “Now, u also don’t say that my feelings are fake or they are infatuation.” I told him as I shot angry glares at him. “If u know that u are in love, then why do you care about others’ opinion?” he asked me. Well. He is right. “But, when he himself says like that, it pains bumpy. I feel hurt.” I told him. “Then, prove yourself goondi. Stop crying and start proving. Don’t cry like your bacchu friend.” he chuckled. “Why you and Sally fight always?” I asked him as I smiled at his words about Sally. He muttered something under his breath, which I could not interpret. Before, I could ask him what did he mutter, his phone rang. I will find that for sure.

“Bumpy, I am ready.” I told him as I placed my hands on his. “That’s like my goondi.” he smiled. “Look goondi, just do what I say. Be strong. Don’t u worry about him. First concentrate on your studies and become a doctor. Then we’ll slowly attack that gunda.” He told me. “Bumpy!!” I screeched. “Ok, sorry yaar, Shiv. Ok?” he said. “Hmm, that’s fine.” I said as I smiled. He hugged me from the side. I am so so so glad that I have Rudra as my best friend. As they say, there will be one door always open when all the doors are closed, I have rudra. If not for his timely support, I would have lost my confidence. His words just boosted my confidence levels. When Jammy, my cousin didn’t understand me, I felt so bad. But Rudra just made me confident. “I will be there for u goondi.” His words reflect his selfless friendship, which I am so blessed to have. Again, I failed to notice a pair of eyes looking at us.
“Aren’t u becoming too close with that Rudra?” Sally asked me. “Aren’t u becoming too jealous?” Sasha asked her back. I burst into laughter. “Bacchu, he is such a nice guy, you see.” I said. I thought to tease her. Sasha found that and smiled at me mischievously. I winked at Sasha. “Don’t call me that. And what? Rudra is a nice guy? What rubbish, gini? Have you gone nuts?” Sally screeched. “You have gone nuts sally. Rudra is so hot. His arms, his body… O god!!” Sasha said dreamily. I looked at Sally. She turned red in anger. I bit my lips to prevent myself from laughing. “What crap Sasha!! It’s not manners to talk about him like that.” She huffed in anger. “Who said it’s not manners? I just can’t control myself from talking like that when I see him.” Sasha continued. I was about to laugh when I thought not to spoil the game and I pretended to cough badly. “What happened gini?” Sally asked me concerned, and gave me a glass of water. “Sally, they say that we choke when someone remembers us.” Sasha said and winked at me. I could guess what she meant. Gosh. She again teased Sally. Sally glared at Sasha and threw a pillow at her and went from there. Sasha and I burst into laughter soon after she left the room. We laughed hard. I laughed so hard that tears came into my eyes. “Sasha! That was so bad. Bechari Sally!” I told her. “I think she likes Rudra.” I said. “Any doubt?” Sasha told me as I chuckled remembering the events that happened just a few minutes ago.
Girls. I have never thought about them in my whole life, till my life changed drastically 2 years ago. When I met her for the first time in the canteen, I was attracted towards her. As days passed, I came to know that she was the best friend of my best friend. And when our meetings increased, I came to know more about her and unknowingly my heart started to like her. Today, when she was excited to meet some other man, I don’t know why, I felt bad. The thought that she fights with me and talks well with other guys makes me go mad. I like her presence around me. Whether she fights with me or scolds me for silly things, I like that. Today, I realised that I feel for her. I looked at the picture of hers, which I took 3 weeks back in my mobile. My eyes gleamed with joy as I looked at her eyes. Though it was a picture, my heart leapt up in joy looking her innocent face. Her innocent face reminded me of my dead mother. I know that she’ll fill my life with colours of happiness. Now, I know that I love her. But I’ll not say that now. I will wait for her till she completes her course. I LOVE U SALLY!
What was that? Who’s that guy with her? May be her friend, perhaps. But why do I feel bad looking at them? Why do I feel bad looking her being happy with some other guy? Only I drove her out of my life with my will, then why am I feeling bad? I felt different feelings engulfing me when I saw her after two years in my arms. Her touch made me crave for more. I wanted her to remain in my arms forever. But I know that it can’t happen. She hates me now. She hates me for disrespecting her feelings. She hates me for not understanding her. I failed in everything. Everything. When I saw her today, her eyes still reflected the same love for me as they did 2 years ago. I felt guilty for saying that her love was not true. I hate myself for not being with her when she needed me the most. But I’ll wait. I will not ruin her life for my own good. I should not be selfish. I have waited for 2 years and just 3 years more. I’ll wait for that patiently. They say Fruits of patience are the sweetest. I just hope that my patience will yield sweet results that I could cherish. Gini, just few more years. Only few more. Then my guilt will be lessened after speaking to you. Gini, I am waiting for you. Only for you.
Guys, deesh here. Thanks for your support. James bond, now I think u would have realised whether ur guess is right or not. Hope u guys liked the chappy. Sally sisso, eagerly waiting for your comment. Thanks for reading.

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  1. Rafeee

    wow superb da

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much rafee ? missed u in the last chapter. Take care.

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      Thank u so much sindhu di ?

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      Lovely ur comment is making me laugh hard ??? rudramadevi.I agree with sally sisso. ROFL. Thank u so much dear. Glad u liked it. ?

  4. Awesome and interesting episode. Loved it a lot

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    1. Deesh

      Ha ha… ?? I think sally sisso must answer. Oh gosh! Glad that u liked this my dear riyu. I am overwhelmed that u think that this is the best epi. Thank u so much riyu. How did u do ur exam?? Of course riyu. They will unite. But u have to wait riyu. God. These many thanks!! From now on u are thank u queen ?? love u too riyu ??

      1. My exam was awesome and amazing Deeshu…And I liked my new name???

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    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much harshu. Ha ha.. ? I will try to post asap dear harshu. Take care dear. Glad that u liked it. ?

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      Thank u hema. ๐Ÿ™‚

  11. Hello Deeshu dee. You must be wondering who I am. Sallu Api I mean your Sally dee’s cousin who requested through her to add Sally dee’s jealousy. I can’t tell you How much I’m laughing from the time I read that part imagining my hard on emotions and expressions Sallu Api like that. Gosh she never even fumed as far as I have seen her. Kash my Sallu Api could have been like this. I have never seen her expressing herself she just runs from emotions. I will give you an example when I made her to watch the climax scene of Sanam Teri Kasam she was continuously asking me when will she die and at the end when I’m crying she screamed arrey she is alive mahn see her eyelids are moving and I was like is she normal. We really mock her more than this but she never ever takes anything serious not even the serious things. When Sally asked Gini is she okay and gave water to her even when she was being mocked that one sentence defines my Sallu Api. I don’t know when she will read it I have already texted her to check it. I’m really glad you fulfilled my wish to see my Sallu Api as normal human being. Thank you so much di.

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      Athu dear, am sorry for replying u late. I have exam today and hence couldn’t reply to all. And what was that ?? Your comment. Gosh. Am laughing like mad hearing sally sisso’s antics ??? You know what, I myself was laughing when I wrote the scenes of sally sisso’s jealousy ? Am so glad that u liked it. Sally sisso runs from emotions but makes us crave for those beautiful emotions in her ffs. No thanks between us athu. You must know the rules of friendship ? Thanks a lot athu. Am so happy that u liked that. ? take care.

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      Ayyo!! God! Are u planning to kill me by making me laugh by ur comment?? Gosh. I am laughing so hard. Actually I expected ur reaction. But still I can’t control myself from laughing. Tears are coming from my eyes due to constant laughing. I know sisso that u can’t talk to him like that. Hence I made that happen in the story ?? And yes u guessed it right. It was jammy. Ha u and James bond are close friends to the displeasure of bumpy ?? even I loved that teasing of urs ? I was laughing while typing that. Yes, u heard it right that bumpy loves u ??? Yes it is jealousy all the way ?? I read ur comment yesterday itself. But I had exam today and to reply to this superb fun filled comment, I have to enjoy and reply. So it took this much time to reply u. But u know I have read this superb comment many many times and I end in laughing. Uff. Thank u so much sisso . ?

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      He he… Yes. Thank u so so much ragz. Glad that u liked it. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      Shru! What’s this yaar? Don’t say sorry. Concentrate on your studies buddy. Thank u so much shru. U have my id? Let me guess. Ha.. From my previous ff na?? Once I had posted my Id there. Am I right shru?? Anyways all the best for your exams shru. Take care buddy. ?

  17. Awesome Chlo and so sry for commenting lately dr…. Suthama time kadaikala unnake theriyum eppo nambaloda protest so konjam busy ah irukkura atha padika late agiduchu sry dr

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      Paravala sisso. Neenga protest paneengla.. marinalaya, sisso? Idhukla sorry solladheenga… Idha vida adhu dha mukyam.. Thank u so muck vk..

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      Sorry for late reply sisso… Aama neenga solradhu unmai. Andha feeling romba nalla irukkum..

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