Rudra – Vidyut Jammwal.
“Hey you! Come here!” I turned as I heard a voice. I was walking along the corridor of my college. It was my first day in college. I had gained admission in a popular medical college in Bangalore. I looked at the direction from where the voice came from. It was a gang of boys. Ragging. Well. I know how to deal with these idiots. As I walked towards them confidently, someone bumped into me from nowhere and I lost my balance and fell down. And that person fell beside me. Urgh! And that ragging group burst into laughter looking at me. My blood boiled in anger. I hated that person who bumped into me. I would kill him. I turned and looked at that person. He stood and glared at that group. “Sir, We didn’t laugh at u. We laughed at this girl” one of them said pointing me. How rude!! I will definitely teach a lesson to this ragging group. And what did he call that Mr. Bumpy? Sir?? I looked at them confused. “Don’t dare to laugh at girls. Today’s girls are worser than boys. They can pay back to u guys too” He told them aggressively as he ruffled his hair. He was tall and he looked like a body-builder. “Are u planning to sleep here?” he asked me sarcastically. I glared at him angrily. I tried to get up, but to my bad luck, I slipped and fell down again. He laughed at me , clutching his abdomen. My anger grew no bounds. “How dare u can laugh at me?? It’s all because of u bumpy!!” I yelled at him. “Bumpy?? How dare u can call me bumpy??” He yelled back. “It was u, who bumped into me and because of that I fell down.” I shot at him. He looked at me and mused for a second. Then, he forwarded his hand towards me. I grabbed that and I pulled him with my full force that he fell beside me with a thud. I got up swiftly. “Today’s girls can pay back to u guys too” I said as I smirked at him. The ragging group watched this with awe. Mr. Bumpy looked at me with anger reflecting in his eyes. I laughed at him the same way he did at me when I fell down. “Tit for tat, Mr. Bumpy!” I said as I moved from there. The crowd looked at me as they had seen a ghost. “Hey gini! Come yaar. It’s time for the class” Sasha said as she dragged me from there. Sasha and I gained admission in the same college. Anu is in Kochi, where she is pursuing her We both got admission in this college, which is popular because of our marks. Matty is so happy that I am going to pursue medicine in this prestigious college. And his happiness is more precious to me than mine. My mind went back to the past happenings that happened 3 months ago. As they flashed into my mind, I felt a layer of tears covering my eyes. “Gini!” Sasha’s call brought me back to reality.
“Gini, what do u want to eat ?” Sasha asked me. “Anything” I replied uninterestedly. We both were sitting in the canteen. “Why are u dull yaar? Bury the past and live the present” Sasha told me. I just gave a blank look to her. “Ha, I forgot to ask u. Sasha, Do u know who’s that bumpy?? Why everyone is calling him sir?” I asked her deliberately to lighten the atmosphere. “You mean Rudra? Well, he is our senior and he is a man who can stand no nonsense” She told me. “Oh. So, Mr. Bumpy’s name is Rudra.” I told her. “Yaar, don’t call him like that. He is so handsome” she said to me. Uff. She can never change. “Sasha!! U are impossible!” I told her. “Oh my god! How did this happen?” I heard a loud cry. Sasha and I turned to see who it was. It was a girl who was behind us. From her looks, I guessed that she would be a fresher like us. I saw her weeping. Immediately, Sasha and I went there to check her. I placed my hand on her shoulder. She jerked and looked at us. “What happened? Are u ok?” I asked her. She nodded her head. “Why were u crying?” I asked her. “Woh…” she fumbled. Why everyone does this fumbling business? Each incident happening here reminds me of him. “Tell us” Sasha told her. “Then, u have to promise me that u guys will not laugh at me. Promise?” She said as she extended her hand. I and Sasha exchanged confused glances. Why would we laugh?? “Promise” we said together in unison. “Actually, diya has met with an accident. She is very critical. It is all because of that idiot Gautam. He only pushed her from the terrace. I don’t know what will happen to her. I am so worried for her.” She said it in a go. Gosh! How did this girl speaks this fast? “Don’t worry. She’ll be ok. Waise, who’s diya? Your sister?” I asked her.
“God! Then who’s she?”
“She is the lead of a tv soap” Sasha said leaving me in shock. “What??!” I yelled in shock. “Woah! U also watch that!” that girl aked Sasha excitedly. “Yes, I do.” Sasha replied. Gosh!! Why are they like these?? Uff! Dramebaaz!! “What’s your name?” I asked her. “Sally” she replied with a smile. “Sally?? Is sally your real name?” Sasha asked her. “Sally is short for Salma. Sounds cool na?” She asked us excitedly. I could not control my laugh looking at her childish expression. I laughed at her and they both joined me. “And u both are??” she asked us after our laughter session. After a long time, I am laughing like this. “I am Gini and She is Sasha. We both are freshers. Are u one too?” I asked her. She nodded in yes. “So, friends?” she asked us as she extended her hand. “Forever.” We both replied as we placed ours on hers. Life is so mysterious. Every day, we meet different people from different walks of life. Today, I met 2 persons with entirely different shades. Rudra and Sally. Little did I know that they are going to be a part of my roller coaster journey of life.

“Wow! Sashu, I love pizza!” sally squealed in delight. They were gorging on the pizzas amidst their chattering. Sally is an amazing company. She makes me laugh every time as Matty does. I looked at my phone and unlocked it. My vision started blurring as tears covered my eyes when I saw my Shiv’s picture on it which is my wallpaper.
Guys, deesh here. Well, gym boy has entered. Hope u will all like him. Presenting my Sally sisso who’s playing an important role in this ff. James bond, hope u liked her entry. And about shiv, u’ll know about that in the next epi. Sorry for disappointing as many were expecting his reaction in this epi. But a little more wait. You’ll know about him in the next chappy which I will post on monday. Hope u like this chappy guys. Thanks for reading.

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  1. OMG………!!!!!! that was awesome yaar, loved it yay..!! gym boy is back and his entry is damn yaar just loved it …it’s so funny gini and mr.bumpy’s meet super cool and will be waiting for shiv’s pov , yaar plz give it faster and salma aka sally she is a cutie pie …..what about jammy and rahul…..? wanna know about them too………will be waiting dear… u ….tc…:-)

    1. Deesh

      Yes naimi, he is back as Mr. Bumpy ? glad that u liked gini and rudra’s meet. For shiv’s POV, u have to wait a little more yaar. But about shiv and gini u will know in the next epi. And about jammy and rahul too u have to wait dear. Love u ??

  2. Sally_blr

    What the hell. You nearly gave me heart attack yar. Ahh my heart is racing like I was running a marathon. Rudra wow what a name mahn. I just loved it, And his name with my name together in same sentence I can’t believe this. My mom was sleeping and I woke her up in my excitement. OMG I loved my character but with slight change that is I don’t talk about tv series like that. Jagga Jasoos tho will be jumping. And thank you for making my entry in the same chappy as Vidyut. Oh Gosh I’m not finding place to hide my blushing face. I’m dancing jumping and most important dreaming. Love you deeshu. And more than anything I’m just tensed what shiv replied why is Gini crying seeing his pic in mobile.

    1. Raglakholic

      Sally dee control yourself
      Don’t jump too high
      Nd jump carefully

      1. Deesh

        Ha ha.. Welcome to our squad of mocking Sally sisso harshu!! ??

      2. Sally_blr

        OK chalk ek ek ki khabar let hu. Harshu you joined them. Wait and watch. ?

      3. Raglakholic

        Thank you deeshu
        Dee what will you do???
        I’m feeling so scared
        Will u again make us cry more ???

    2. Jazzy

      hahahaha yes i m jumping bcz ur entry was perfect u always make others cry toh aacha hua aapki entry rote hue hui very nice and whats the role of vidyut here hmm i still have my guess on abt sally and vidyut hahaha

      1. Deesh

        James bond, u are just awesome mahn!! How come u give such counters to her? I am laughing right now ?? you are right. She always makes us emotional. And about ur guess, it may be true or may not be.

      2. Sally_blr

        Haso Haso jammy air Haso. Tujhe to ask Rona hi Hai. ??

      3. Sally_blr

        I mean to say aur this auto-correct

    3. Deesh

      Your first sentence stopped my heart beat for a sec. Gosh. Am sorry sisso. Actually I wanted to give a better entry for ur character but I was so confused and I ended with this. I know sisso that u won’t talk like that. It was to give a light tadka to ur character ? don’t say thanks sisso. Ha ha… U r blushing!! ? very good. Hope rudra sees u like that ?? about shiv and gini u will know in the next epi siso. Love u loads and thank u so much ??

      1. Sally_blr

        And this was the better than I imagined so chilled. And you joined Jagga jasoos again. Hu ha ha. You both know what is the meaning of this laugh. I will be waiting for you in my update today. ?????

    4. Hey Sally di don’t jump like this yaar…I am agree with Harshu…Control yourself while jumping OK…And don’t blush this much…If Rudra will see this then what he will do???? Control yourself OK.

      1. Sally_blr

        Ohho riyu. If you were reading any of my ff I could have laughed but I don’t know whether you read and haa don’t forget to watch these people reaction love you sweetheart thank you for calling me dee ?

    5. I don’t know about your any ff’s name…Can you tell me? Then surely I will read it

      1. Sally_blr

        Guilt its a RagSan ff.

      2. Deesh

        Riyu, check her other ffs like rishtey and Casanova too. U will like it. I am sure.

      3. Deesh

        It’s OK riyu. I know. Don’t worry

    6. Deesh

      Glad that u liked it sisso. And what?? OK. Let’s see sisso ?? I am waiting for ur update.

      1. OK Deeshu I will try to read them because as you know that my boards are coming soon…So that’s why I am telling that I will try…

    7. Di I will try to read them…Because my board exam is coming and I am not getting a single time to do any work…I am hardly reading ffs…I think you also didn’t saw my comment in any other ff except two or three ffs…So that’s why I am telling that I will try…Don’t feel bad OK.

  3. hey who is palying salma
    and i want to ask ages of ur ff characters

    1. Deesh

      Lisa, sally sis is playing the role of salma. And gini is 18, shiv is 22. Thank u so much ?

      1. Sally_blr

        Oye if you say like that you will confuse her more. Give some actress name whom she can imagine. How will she imagine me she has not even seen me. Next update. Just mention some actress name so that ppl gone

      2. Sally_blr

        I mean to say ppl will imagine. I hate using TU on Mobile

      3. haha love ur idea and sally di too

  4. Wat happened between ragini and shiv!! Nice

    1. Deesh

      For that u have to wait for the next epi lovely. Thank u ! ?

  5. Rafeee

    wow dear…finally vidyut arrivd… unak matm epdi inda nameslan kidaikdu? gymboy n mr. bumpy… superb dear….

    1. Deesh

      Yes rafee. He is baccckkk!! ?? enakke therila rafee ? ungaluku pidichruka? Thank u so much rafee ?

    2. Rafeee

      pidichrkava??? i loved the names ? u r impossible dear

      1. Deesh

        He he… Thank u so much rafee. Glad that u liked it ??

  6. it’s to short missed u and yaa hope u will be regular and again awesome no words to say actually in TU now we get only Swasan ff so plzz try to give raglak ff ts ss more bcoz raglak fan missing and this is only way raglak fan connect to raglak and raglak ff writer plzzz give us favor and yaa big Wala thank u to all raglak ff writer

    1. Deesh

      Sorry nikky. I know it is short. But I have exams yaar. That’s y. I will post tomorrow. Thank u so so much nikky. Glad that u liked it. ?

  7. Raglakholic

    Wow deeshu
    I can call u like that na???
    It’s mind blowing update
    Totally amazing
    I loved it to the core
    Hehehehe sally di’s character
    It is amazing
    Wow she must be jumping around
    U increased the suspense more
    Poor gini misses shiv very much
    Awww…I noticed that her wallpaper is of shiv’s pic
    I can’t wait more
    Please do continue soon
    Nd show shiv a bit too
    If u don’t show his reaction in next update too
    Nd I know seriously u aren’t going to show his reaction in next part too

    1. Raglakholic

      Hey sorry forgot to mention about rudra
      Loved d way he replied to those boys
      Nd d way gini reacted to him when he fell down
      Love u dear
      Take care

    2. Deesh

      Yes of course u can harshu. Thank u so much harshu. Glad that u liked it dear. Love u too ??

  8. Wow awesome Chlo…..Our gymboy is back… Amazing

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear vk. Yes he is back ? thanks again ?

  9. awesome epi buddy.u just rocked it with [email protected] intro.
    OMG!!! Sally character was superb.why is my ragoo crying? Wat did shiv replied ?
    Deeshu hereafter I won’t be able to comment. Public exams are nearing so I have to concentrate on my studies .but I will try to read ur ff if I have free time.
    All the best for ur exams deeshu
    We will meet after March till then don’t forget me.bye….
    Gonna miss u and my vidyut..

    1. Deesh

      Hi shwethu. Don’t worry yaar. I can understand. Even I am going to wind this ff in 3 or 4 shots. Exams are nearing and it is very difficult, I know. So relax shwethu. Of course dear I will miss u too and rudra will miss u more. All the best for ur boards shwethu. Will meet u soon. Thank u so much. Love u and take care ?

  10. And one more thing ur Dp is awesome. Wow he looks……no words to express

  11. Wow It’s really interesting episode and what happened 3 months ago? Where is Laksh? Eagerly waiting for next episode

    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lot ammu. You will know in the next chapter buddy. Thanks again. ?

  12. Asw

    Nice yaar vidhiyud & sally entry was rocking keep going

    1. Deesh

      Glad u liked their entry dear. Thanks a lot. ?

  13. Jazzy

    amazing chappy deesh partner just loved it and sally role in ur ff hahahahha mazza aa gya chatterbox hahaha aur shiv must have said something wrong to her

    1. Deesh

      Ha ha… Jammy glad u liked it. And don’t worry jammy, ur turn is not far away ? but as u are my dearest partner, I will not mock u as much like sally sisso. Always sally sisso will be my.. Oops.. Sorry our victim ?? about shiv, u have to wait James bond. Thanks a lot. ?

  14. Asra

    deeshu sweety kalakida po….omg vidyut entry semma….sissy yeanga irunthu ne name lam kandu pidikira…Mr. coward, Mr. mystery and Mr. bumpy….wow….omg Sally what a entry dear….her character hahaha superbbb dear….i loved both entry…..waiting to know shiv reaction…tkcr my Sally dear….

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much asru sissy. Glad that u liked their entry and names. I will post soon sissy. Take care. Loads of love. ?

  15. Hey Deeshu its amazing yr no words 2 xplain…Sally n Rudra!!! Oh my god!!! What a turn!!! N plz ryt bout Shiv’s reaction in nxt ep..I m eagerly waiting 4 it..Stay happy dr..N keep smiling always..☺?????

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much shru. I will post the next chapter soon buddy. Take care shru. ?

  16. Superb part nd both two new entries are superb

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much malu. Glad that u liked their entries. ?


    1. Deesh

      Thanks a lot Arjuna ?

  18. Berdilla

    Awesome kalakita po superb my dear lil sissy

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much dear sweety ?

  19. Deeshu….Just amazing awesome lovely episode…So finally our gym boy has entered in the story…And Sally’s character was really too much funny…While reading that part I was laughing??…Seriously hats off to you my sis…But I was expecting that in this episode we will get to know about Shiv’s reaction…But it’s OK this episode is very good…And funny too??…I am eagerly waiting for the next episode to know about Shiv’s reaction…I think he rejected Gini’s proposal…And that’s why she is sad…Don’t know just thinking…And our gym boy that is Vidyut…His entry was superb…But the way he talked with Gini that made me angry on him??…But that is also OK…Anyways update the next episode soon…Eagerly waiting for it…Stay happy and keep smiling always…Love you?…

    1. Deesh

      Sorry riyu. Couldn’t chat with u today. But tomorrow I will chat with u for sure riyu. Don’t take me wrong. Glad that u liked it riyu. Thank u so much. Don’t be angry on rudra… ? love u riyu ?

  20. Ragz_teju

    rudra entry was superb…amazing chappy ….eagerly waiting to know about shiv…sally entry was awsome..

    1. Deesh

      Glad that u liked their entries ragz. Thanks a lot dear ?

  21. Hemalattha

    It’s mind blowing update. Totally amazing. I loved it.

    1. Deesh

      Thank u so much hemalattha. Glad that u liked it. ?

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